Transport Crossroads 1 Down Solo No DLC [Achievement/Gameplay] [Payday 2]

Hey hey. Another 1 Down gameplay, this is for Crossroads, the last of the Transport heist and Bain contract
achievement on my list. For this video, I’m going to roll the build, strategy and
commentary all into one. Build wise, I didn’t bring the same one as
Park or Harbour because there’s too many lockpick patterns
to memorize. If you’ve checked out the deposit box guide
by [email protected] and Kinso (which you can find the link in the description)
you’ll understand why. So instead, I brought a saw to open the deposit
boxes. And since I only had a secondary weapon, an
ammo bag was needed. And the usual; build link in the description and skill tree video at the end. For the strategy, definitely Fade Manipulation. So to do that, I chose to defend from a hiding
spot. There are 2 good hiding spots, both at the
car dealership building. 1 is on the roof, you’ll have to crouch beneath the duct or
whatever you call that. You’ll have to position yourself somewhat
in the middle otherwise you can get sniped from the next
building or shot from the street. Since it’s on the roof, it’s more exposed but it’s easier to shoot
at the cops on the street. The 2nd one, which I used in this video, is
this counter right over here. The drawbacks for this one is that there is
a damn plant that blocks your view on the left. Enemies on the right side of the counter, either standing or climbing in through the
window will be able to shoot at you, but it’s less exposed to the streets and snipers. So I did the usual, dominate 5, wait for Fade,
kill the rest but shields. Then I secured 4 bags and went on to the 2nd
truck that was still drilling. At around 9:45 game time, the drill had 1
minute left and the assault was supposed to end, so if
it did, I would have to survive a 2nd wave. I didn’t want that and I hesitated to use
Fade Manipulation 2.0, just like in the Harbour gameplay. But I made the last minute decision to do
so, to extend the assault until I opened the truck
and gotten the last bag. So at least in this way, I learnt that I could
use this trick without being as lame or breaking the game. As again, I promise to share this trick with
you guys in another video. So enjoy the gameplay, and I’ll see you in the next one.

One comment on “Transport Crossroads 1 Down Solo No DLC [Achievement/Gameplay] [Payday 2]”

  1. Johnny Rockmax says:

    I personally think 1D is a stupid difficulty and any tactics used to gain a slight advantage (or not so slight,just moderate or so) are fine by me so long as it aint actually cheating. Love the videos dude,I hope this channel becomes a lot bigger one day. Sweet video as usual man!

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