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Google AdWords has always been your one-stop-shop for
search, display and shopping campaigns but what about video? Until now, you’ve had to go to a separate section
within AdWords to access TrueView ads meaning these campaigns were separate from
the rest of your Google advertising To make the process simpler,
and bring you the full capabilities of AdWords we’ve built a new optimized experience
for TrueView inside of AdWords. Going forward, you’ll create all video campaigns
within the core AdWords interface. They appear grouped with all your other campaigns, and can be
filtered to show just your TrueView campaigns using the Campaign Type selector. This filtering option provides a similar look
and feel to the old AdWords for video. Across all views, you’ll gain access to advanced AdWords
reporting, never before available for TrueView. Moving forward, each ad and ad group will
use a single unified format type either in-display, or in-stream. This improved consistency means better
optimization across all your campaigns since video now uses the same ad group structure
as search, display, and shopping campaigns. Managing and editing video campaigns is also getting easier since now you’ll have access to AdWords’ powerful bulk management tools giving you a streamlined workflow, even on the biggest campaigns. For example, you can now see and make changes to your budgets
across all campaigns using AdWords bulk uploads. But it’s not a one-way street. TrueView is bringing along some of its video-centric features
like Earned Actions reporting to AdWords. Plus, shared library tools like Video Re-marketing are finding a new home and are becoming part of the AdWords’ core feature set. And the good news doesn’t end with this video. Now that all your campaigns share the same DNA,
new features and updates will come faster than ever. To learn more about what’s changed, just dive in!

24 comments on “TrueView joins Google Ads | YouTube Advertisers”

  1. Major Shin says:

    Fun ! Business like this 😀

  2. Cristóbal Valencia says:

    This is awesome!

  3. Merouane Benzeroual says:

    ça facilite la vieawesome !

  4. Bettina Hein says:

    The fka AWV team did an amazing job in getting this done and rolling it out! Thank you.

  5. Emilio Rivera Michea says:


  6. Jerel Lorenzo says:

    Thank you. Adwords express integration?

  7. kunjan virani says:

    I used adwords, experience is excellence
    thank youtube and adwords…

  8. Pablo Alexis Patiño Mogollon says:

    who can tell me how is called the background music? as I can find .. thanks

  9. says:

    Nice explanation

  10. Phong Nguyen Thanh says:

    Please put video into Adwords Editor, it will make everything faster and easier.

  11. Danny Barham says:

    Audio is very low. Consider hiring a professional to do your videos

  12. Carlos Salazar ND says:

    What software they use to do this kind of animations?

  13. Directorios y Servicios Aliados says:


  14. Amanda Mullins says:


  15. Marc Berkowitz says:

    The background score was so good that I couldnt focus on the video.. Need to listen to it again

  16. than dung says:

    Cu f nssssa

  17. 장애화 says:

    그리고 혹시

  18. Thivananh Le says:


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  23. Mustafa Keleş says:


  24. Kim tri Sports Tran says:

    Very good

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