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They may sing about plain comforts, but these10 country stars’ net worth estimate in the millions. Do you want to find out what they spend their
wealth for? Check out the richest country stars lineup
in our video! Kenny Chesney – 42 million Kenny Arnold Chesney has already recorded 20 albums, with more than half ranked Gold
or higher His net worth is estimated at 42 million dollars. Most of his income comes from album and tickets
sales. He is one of the most popular touring country
singers: his Flip-Flop Summer Tour was the highest-net country road tour! Kenny typically earns 45 million per year. And he certainly knows how to spend it! Chesney’s fancy mansion in Tennessee cost
him 9.2 million dollars This chic 11, 000-square-foot house has 5
bedrooms and 9 bathrooms Kenny also put in the market his posh property
in the Virgin Islands for 7.9 million! And of course, as a proper country super star,
he owns some smaller estates in Nashville. Chesney’s stylish estate portfolio continues
to grow: he bought a classy beach house in Malibu for 5.2 million dollars Living by the beach takes the most out of
it! Kenny thought the same and bought a lavish
3.7-million-dollar Riva Virtus yacht. Blake Shelton – 60 million Who could think that a guy from a small town in Oklahoma will become a super coach for ‘The Voice’ show and get the title of a sex symbol in 2017? Shelton’s net worth is around 60 million dollars
and comes from his singing, song writing and coaching. His participation on ‘The Voice’ has grown
his net worth a lot He earns more than 13 million per season guiding
his team. Blake owns a 1, 200-acre Ten Point Ranch in
Tishomingo But after having his girlfriend Gwen Stefani
and her kids come around He decided to purchase a 2.3 million estate
as a wedding gift for Gwen in the same area It’s a luxury Hawaii-style lake house with
a great swimming pool that even has its own bar! Blake’s plans do not end there: he’s going
to open a restaurant and a brewery in Tishomingo as well Tishomingo may very well turn into Sheltonville if Blake purchase one more house in that area. Keith Urban today is a successful country singer who won 4 Grammy Awards so far His coaching on ‘The Voice Australia’,
judging on ‘American Idol’ and record sales contribute to his 75 million
dollar net worth No wonder Keith can afford to buy a 39-million-dollar
estate on the Upper East Side for his wife Nicole Kidman It’s a 25-foot-wide Beaux-Arts residence,
where Michael Jackson once lived. This pure gold interior design has 7 bedrooms
and 8 bathrooms Urban also has 5 classy cars of a total cost
of 3.5 million dollars And if you play the guitar, you may be interested
in his own guitar line Reba McEntire is the winner of a number of awards and nominations
She has won 90 awards in her music and acting career
and has been nominated for 200! Reba lives in Beverly Hills in a house estimated
at 10 million dollars And in her house there’s a special room for
her incredible hobby McEntire collects cowgirl-inspired boots and
has more than 85 pairs Most of them were designed by herself
Reba McEntire is as stylish as she is talented! Alan Jackson is a living country music legend, mostly know for his honky-tonk and traditional
country sounds. He had sold millions of records worldwide
and was introduced to the Country Music Hall of Fame Jackson owns a fantastic 3.5-acre lakefront
property on Center Hill. The house is worth 5 million dollars. The stunning complex contains an amazing Hamptons-style mansion, a bedroom cabin, four guest houses, several garages and even
a helicopter landing area. In addition to the deluxe property, Alan
Jackson owns a great collection of antique cars His love for cars has not gone unnoticed Ford’s agency offered Jackson a multimillion-dollar
contract to promote Ford Trucks And that’s not his only extra income! Alan earns money from his special collection
of cowboy shirts and hats for the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. The range of restaurants sells his specially
released CDs, cowboy shirts and T-shirts, baseball caps and various home goods and many
more. Johnny Cash is an icon of the country style music Who wouldn’t recognize this charming outlaw image he once had? He remains a music legend even after his death,
leaving a great legacy Johnny Cash had five children: 4 daughters
from the first marriage, and a son – John Carter Cash with his second
wife. But almost all the money were left to his
son! We can only wonder why he decided to do so, yet his daughters received only a million each. Johnny’s offspring tried to contest the
announcement in court His 4.5-acre estate is now in the market,
with an expected price of 3 million dollars But how can you really estimate the place
where Johnny’s greatest hits were written? Garth Brooks was named best-selling artist, in line with the records of The Beatles and
Elvis! But for the record, he paid almost half of
his net worth for a divorce settlement to his first wife. They were married for 10 years and have three daughters. but his feelings for another country singer, Trisha Yearwood, was stronger Yet Garth did not leave his children – instead he stayed with them while they were schooling Today, being a man of his word, he is selling a 3.5-million-dollar house in Oklahoma As he promised his wife Trisha to move
when his daughters graduate school They are also selling their family nest in
Malibu for 7 million dollars! It is a ranch-style gorgeous house with glass
walls, that has private access to Paradise Cove Beach. It’s a single-story with a formal living room,
4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a breakfast recess – it all fits 4, 200 square feet. George Strait is considered to be “The King of Country”, and not without reason Unlike other country stars, his career did not start in Nashville At the age of 19 he was assigned to the US army He started his career as country artist with the help of an army-sponsored band
By the time he finished his service, he was an experienced songwriter and performer Today Strait is one of the most influential artists of his style He was even presented with Billboard’s Legend of Live award! George’s net worth is now estimated around 345 million His gorgeous 12.2-acre adobe estate in San Antonio is now in the market Though Strait is not disclosing the price
publicly it is estimated to be worth at least 2 million The mansion has 14 magnificent hand-sculpted fireplaces – one in each room Imagine the atmosphere around the house created by unique stained glass But his real treasure is his family. Do you agree? Toby Keith has been listed by Forbes as the highest-paid country star artist He was reported to have earned 65 million just last year Toby had never made less than 48 million a year! Keith owns a 19.5-million-dollar property in Oklahoma It’s a 160-acre ranch that has a huge 8, 900-square-foot
mansion and a two-storey garage He even has a 300-acre training facility for
his newest passion – raising race horses He opened “Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar
and Grill” in more than 15 states Toby is not only a singer and businessman
but also a philanthropist He helps to restore music education in disadvantaged US public schools It’s clear Keith chooses to invest not just
in business but in the future generations too Dolly Parton is indeed a country music living legend Forbes named her the richest female singer ever! Parton invested her money into the theme park,
Dollywood, in Tennessee It has 2.5 million visitors annually even
after 30 years! The park also features Dollywood’s Splash
Country water recreations An adult ticket for a day would cost you $67. It’s a fantastic 150-acre park that continues
to expand She complemented it with the 300-room trendy
DreamMore resort that cost her more than 300 million to invest! What spendings do you find the most unbelievable? Let us know in the comments below
But we all know money cannot buy real happiness! Thanks for watching. Click on the Ossa icon to subscribe to our
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  2. Mike Miller says:

    Sucks for the rest of us without talents to get 500 billion we just get to live on minimum wage paycheck to paycheck

  3. Fernando Ruiz says:

    Money can't buy happiness may be so I can buy my a boat I can buy my a truck to pull it . people call me wet back mojado mexican but I could change that if I have couple million dollars 😂😂😂😂

  4. kingsley Moeng says:

    wow dolly the queen top 1

  5. TrumpSucks Biggly says:

    Keith didn’t buy that New York real estate. Keith said just a made up story.

  6. margaret mann says:

    Well I took him a long time to get where they're at congratulations to all of them and wish them all the best I love listening to music

  7. John Qualls says:

    4 of ten are from Oklahoma and Garth would of been number one but he split almost 500 million 20 years ago with ex wife then went on vacation for 15 years . Wish I had a little of there dough

  8. TrumpSucks Biggly says:

    Keith didn’t buy condo in New York. Keith said just another bull story.

  9. Jennifer says:

    Its dolly pardon

  10. assertyourself says:

    Shania Twain hasn’t been mentioned at all. She’s worth 400 mill

  11. Avenel Grace says:

    I am just so thankful Vince Gill and Amy Grant were not on this list. Sometimes we watch these people, and idolize them, but they have no idea what it is like to be homeless, out of pocket, and hungry, even if they came from humble roots… they have forgotten their former lives in the hoopla of fame and fortune.
    I also love Danny Shirley and his group Confederate Railway, in particular his beautiful video song "Daddy Never Was A Cadillac Man" Danny is still the humble man, and I made contact with him only a few weeks ago. He was kind enough to answer in thanks.

  12. Melissa Brown says:

    I knew Dolly would get the most money. She is really good at what she does. I love Dollywood.

  13. Sandra Miller says:

    what was Elvis Presley s total amount he wasn't greddy a didn't worship money he was a giver a good Samartian man a loved Jesus Christ.

  14. Sandra Miller says:

    Elvis Presley was the best singer a entertainer in the 20 th CENTURY nobody will ever top Elvis he was a Good soul a the Best Singer but money couldn't buy him happiness a Peace of mind. only Jesus Christ could I believe he learned that in the end a gave his heart a soul back to Jesus Christ.

  15. Marysia Wisniewski-Smith says:

    Love Blake Shelton U go blake!!

  16. Liz Greenspan says:

    Reba is great

  17. Danielle Wolfrom says:

    AAnother case of overpaid stares!!

  18. Beau Stewart says:

    Toby ….450 mil

  19. Jill Greenwell says:

    Money solves many problems

  20. Jill Greenwell says:

    Still like to see her without all the wigs and makeup.

  21. Jaditelady173 Mary says:

    Dolly is the richest because she owns all of the rights to her songs. She said once that she would like to thank Whitney Houston for recording her song "I will always love You". She made a lot of money after that song became a hit for the second time. A lot of artist don't own the rights to their own songs, so they rarely make money off their music. To make up for it…they have to go on tour A lot or gave a side gig like doing the "THE Voice".

  22. Jaditelady173 Mary says:

    Toby owns his own record label. And makes money off the artists he signs too. Most of the top earners learned early on to have ownership of their music, recordings, etc and keep as many "middle men" out of their pockets.

  23. Tara Russell says:

    I don't like the way Blake Shelton treats people añd fañs he is selfish this is one of his uñhappy fans from west Virginia no name please


    I think dolly parton is number one

  25. Xavier F. González says:

    I thought Tim McGraw and Faith Hill were going to make this list. I saw an episode about them on the TV Show "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" and they live an incredibly luxurious life too.

  26. Dol Gol says:

    Keith said he didn’t buy in New York.

  27. Dol Gol says:

    Keith is doing quite well, then we can add Nicole’s 200 million.

  28. Richard Northcott says:

    Dolly. Baby.

  29. Pam Timmins says:

    Great list, I knew Dolly would be number 1. They can afford what they have so I am not surprised by any of it, but appreciate what Toby Keith has done to help the less fortunate with his money.

  30. tritontransport says:

    Not a chance Toby Keith always made over 40 million every year. Definately not the first time I saw him opening for sawyer Browns tour

  31. crazy cowgirl says:

    too bad for Garth Brooks..fame got the best of him…when his wife hung by him though thick and thin..

  32. faronfan says:

    Kudos to Toby Keith!!!!

  33. Music fan 76 race fan 3 Lovebirds says:

    All these artists are multi talented love all there music.

  34. Bornapatriot BythegraceofGod says:

    Blake & Gwen ARE NOT MARRIED !! She’s waiting for him to dump her like his sorry ass did Miranda !!!

  35. Scotty Goodwin says:

    GOD BLESS you and your FAMILY Luke. I hope your as happy as you all look.

  36. Angie Bethea says:

    I totally LOVE Dolly Parton she is beautiful inside and out. God bless Dolly !!!!!

  37. Vincent Gauci says:

    Hope they will be around after Armageddon, but they will not need money , JEHOVAH WILL MAKE SURE WE WILL ALL BE HAPPY REV. 11,18

  38. William Bagley says:

    What about Brooks & Dunn?

  39. Dol Gol says:

    Keith Urban said it wasn’t true about him buying that expensive condo on New York.

  40. Sockey Tom says:

    George is down to earth. Reba and Toby might speak to ya. But I wouldn't bet on getting 5 dollars from them if you was starving. But George would help if he can. Godbless

  41. Karley Bower says:

    Dolly Parton is the best and she is the only good singer on the list

  42. daph neglen says:

    You Didnt mention Carrie underwwoodf

  43. Kaliyah Beth says:

    Brad paisley

  44. Elizabeth Watts says:

    Wedding gift? Blake and Gwen aren't even engaged are they?

  45. JoyL Kendrick says:

    I love Dolly, Reba, Garth, and Blake.

  46. pegomyheart1 says:

    I don't begrudge anyone for making money, but I do think the prices they charge for concert appearances is ridiculous. The same goes for sports,, the tickets are so expensive it's difficult for a family to take their kids to a game..😐

  47. kaleb kuykendall says:

    What about jack Owen and luck colms and Brett Young

  48. Fightdrills Fitness Baguio says:

    Money can't buy real happiness but it can surely helps a lot of people. People entrusted their money to you so it's fare to say to help them back. That's "real" happiness."

  49. Fightdrills Fitness Baguio says:

    Jimmy Buffet is $500 million worth.

  50. Gary Pollard says:

    Very hard to believe that Loretta Lynn wasn’t on this list. I know she has made more than Blake Shelton!

  51. Bob Stokley says:

    fucking horses

  52. Hannah Denney says:

    I wish had that much

  53. Helen Boula says:

    God bless the child that's got his own that's got its own. Lights camera action.

  54. Helen Boula says:

    raveis probably got quite a few beautiful mansions all over United States and out of the country to the hey she worked hard and she earned it it was not given to her. Lights camera action.

  55. Helen Boula says:

    Alan Jackson's done very good I think he's from Newnan I'm from Atlanta Riverdale not far from them not my time music not my style but nasal conchae boy that worked on his cars all the time and he has something to be really be proud of but he is just not my favorite I'm sorry. Lights camera action.

  56. Helen Boula says:

    I meant Johnny Cash backstage at not even really a meeting greet they didn't call it that then there was a disc jockey that work for wklo his name was Johnny which really Nelson wrote the song for Brenda Lee Johnny one time it was about Johnny the disc jockey which I dated really I was with Willis about dying my so that's another story Johnny Cash was a very nice guy he was electrifying how do I put it back. Don't let him decide I'm not starstruck me at all but there's just something about him his or her it was it's hard to explain that divides that I got off of him and they were good vibes and they were welcomed by nothing out of the ordinary nothing by the way shape form or fashion at all he was just a good person that was very privileged to meet him.

  57. Patrica Dyson says:

    Love Reba.

  58. Cora Bales says:

    I think his tractor is sexy !

  59. memiguelito says:

    I love this bar was a miserable failure in Houston

  60. Phillip Matlock says:

    Garth Brooks would be worth a lot more money if him, and his old lady didn't give so much money away to those queers and lesbian foundations…

  61. Jesus Perez says:

    What about Shania Twain of 400 Million .

  62. agnes marucio says:


  63. Robert Pickett says:

    Looks like older artist like Dolly Parton live in the high of life and still have the useful quality of respect, kind of proves my point about paying your dues to get there, Miss Dolly, bless her heart is my answer to the claim, you can always use the value of respect.!!!

  64. Robert James Chinnery says:

    not a penny to charity?

  65. Sally Runyon says:

    Good for them I love there songs , they can buy me the new Chevy blazer just joking I know they work for it .

  66. Joann Gettle says:

    I worked with dolly when she nineteen joann Thomas jamboree USA lovely lady one of the best

  67. George Stokes says:

    and I have trouble paying my bills              ha

  68. George Stokes says:

    why  would   anybody  need  nine    bathrooms

  69. Lenoir Aliette M.L. says:

    dolly Parton, is the best of all she made fantastic songs, but also love a lot Alan Jackson and George Strait

  70. Jeffery Smith says:

    Forbes has listed Miss Dolly at $500 million for 6 years now. She has to be closer to $600 to $650 million. In the last three years alone, her business empire has blown up. From movie deals with NBC, Netflix, and her current motion picture soundtrack. Also, she just keeps investing in buying lucrative businesses. Hell, she just spent $350 million on Dollywood's biggest expansion to date.

  71. josephine Sedimo says:

    Hello God by Dolly P. My favourite country artist ever. Ivu legend queen 🌻🌻

  72. Dennis Warren says:

    Money can't buy you happiness for sure, but I have an enlarged framed copy of the comic strip Hagar the horrible on my wall where Hagar sitting with a beer in his hand states that happiness is learning to be happy with your lot in life to which his sidekick Lucky Eddie also with beer in hand says. It's a lot easier if your lot is 200 ft on the ocean!!!! Truer words have never been spoken.

  73. Loretta Everhart says:


  74. Judy Hunter says:

    Blake always looks so dirty now why doesn’t he clean up looks he need clean clothes too

  75. Frank Johnson says:

    this is the kinda shit that's wrong with this country,all entertainers in every field are so grossly over compensated,i don't support this bullshit the gap is far to wide now,its gotdamn F n rediculous these are just some of the elitist pricks of the world,thank you all you suck ass fans who support the utter bullshit

  76. Roy Dotson says:

    What happened to Jason Aldean

  77. Tim Wright says:

    Thank you

  78. Jeffy Tood says:

    I'm in the wrong line of work

  79. cindy brawner says:

    Making that kind of money for singing is nuts.

  80. austin teutsch says:

    George Strait writes few songs. I know. I wrote the first biography on his life. KING GEORGE (

  81. Don Godwin says:

    Country for crying out loud , where has country gone, just George, Dolly, and Toby, the rest are cross overs

  82. darrknight1971 says:

    TOBY KEITH! WOW. Love his music and attitude. All that money and I can't remember the last song he released? That's how you do!

  83. ann dillon says:

    Who the heck is Grath Brooks? If y'all need a proofreader let me know 😆

  84. Awesomeguy 84 says:

    George strait is the best

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    A private jet won’t make you happy, but it can take you to a place that makes you happy. – Hank Williams jr.

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    Money can't buy real happiness but it can buy me a BOAT!!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha Yeeeeee Haaaaaw

  87. Keith Wills says:

    Whoever said that money can't buy happiness probably never had any!

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    To this day, I have never listened to a single Keith Urban song D:

  89. Marie Bellucci says:

    Dollywood???? O_O

  90. Marie Bellucci says:

    Wait a minute….. Now way Tim McGraw and Willie Nelson aren't on this list. NO WAY.

  91. Laura Allison says:

    Gosh…..sounds like they have too much to spend. Some of them having 3 houses!!!! Come on!!!

  92. Cacola337 says:

    Seems his sales went up after performing for inauguration… was pretty brave considering how hateful liberals can be….but you kicked ass and rocked it Toby Keith.

  93. Jimmy Gilstrap says:

    Toby Keith is not worth more than George Strait..Roy Acuff could buy all of these artist out of his watch pocket.Kenny Chesney should be in second place then Shaina Twain who is worth over $400 million in third..This video needs to be re-edited and is worth BULLBUTTER !!!!!

  94. Brooks Kryshak says:

    Shania Twain’s net worth Is 400M why didn’t you include her?

  95. Gerald Charles says:

    Shania ,and she still looks beautiful.

  96. Dallas Nyberg says:

    It doesn't matter how much money you have…in the end, the guys down at the cemetery will dig the same sized hole to accommodate you.

  97. Ethan Weeter says:

    Kenny is probably worth way more than $42 million.

  98. Ethan Weeter says:

    Blake probably be worth more if not for 2 divorces.😅

  99. jaimelyn martinez says:

    Where's my grandpa Kenny Rogers

  100. jaimelyn martinez says:

    Where's my grandpa Kenny Rogers

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