Transferring Funds in Online Banking: Robins Financial Credit Union

Robins Financial Credit Union gives you lots of convenient tools for doing your online banking and today we’re going to look at
one of the most basic functions transferring money. We’ll look at
transferring money between your own accounts, to other Robins Financial
accounts, and to external bank accounts and other financial institutions. First,
let’s look at transferring funds between your own accounts. Let’s say you want to move some money
from your checking account to your savings account. Go ahead and click on transactions and
history and then transfer funds. In the first field, “From”, select your checking
account in the drop-down menu. In the next field select your savings
account. Then in the next field type in the amount of money you want to transfer. Now if it’s just a one-time transfer today’s date will automatically appear,
but if you want to change the date you can. But say you want to make a recurring
transaction. For example on every payday you want to move one hundred dollars
from checking to savings. Simply click the checkbox, make this a recurring
transaction. Now you’ll need to indicate how often the recurring transactions
should happen. If you do want to align with your payday make sure you select
the right option as there are several. Then you can pick a date range for which
you want the automatic transfer to happen. Or you can simply check repeat
forever. Finally, you can add a quick memo to help
you understand what a transfer is for, but this is optional. When you’re all set go ahead and click transfer funds. Of
course you’ll want to be able to see and manage any recurring transactions you
set up. The place to do this is your online activity center. Go ahead and select this from your site
navigation within transactions and history. Within the activity center click
on the recurring transactions tab. If you set up any recurring transactions
will see them listed here. If you need to cancel a recurring transaction click on
the actions link on the right then select cancel. You will get a pop-up window asking you
to confirm you want to cancel this. You can click confirm, and the recurring
transactions will be cancelled. Now let’s take a look at making
transfers to other accounts. First we’ll look at transferring money
to or from another Robins Financial Credit Union account. Within
transactions and history you’ll want to click on member to member transfer. Then you’ll have to choose whether you’re simply making a single transfer or if you
plan to repeatedly make transfers. Let’s click on single transfer to look at that. Go ahead and select the account you’ll
transfer from and input the amount. If you wish you can type a description. Then you’ll need to enter info on the account you’re transferring to. The account
number, the share or loan ID, the type of account, and the first three letters of
the account owners last name. Once this is all entered go ahead and click Submit. You’ll see a screen confirming your transaction. If you are linking an
account, you will need to click that option when you go to member to member transfer. You will need to enter the same info about the account you want to
link to. You won’t enter any information about money to transfer, but after the
account is linked you’ll be able to easily transfer money between accounts
by the same process we just looked at for transferring the to your own
accounts. Finally let’s look at making the
transfer to an external bank account . To do this you’ll need to click on manage
external accounts in the products and services window. Type in the bank account number, then select if it’s a checking or savings account, and then enter the bank
routing number. The account and routing numbers can be
found on a check or deposit slip for most accounts. Then click continue to
verify the account your adding. You will then see a notice that the
account is being verified this will be done by making two very small deposits
into the external account indicated. These deposits can take up to two to
five business days to register with your other institution. After the deposits
have been received at the other institution you’ll click on manage
external accounts in the products and services window. Next click on the verify your account
link that appears under step two. Now, click the button next to the new account you’re trying to add at the bottom of the page. Go ahead and insert the to deposit
amounts that were sent to your other institution. Click on the continue button to get your
new account added. Once the external account is verified you can navigate to
the transfer funds section where you will see this external account listed. At
this point you’ll be able to easily transfer money between this external
accounts and your other Robins Financial accounts. And there you have it
you are ready to start transferring money. Thanks for watching for more
information call, click, or visit any of our branch locations.

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