Transfer money between credit union accounts

Welcome to our online banking video, called
“Transfer between your credit union accounts”. On our website click the “Member Area Login”
button and enter your membership number and
date of birth Don’t know your membership number? Call us
on 01902 572340. Then click “Continue”. On the next screen, enter three digits from your
PIN and click “Login”. Don’t know your PIN?
Click the “Lost your PIN” on the right hand side and we’ll post a new PIN to you. Go to the online banking box and click “Log In
Now”. Enter three digits from your PIN again and click
“Log In” to confirm that you want to go to the
online banking page. On the next screen you’ll see your savings and
loan balances. Today we’re doing a transfer
from regular shares to debit card. Click “Transfer between my accounts” on the
left hand side and the transfer screen will
appear. Select the account to move money from
(Regular shares) Put a message on your account to say where
the money’s going to (Debit card) Select the account to move money to (Debit
card) Put a message on the statement to remind you
of what the transfer is for (e.g. shopping) Then enter the amount to transfer (e.g. £1.00) And then click “Next”. Check that the details on the next screen are
correct. If they are, click “Confirm”. The next screen says the transfer has been
successful. Double check by clicking “Account balances”
tab on the left-hand side and then go to your regular shares account. Click the blue “View Transactions” button to
see transactions in more detail and see the transfer from regular shares to
debit card. The balance has gone down by
£1.00. Scroll up to your debit card account and click
“View Transactions” and there you can see your balance has
increased by £1.00. That’s how you transfer between credit union
accounts. When you’ve finished click the grey
“Logout” button at the top of the page and then click the red “Logout” button to leave
the Member’s Area page. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you again

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