Transport Park 1D Solo No DLC [Achievement/Gameplay] [Payday 2]

Hey guys. So um… 1 Down Solo bla bla bla… No DLC or bots bla bla bla… Fade Manipulation bla bla bla… Ok so, the interesting thing about this gameplay
is that, I was testing out a new strategy and surprisingly
it worked. I mean, I was trying these out within 2 hours so I don’t expect it to work all the time but you guys can try it if you wish to. So first, let me just share quickly about
my build. I took More Firepower (basic) for 4 total
shaped charges and some drill skills for auto-restart and then Unseen Strike for damage output. I was testing the strategy so I randomly brought
2 rifles or SMG along. The skill build will be at the end of the
video, or the link will be in the description if
you’re interested. So the incomplete strategy for Transport Park
is that, there is no good cover in this map and I didn’t
want to do kiting. So I thought, why not create my own cover? So I opened up a truck, found a good spot
for cover, which is this little corner right here, and
tested my theory. Of course, with both side doors open you can’t
really call it good cover so I picked a truck which is more or less
close to the walls. This might work for multiple players if you
can each cover a different door, or even better, using bots and Inspire (aced). Also, some trucks in other locations might
be better, so you can try those as well. For picking the deposit boxes, I am able to somewhat know in which order
to pick because I read [email protected] and Kinso’s Steam guide. You can find a link to that guide in the description. Otherwise, enjoy watching my accidental win, and I’ll see you in my next video.

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