Trump Has Diva Moment

>>ABC has released its lengthy interview
with Donald Trump. And now, of course, the part of that interview
that got the most attention was when Trump said that he would look at opposition research
from a foreign government and maybe wouldn’t even report that to the FBI. But there were other tidbits from the interview
that are worth mentioning. First, there was the moment where he went
after Mulvaney, in the middle of the interview, because of Mulvaney’s actions in the middle
of the interview. I love this, because Mulvaney is nothing more
than a Trump lackey and he gets disrespected here, and I enjoyed every minute. Take a look.>>At some point, I hope they get it.>>You’re gonna turn it over?>>No, at some point, I might. But at some point, I hope they get is cuz
it’s a fantastic financial statement. It’s a fantastic financial statement. And let’s do that over, he’s coughing in the
middle of my answer.>>Yeah, okay.>>I don’t like that, I don’t like that.>>Your chief of staff.>>If you’re gonna cough, please leave the
room.>>Just get a shot of, I’ll come over here.>>You just can’t, you just can’t cough.>>Just to change the shot. Sorry, Mr. Trump.>>Okay, do you wanna do that a little differently
then?>>Yeah, we just changed the angle, yep. Thank you.>>So at some point I look forward to, frankly
I’d like to have people see my financial statement->>It’s up to you.>>Because it’s phenomenal.>>There might be one person who I dislike
more than Donald Trump, and that person is Mick Mulvaney. And the reason why, look, there are many reasons
to dislike Trump. But Mulvaney is laser-focused on doing away
with regulations that protect American consumers. When he was leading the Consumer Financial
Protection Bureau, he effectively dismantled it, which is a complete and utter disaster. Because, again, the Consumer Financial Protection
Bureau is meant to protect consumers against loan shark behavior, against these payday
lenders. But these are the people who fund Mulvaney’s
campaigns. So as a result, he looks out for them time
and time again. I dislike Mulvaney, and I love watching that
clip.>>So look, couple of quick things here. One is, if someone’s coughing in the middle
of a TV interview, it could be problematic, right? But the way a decent person handles it is,
hey, Mick, man, I know you gotta cough, but can you step outside for a second? Cuz I don’t want it to get on camera. But thanks brother, I appreciate it, right? Or, hey that no no, you know I don’t like
coughing, you know I don’t like anything that is human, okay?>>I don’t like that.>>I don’t like that, now we’re gonna redo
that, because I was talking about my fantastic financial statements. By the way, the substance of it, this is so
funny cuz I’m about to cough.>>I don’t-
>>Kick me out of the room.>>I don’t like that.>>You know I don’t like that, you need to
leave the room, we’re in the middle of this story.>>It happens all the time on the show.>>Should we take this again? Let’s take it again.>>Actually, I can’t believe it, I mean, how’s
this for ironic? Anyway, so on the substance of it, he does
not have fantastic financial statements. But I love that he is saying that he would
be willing to release them. Have at it, hoss! He says, I would love to, they’re phenomenal,
but my lawyers won’t let me. Really? You get led around that by the nose by your
lawyers? Okay, such a pathetic excuse. Now, last thing about this in particular is,
I don’t know, man. I’m a little uncomfortable with ABC releasing
the behind the scenes footage because->>This is one of the few times where ABC
has done something that I’ve absolutely loved, have at it.>>I know, but releasing him doing a retake,
I don’t know. It’s a little iffy, that’s all I’m saying. Cuz it makes him look fake, and that’s not
fair to him, because they do that all the time in the interviews.>>Are you kidding me right now? The media has been needlessly, they just regurgitate
things that Trump says, right? They have essentially created this presidency. They have paved the road, paved the way for
Donald Trump with all the free advertisement during the 2016 election. And no, I’m sorry, I love this, okay? He’s on the record, he’s on tape, he knows
he’s on the record, he knows he’s on tape. There’s nothing, as far as I know, any type
of documentation that both parties signed indicating that the retakes are off limits. So no, I’m done, I love this.>>Right, I hear you. I think, look, ABC’s been one of the better
media organizations about this. And I know that he’s on the record, and so
he should know that they could do that. I think normal etiquette is that you don’t. I guess they thought it was newsworthy, how
disrespectfully he treats his staff. That’s why Stephanopoulos, you could hear
him saying, that’s the chief of staff. Cuz he knows that it’s not on tape, and he
wanted to make sure that later, when people saw it, he knew that he was kicking out his
chief of staff.>>I think it is newsworthy, because it shows
you how members of the Republican Party are willing to do anything and everything for
Donald Trump. They are willing to tuck tail, do his bidding,
carry out whatever it is that Trump wants to carry out. Because they’re so obsessed with power, and
they’re so obsessed with being part of that administration, that they will take abuse
from Donald Trump just to be in some form of power within his administration.

100 comments on “Trump Has Diva Moment”

  1. The Young Turks says:

    Do you like being able to see behind the curtain of interviews like this one?

  2. Henry Townshed says:

    I don't understand how tyt is allowed to make up fake news all the time and lie about people. Why should you be allowed to make YouTube videos and lie about people? Why does YouTube not hold you to the same standards as hold everyone else too? Susan wojcicki has ruined YouTube because she allows people like you to get away with murder, while punishing creators that had nothing to do with politics. How to destroy your platform and make subscribestar a better platform. By Susan wojcicki

  3. Beverly Vinson says:

    Hey! Democratics can cough everytime he reponds to answers . ..
    Especially during the debates .
    Cough, cough, ..cough!!

  4. Ben Huffington says:

    Biden is the worst, and so is cenk if he endorses him

  5. Will Wright says:

    "He's coughing in the middle of my answer. I don't like that". But kidnapping children from their mother and throwing them in cages I'm fine with. But coughing is horrible!. This guy is a f*cking mistake. He should've been a stain on the bed sheets.

  6. Daniel Ceo says:

    His face is orange and he's got white circles around his eyes

  7. John Nagorski says:

    I like the fact that trump is so annoying because isnt Anna kasparian beautiful when shes angry

  8. Davaughn Allen says:

    trump is nauseating

  9. AverageAdam says:

    What would have happened if Mick farted instead?

  10. muadhib001 says:

    What a douche

  11. Boy Blue says:

    So he’s the right wings “alpha”…😂

  12. Mary wacker says:

    TOTALLY AGREE WITH ANNA, with regard to retakes. ANNA ROCKS, you go girl!!!!! Take no prisoners!!!!

  13. U HU says:

    Actually, complaining about that cough was just a ruse. I think the real reason he stopped was he went blank after "It was a fantastic financial statement".

  14. tness93 says:

    Hes not coughing because he has a cough his coughing to signal to president toddler fingers shut the hell up

  15. TheJimtanker says:

    That moron seriously thinks that he's still on a TV show.  Sigh

  16. BREAKING NEWS! says:

    Trump smacks his bitch Mulvaney during an interview.

  17. Amy Vintage says:

    When is he not having a diva moment… He's a sociopath… That's part of his dna. There's always a crisis, or drama.

  18. NatureLovingGuy PeopleNotSoMuch says:

    And for him to still have followers after that moment, shows how devoted his cultists are to him. We have fallen so low since 45 took hostage of this country.

  19. iGotFoodStamps2 says:

    I love the way Ana laughs….. Purely Hilarious!!!! 😜👍🏾

  20. Freya262 says:

    Anyone else thinking it wasn't just a random cough, but a warning for Trump to watch what he's saying? He's talking about his tax records which he has no intention of releasing but likes to tease reporters with….

  21. shutdafup says:

    Trump still reminds me of Martin Sheen in The Dead Zone …. It's only a matter of time until Trump uses a baby as a shield

  22. Mark Mosley says:

    Coughing is much more elegant than that thing Trump does when inhaling through his nose while showing his top teeth… lovely

  23. D ES says:

    Here is what really happened. Grandpa Trump lost track of what he was saying and blamed the first thing he thought of. That lamp was looking at me weird , let's start over.

  24. the searching wind says:

    If I were in Trump's presence, I'd be vomiting.

  25. Denzel from Washington says:

    If trump would've told dude to go get him some coffee on his way out wouldve been funny as fluck

  26. Leeanne Bishop says:

    Liar fart and chief

  27. jon p says:

    The video is comedy GOLD. I feel like we're living in a permanent shroom trip.

  28. One Hung low says:

    Cenk acts like an uptight bitch everyday and says trump has a diva moment. What a hypocrite!

  29. One Hung low says:

    Watch the body language of these two clowns with the volume off. Especially the facial expressions. Amazing! They have the body language of bullshit artists.

  30. t borch89 says:

    You must listen to info from a foreign government to see if it is anything important, otherwise it would be a waste of FBI time. Later in the interview Trump said he would turn info into the FBI if needed. Trump is exactly right and this whole 'foreign government' story is just Fake News of course. Seriously, can nobody see this? Seems so obvious

  31. Sponge bob says:

    Cenk is right Ana,
    Go make him a cuppa.

  32. Lindsey Stein says:

    That’s a shut up about financial statements cough

  33. Desmond Jefferson says:

    Notice when he coughed, it was a signal to the idiot to STFU about the finances!!! He is officially an idiot. LMFAO!!!!

  34. Jos Tow says:

    He Trump, is making them so rich, he is letting them rob the country. They will do anything for him.

  35. imnotmike says:

    I was actually coughing all through the clip, because I've seen this before, and having someone say that people shouldn't cough just gives you a subconscious reaction where it makes you need to cough.

  36. Derrick Belanger says:

    Cenk coughs into his fist. You’re supposed to cough into your elbow or your shirt collar. Be more hygienic Cenk!

  37. 7rob27 says:

    That Diva moment started decades ago.

  38. Victor says:

    I wonder if Ana has ever tested her IQ?

  39. Judy Tribe says:

    He's in a never ending diva moment.

  40. Dean Morrow says:

    I hope every time trump talks, someone at his press conferences or appearances coughs, just to get under his orange skin.

  41. E Martinez says:

    Trump admitted he's a germaphobe in a Howard Stern interview

  42. TruthNexcess says:

    Cenk, You're my boy and everything, but I only feel sorry for people who are compassionate
    and have empathy for other people and Donald Trump is not one of those people. I say EXPOSE him in EVERY POSSIBLE WAY! Hell, if his fly was down and his little tiny orange balls were showing, I say point and laugh!

  43. Timothy Jones says:

    Anna Kasparian is a horse-faced filthy scumbag. She really works my gag-reflex, humhp

  44. Jason Collins says:

    There’s a raccoon loose in the White House! Somebody catch it quick before it ruins the place!!!

  45. Edward Pincus says:

    And to challenge the spontaneity of this presidential news-conference, pay attention to how fast Mr. Trump immediately goes back with precision to the talking point he was articulating right before the coughing interruption. Obviously, whatever he speaks in response to a question is previously scripted and rehearsed — it's show time! The only time Mr. Trump is spontaneous is when he is trashing anyone who disagrees with him on any topic – clearly Mr. Trump is a polymath. After all, Trump being a self-proclaimed expert on any topic you care to mention whatsoever, how can his knowledge ever be challenge as being incorrect when he issues his definitive assessments?
    Anyone have a friend who is such a pompous know-it-all ass? Certainly not, those types never hold onto friends, so when Mr. Trump claims to have "friends," we know that that too is a delusion of his and a lie as well.

  46. Scott Perri says:

    Well…………no one is really on "tape" anymore, it's digital.

  47. Luis Arredondo says:

    Clearly Mulvaney is a complicit rat in trump crimes and he is trying to get trump attention… to dodge that question.

  48. Count Dankula says:

    He looks like a reverse raccoon lol

  49. Anudeep Kuchibhotla says:

    Mr T likes farts. He does not like coughs

  50. Luis Arredondo says:

    Coughing Mulcrappy was Trying to tell Donald Spurs to dodge the question, instead he was humiliated by The Orange Spurs…. mulvaney maybe don’t care to be thrown in the shitty swamp in order to save his head and continue in power

  51. roger thornton says:

    They both just make me all so very 🤮🤢

  52. Some say crazy stuff says:

    Keep Trump bashing formulate no plans except free stuff y'all are some garbage ….. People might respect a little bit more if you stop bashing the president and focus on legit things especially for campaigning real Ideas and real plans move on move forward you're too stuck in the past

  53. Ricardo Ayala says:

    Ana doesn’t like Mick “the Grandma Killer” Mulvaney?! Why?! (I got the “Grandma Killer” nickname from Mulvaney’s “gun ho”-ness to kill Meals-on-Wheels)

  54. Hey Ho Lets Go ! says:

    Raccoon eyes doesn’t like mick coughing at him 😆

  55. Martin Rangel says:

    A diva moment or a diva lifetime?

  56. Amenhotep The Third says:

    Seemingly he keeps pussies like Mulvaney just in case he needs to grab one. What a wet paper bag. People walk all over you like that because they think they can.

  57. Sothis says:

    🤣 love the look on his face when he gets all pissy. What a whiny bitch. 🤪

  58. Nova Smith says:

    ..action! And scene!!! Rollback!! Gtfooh!!

  59. Rita Franz says:

    Not “ify to me, any time we can see that orange dotard as himself

  60. Kirill Olegovich says:

    omg you cant cough? WTF bruh

  61. luis pacheco says:

    Trump didn't hear a cough he heard someone laughing at him when he was talking about his finances … ie when someone cough and whispers BS …

  62. judetunes1 says:

    It shows people what low class jerk he really is.

  63. naturallyme says:

    I think he cough to tell trump to shut the hell up!

  64. CREvoTheGreat says:

    2nd best diva moment on the net……

  65. i'am first says:

    Donald "take 2" Trump

  66. bofhvp says:


  67. Adrian D says:

    This Alzheimers crazy old little boy, ugh I can't take it's face or voice or lack of education anymore. This flu is killing my brain. Trump is poison

  68. aileenpi73 says:

    We have a fake President. Trump thinks he is in a movie playing President. Lord!!!

  69. aileenpi73 says:

    This shows how much of an asshole Trump is, period.

  70. No Name says:

    Mulvaney is an asslicking toady.

  71. Zyz zyz says:

    If you know anything about tv you would know that Trump wanted his answer to be heard. He knew from his time on tv that the answer would probably be cut from the broadcast because of the coughing. That’s what a professional does to make sure his message is heard. tyt never does retakes? Open your eyes sheep.

    His “kicking out” the chief of staff shows that he’s an alpha male and that he is the one in charge. You people idiots.

  72. vinto34 says:

    legend has it he had to do a 3rd take as a pigeon farted outside the window.

  73. Matthew Lewis says:

    Who doesn't like watching the out-takes and bloopers of big movies. I love em. Sometimes they're better than film..

  74. Nora Nora says:

    He was trying to get him to shut up!

  75. Jozef Garcia Maegli says:

    Cenk, Trump actually brought it upon himself because he claimed that the interview was "deceptively edited" to make him look bad… If such a claim is made, the easiest way to disprove it is to release the full raw interview to show that there was no deceptive editing.

  76. Apex Rosetti says:

    The “Nose Job” doing this is such a joke, as a matter of fact; Chunk Yogurt and Nose Job saying people are divas is total hypocrisy. These two retards are the human embodiment of vomit and feces.

  77. Burnbaby Gaming says:

    That "moment" needs an S at the end

  78. Jeanna Taylor says:

    😂😂u just can't cough

  79. Swinebagger Hatevirus says:

    "diva moment" back when word-craft was a thing, "prima donna" would have been to go to description. you could have had fun with Trump stealing Melania's title.

  80. Steve Winter says:

    George is a very smart guy. Saying "That's the chief of staff" just so if they were to release the footage then everyone would know who Donald Trump just whined about. Props to George for picking up on that in that quick moment. Maybe George should be President. He really got under Trump's skin. The limo moment was brilliant. Trump running like a coward when faced with real facts and real questions.

  81. Doomsday Tuther™ says:

    If I was there I would have made a very loud farting noise.

  82. Matthew Madruga says:

    Idiots have diva moments all the time.

  83. Enchanted Earths says:

    I agree with Anna! D.T should know better! That's the true D.T. being true to his nature. it is what it is!

  84. Jerry X says:

    You cannot add smart George, Mr Trump= fart

  85. Rich Beatty says:

    Had Trump NOT made an issue of this, how many people would have known? Thirty hours of Trump nonsense, how could this NOT emerge as an issue? Had "bag of used douche" not made an issue, no one would have known Mulvaney coughed and Trump acted like a child. And maybe not? Accordion hands inviting others to see his tax returns might have made cut even of Trump had not had a hissy.

  86. kevinth66 says:

    "It's a fantastic financial statement" – I think the word you're actually looking for is "fantastical"

  87. I'm the strongest woman in the world! says:

    Who the hell you think you is?

  88. NILgravity says:

    I'm not a fan of trump but, he's a well known germaphobe who has a hard time shaking people's hands… so this is him being triggered not being a diva. Cenk might be right that they shouldn't have shared this. That said it's still funny that he's a germaphobe but he raw dogged a porn star.

  89. King Scottish1194 says:

    I have "Oppo Research" for Donald J Trump. Okay, here it goes. "Donnie get a Treadmill" Put down the donuts, say no the All You Can Eat Buffet. Come Donnie "Just Say No" to the Rocky Road Ice Cream eaten 12 times a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Chris Brown says:

    That's stupid. Coughing and sneezing is spontaneous. Who can control that long enough to make it outside? Like Trump never coughs and if he does, HE'LL leave the room.

  91. Catherine Nieves says:

    He coughed because he didn’t want Trump to speak about his financial statements . He was trying to stop trump.

  92. What! says:

    Mulvany did this intentionally to change the topic

  93. Máire Walton says:

    Hahahaha…. choke but don’t cough!!!! It’s all fake…. let’s try that again…. Take 45….

  94. Tom Beer says:

    Moment?? More like life

  95. Chis English says:

    Poor old Mick Longnveiny got told off by Trump.

  96. George Reeves says:

    What a bitch!!!!!

  97. George Reeves says:

    Funny looking M.F too

  98. DFORREAL Log up says:

    Don’t play us y’all know what that code Q was all about. He was giving the president a hint about revealing to much information

  99. Joshua Lefever says:

    As the interview went on he turned from orange to red!

  100. Remmie Liandris says:

    C'mon, Ana, you know this shit isn't newsworthy. No one cares. We already know he's a dick and something like this won't change any of his supporters minds otherwise. It's cool if you enjoyed the video and all, but let's not pretend it's newsworthy in the slightest.

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