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– Hey Troy! – Sup, Troy. – So I’m starting a new YouTube channel
about personal finance and I want to help it grow but I’m not really sure what the first video should be. – Probably just some clickbait to be safe, mostly. – Clickbait? – Yeah, stuff that makes people click, like
the stuff on Buzzfeed, you know – “10 Things About Cats That Will Blow Your Mind or “This Guy Got in His Car, But You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!” – And that stuff works? – Apparently. – Huh. Well, I guess I could do like a Top 5 list
or something – – Brilliant. What is up, my fellow Money Minions! My name is Troy, and from this day forward,
also known as, the Dollar Dude! I’m on YouTube! Finally, right? Cause I know I’ve been taking my sweet time,
cause I promised this channel was coming when I got debt free originally a year ago and
it’s just now starting to come together. And you can just chalk that up to me being
lazy and busy and having other stuff to do and not really feeling like sitting down and
setting up the lights and other stuff I need to set up – – but it’s here, it’s finally here. So – yay, awesome, lets go. So what’s this channel about? This channel is about money. It’s a topic that is near and dear to my heart, personal finance. Because we, as humans in general, tend to
suck with money but we are experts and I mean absolute gurus,
at looking like we don’t. and I want to do my part to help people suck
less. Less suckage. That’s the goal. We’ve all been there, right, we live like
a king the first few days after payday but then you’re buying ramen noodles in bulk just so you can make it to the end of the month Or we confuse our wants with our needs Like I really really really need this smartphone cause I need to communicate with people on a basic, telephone level Except I can do that on a $20 device instead of a $700 device. and other stuff like that. I used to do that stuff too, but now I don’t. I got an emergency fund, got on a budget,
made massive cuts in my lifestyle and after a couple of years of that, I got debt free! I even flew to Nashville and screamed it on
The Dave Ramsey Show! I’M DEBT FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE [cheers and applause]
[Dave Ramsey laughing] Dave Ramsey:
And the crowd in the lobby goes wild! Dave Ramsey:
Haha, I love it! In fact if you’re one of my early subscribers
that’s probably where most of you know me from. And going on the Dave Ramsey show was a lot of fun, I had a blast. But then around that time was the Delta Airlines debacle, you guys remember that? Where they had a computer glitch and grounded a ton of flights nationwide I couldn’t get home for like a day and a half after that. That was less fun. Anyway the point is, is that while you’re
on this journey of debt freedom and sacrifice for the future, you start seeing the world
in a different way. Your entire worldview changes. So in my opinion, here are the top 5 things
you learn, while getting out of debt. Number #1:
Status Symbols Don’t Equal Actual Wealth Before I got debt free, I’m driving along
in my crappy 2000 Buick Century with the paint peeling off it and I see a Ferrari or a Lambo
pass me on the street, I immediately thought, wow, this person has gotta have some serious
cash. Now I think, wow, this person probably has
some serious debt. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re rocking
a luxury car I’m not calling you out, stuff is great, I love stuff, stuff is the best. But I want you to get into the mentality that
having awesome stuff is a reward for being financially free, not a status symbol you
get to trick people into believing you’re already there. Why do we do this? Millionaires don’t. In fact, millionaires, true millionaires,
are more likely to shop at Walmart than Saks Fifth Avenue. Eventually you’ll realize that The Joneses
are broker than most people are! When you realize that it will blow your mind,
it’ll be like that scene in the Matrix where you realize you’re living in a fantasy world
and the people around you who you thought had their lives together are actually struggling
just like everyone else. Getting out of debt is like taking the red
pill. “Wow, 18 year old references, Troy. Way to go. Really hitting that 30 and under target audience,
huh?” Shut up. Number #2:
Unless You Can Spend Cash For It, You Can’t Afford It Primary home purchases are the only exception
to this rule which I’ll explain in a future video, but yeah. Think about this for a second. Let’s say life is a game and cash is like
the score on the scoreboard. The more cash you have, the higher your lifescore,
right? If you have $1000 bucks in a savings account
and you finance something that costs about $500 – like put it on a credit card – your
scoreboard still says $1000. And that makes you feel good. You’ve still got that trusty old $1000 sitting
there in savings just case something goes – no you don’t. You don’t. You have a grand in savings but you’ve added
$500 in debt. That means you no longer have a grand in savings. You cut into your savings even if you didn’t
withdraw a cent from your savings account. In fact, it would have been better to withdraw
the cash out of your savings, avoid any interest, and just pay for the item in full. Though that still would have been stupid because
you’re flushing 50% of your savings on one non-emergency purchase, but it’s better
than having “phantom money”. This may sound obvious but this is something
even I struggled with. I wanted that “safety net” in place so
I could still feel warm and fuzzy and not panic about the situation I was in – not even
realizing that I was burning away my savings by adding debt to my life. This is fascinating cause it’s like a purely
psychological issue. If you can’t bring yourself to pay for the
item, meaning taking the money out of savings, and handing over the cash for the item, then
you’re not ready to buy the item. Your head isn’t in the right place. You have to retrain your mind to realize that
paying with credit over cash does not keep your safety net from shrinking. Make sense? Number #3:
Stop Caring What People Think Broke minded people, my goooooodd you gotta
be freaking kidding me – Broke-minded people just love to tell you
what you should be doing with your money. It’s like their favorite thing, it’s like
going to “did-ney worl” When I was getting out of debt, I was driving
an old year 2000 Buick, as I mentioned earlier. And it had some mechanical problems every
now and then. People would ask me why didn’t I just get
a new car, and I told them I was trying to get out of debt so I could save up and pay
for a used car with cash. And oh my god… It was like I opened up the floodgates to
Broke-oplis because broke-minded people came out the woodwork like – “you need a reliable
car, why bother with cash, you’ll always have a car payment, with all that money you’re
spending on repairs you might as well get a new car.” Really? Alright let me get this straight. $150 repair bill a couple of times a year,
or… a $500 monthly payment? This is my friend Calculator. He’s good people. You should say hi. Look, people are going to rag on your busted
ride and out of date clothes and the fact that you’re a master of the dollar menu,
this is something that is just going to happen. But this fact is not something that should
affect your plan. I mean, just don’t listen to people who
are in all likelihood, broke. Unless they’re giving you advice on what
*not* to do, which in that case you might want to listen to that. In fact, look at me. Pro tip. If I ever give you diet advice, Run. Just run. Far away. I’m not the person you should be
getting dieting advice from. That’s why this channel is about money. Number #4:
The Best Stress Reliever is Being Prepared Of course I’m talking about emergency funds
here, you know, that chunk of money that you save up before you start paying off debt, so
that when something happens to derail your plan, you can fall back on that instead of going back into debt. Notice that I said when something happens,
not if. When. Something will happen to screw up your plan. Always and without fail. It is a guarantee. You’re gonna get sick, you’re going to
get laid off, the Kool-aid man is going to busting through the wall, and you gotta repair it, something is going to happen that is
going to cost you some dollars. And the plan is to actually have those
dollars when it happens. Cause if you actually have those dollars when
it happens, you get to breathe easier. It takes a load off your shoulders. Because you’re not worrying about how you’re
going to pay the rent or keep the lights on if you lose your job. If your job goes away or your income takes
a hit for whatever reason, it sucks, but you’re not in panic mode if you’ve got that
emergency fund in place. I can’t stress enough
how important this is. Before you start paying off debt, you need
a money market account full of 1,000 just-in-case dollars, just in case. And finally number 5, guys.. No one is going to do it for you. Guys have you heard? There’s like this new crazy fantastic weight
loss service? You just pay someone like $30 bucks an hour
and they go to the gym for you 5 days a week every week and work out and the pounds just
melt right off of you. Wouldn’t that be awesome if that was possible? No one is going to do it for you, guys. Like I said before guys, this channel is about
money, it’s about educating people on personal finance so we all can be a little better with
the dollars we’ll earn in our lifetime. But at the end of the day, no matter what
I say or what Dave Ramsey says, or Suze Orman or Robert Kiyosaki or Ramit Sethi, or Mr.
Money Mustache says, you’re going to do what you’re going to do. Where you are 2 years, 10 years, 20 years
from now financially is a direct result of the actions you take today. No one is going to get you out of debt but
you. No one is going to build a future for you,
but you. No one cares more about your retirement than
you. No one is going to build financial freedom
for you. Not your husband, your wife, your boyfriend,
your girlfriend, your mommy, your daddy, nobody. It’s on you. A great support system is worth its weight
in gold, that’s why it’s so important to get your significant other on board. But you can’t let that be an excuse for
not doing it. And this one is done, hit the like button
if you liked it, or if you’re not yet a Minion, subscribe to the channel if you feel
so inclined, we’d love to have you. Also, if you’ve got a question, finance
or otherwise, leave a comment down below, let’s talk about it. So until next time, my fellow Money Minions,
my name is Troy and I will see you guys….next Dollar!

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