Track Your Loans and Investments | How to Use Mint

-No matter how complicated
your financial situation, Mint can handle it. We support 7,500 different
banks, brokerages, and loans right now here in the US. On Mint, you can also
add your student loans. So I can type in
Sallie Mae here. And then just enter my Sallie
Mae information and login to that account. And that way, I can get
my student loans in here, I can add my investments. So I can type in E-Trade
and then link that in. We can click over
to investments and I can see what my
investment performance has been as of late. And I can see, well, I’m
2% above the market, which unfortunately means I’m
down 35% percent to 37%. But you can see
all of your stocks across all of your accounts. You can see your
portfolio allocation. So I can see stocks, bonds,
money market funds, currencies, and then the performance
of each of those. I can look at my allocation
or my performance on an individual account level. So if I want to see how the
value of my E-Trade account has shifted over
time, I can see that. I can see my unrealized
gains and then my unrealized losses
versus my cost basis. Or I can dive in and look at
that on the individual stock level and compare how
my iShares Canada has done versus my
Microsoft stock, and see all the shares and
all the transactions. So it’s tremendously
powerful, you can’t get this anywhere else. -I want to make sure
we’re saving money and we can retire when
we want to retire. We’ve got life
plans that we work with financial professionals on. And this is just a great tool
to help us realize and achieve those goals.

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