Trump’s DOJ Has Almost Completely STOPPED Prosecuting White Collar Criminals

If you look at the tweets by Donald Trump
regarding any candidate that he is endorsing for any primary or election coming up this
year, he always mentions, “Tough on crime. They’re tough on crime.” And he has marketed himself to the American
public as somebody who is tough on crime. Unfortunately according to a new report by
Public Citizen, nothing could be further from the truth. Since Donald Trump took office, white collar
criminal prosecutions have not just plummeted, but they have almost completely disappeared. We’re talking about a more than 90% decrease
in the amount of white collar criminals being prosecuted in the United States today. But don’t worry. As Public Citizen points out, it’s not because
white collar criminals suddenly reformed themselves, got their acts together, and stopped breaking
the laws, it’s just that now that the government is packed with even more corporate insiders
than it was during the Obama years, they’re just looking the other way. They’re not prosecuting, they’re not fining,
they’re not even enforcing the laws that they are legally required to be enforcing. Here are some of the numbers, and this is
absolutely staggering here. The DOJ penalties against corporate offenders
have fallen 90%. At the EPA, those same penalties have fallen
by 94%. 10 out of the 12 agencies that Public Citizen
looked into have seen an over 90% decrease in the number of penalties and prosecutions
and enforcement efforts at those government agencies. Here’s what that means, it means that right
now in the United States of America we have a government that is not only run by the corporations,
but they control it to the point where they’re not being punished when they rip you off through
financial scams, when those predatory payday lenders come and squeeze you out of every
dime you’ve every earned, student loan scams, housing scams, environmental destruction and
degradation that poisons hundreds of thousands of people every day. Nobody is being punished. In the past, we used to talk here on Ring
of Fire about how nobody goes to jail. They just get fined. They get a slap on the wrist. But these days, those slaps on the wrist have
disappeared. They’re not facing any kind of punishment
for their behavior. And what’s gonna happen? I think we all know the answer to that. When negative behavior, bad behavior, criminal
behavior goes unpunished, yet they get the financial rewards from it, it incentivizes
them to do it again, to do it on a bigger scale, to continue their corrupt practices,
because they know that these corporations control the government to the point where
they can get away with anything, and nobody is gonna come along and hold them accountable
except for the trial lawyers. But, of course, they’re trying to take care
of that right now by packing all of the courts in this country with corporate political hacks. Right now that is the only avenue we have
left until republicans finish their court packing scheme. And once that happens, corporations will have
complete control over every facet of our government.

100 comments on “Trump’s DOJ Has Almost Completely STOPPED Prosecuting White Collar Criminals”

  1. fkujakedmyname says:

    we never prosecute white collar nazi terrorists even Obama was a bitch for the banks and didnt prosecute any of them

  2. Nimzo25 says:

    Jesus. Someone needs to kill em all, and the money should be used to make more video games and better the companies like Nintendo, Square Enix, Sega, and Capcom. 😡

  3. Robo Tech says:

    White collar crime has never been heavily prosecuted with token fines when they are. This is absolutely ridiculous! But what can you expect from an administration of white collar criminals?

  4. LavenderLushLuxury says:

    Capitalist Pigs are the biggest Criminals, Gulag em.

  5. Erica Fuller says:

    That is fucking scary

  6. Joann Pasco says:

    When Bill Cosby was charged with 50 sexual harassment cases, I was shocked he was NOT immediately handcuffed and on his way to JAIL like all felons!!?? House arrest!!?? Money talks I guess!!

  7. Jose Ramos says:

    This is why our democracy doesn't work because it has been bought by corporations that funnel millions of dollars to get people to lobby for their agenda. They don't care how immoral it is as long as the bottom line meets the growth year over year.

  8. Endeavor Trikes says:

    If they actually prosecuted criminals then they would have to lockup trump, his crooked family and the entire republican congress.

  9. Satria Kurniawan Djaenal says:

    Duh. Trump's a white collar criminal himself. No way he's gonna put in someone who's gonna go after him some day.

  10. Jeremy S says:

    So, just to be clear, if I commit a white collar crime, I WON'T get busted? Hmmm…
    This reminds me of the time the news reported that police weren't responding to alarms during the riots.
    It was a free for all.

  11. Hal Hosmer says:

    Donaldo Trumpilini told me not to see white collar crime. So I don't.

  12. A 2227 says:

    Yeah, they are "tough on crime" just like they have " family vaules".

  13. MyNameIsCorey says:

    So much for draining the swamp….

  14. Phyllis DeVries says:

    It appears for the Trump administration at least, that crime does pay.

  15. steven sparks says:

    Trump should be impeach, convicted, and deported, all has assets if any should be seized including his bank accounts, all created by corruption!

  16. mark nelson says:

    Since the Clinton administration, prosecutions have declined by more than 36 percent
    It should be noted that budget cuts
    may have affected the number of prosecutions of white-collar crimes over the past several years. In 2011, the department employed 1,566 people. necessary for carrying out complex white-collar prosecutions — However, the number of employees dropped to 1,325 by 2015.
    Under Trump DOJ policies reward corporations that cooperate and disclose wrongdoing voluntarily.

  17. James says:

    This lack of prosecution is self-evident based on the current white supremacist house mindset and Chump is the main cause of it.

  18. jacktheripped says:

    And THAT'S so completely FUCKED!. I got a situation where I have direct evidence of Case Tampering against the judge, was recommended I contact the DoJ by the State US Attorney. I've caught the judge in a Probate Case altering the Court Record to cover for the Crimes of his younger brother, the MAYOR. Arrogant fuckers they are….

  19. Annie Parker says:

    Trump and his family is the biggest criminals in the world. but what ever they are trying to do will not work.

  20. The End Begins says:

    Look at whats happening he just made a deal with Europe on trade while escalating trade wars with mexico and china, also wants to give certain farmers 12 billion, he just thrented Iran, Syria, and Turkey and Microsoft will accept submissions for its competition in North America, Europe and Israel only. Things are about to go south.

  21. Robert Therob says:

    Hey mickey you brag about reporting what msm wont report well bucko you dont report either about all the satanic worship the danger of these myriad secret societies the for profit private federal reserve that cannot lose just to name a few your probably cia

  22. D-Risky 49 says:

    I’ll be 30 during the 2020 election. Who wants to help me remove the age restrictions for the position of president? Clearly age and wisdom has no correlation whatsoever.

    I’ll run. And I’ll run with the intention of uniting the middle and lower class and saving capitalism from the wolves that decided smartly to hide in the open wearing the clothes of a Shepard…

    That starts with tax reform and government spending reform. Tax cuts for the middle class and working poor, and tax hikes for the 1%.. Minimum wage workers will go from 10% income tax to 1/2% the income tax cap will raise to 90% for every dollar earned over $3million a year… we need the 71% of the population that makes $50k or less to actually have purchasing power so local business have a larger customer base.

    End the war on drugs, Legalize regulate drugs more stringently than alcohol. Cut off the cartels power through their wallets.. same with prostitution. Legalize and regulate to protect those citizens and close in on human trafficking, and psycho serial killers that can freely target hookers because they all are forced to operate in the shadows… shine a light

    Remove corporate money from politics. A company is not a person, the people running the company are free to donate to whomever but stealing profits that could be reinvested into the improving the company and instead buying off politicians as shortcuts is harmful to a capitalist society.

    Smash corporate trusts. The anti trust laws and patent laws in the country have been ripped to shreds after FDR and has crippled small businesses and competition in the country that ripples out and harms all consumers that unknowingly only choose between 2-3 major competitors … remove the barriers to enter new and existing markets so the small business owners that have a new surge in consumer purchasing power from the tax reform and thrive and circulate more money throughout every town across the country.

    End the war on terror. We are not the United empire of America. We are spending billions of dollars bombing 8 different countries concurrently to protect or ensure oil interests when oil and fossil fuels are a dying industry…. slash the military budget in half and restructure it to provide more income for grunts, better training equipment so they stop dying from faulty equipment on American soil, consolidated our nuclear arsenals which is crumbling and has received no hire than D grades by inspector … we’ve almost wiped out entire Us cities on no less than three separate occasions from lack of maintenance, lack of oversight, and obsolete technology… restore our NATO alliance and only match what they but into the defense fund do not exceed or out spend any ally in foreign defense operations.. reserve our weapons for domestic threats.

    End for profit prisons. It’s a disgusting industry and they have brain washed society into thinking all criminals are monsters and don’t deserve anything. That is short sighted, heartless, and financially irresponsible.. prison is a place to contain people deemed unfit or harmful to society and should be reserved for those people only. Someone with a bag of pot, or too poor to pay medical bills or parking tickets are not harmful to society. …. Murderers, rapists, domestic abusers, swindlers/fraud artists who’s uncontrollable lust and greed makes them steals millions of dollars from millions of people by lying and cheating, servants of the public that hold government positions or power that abuse their power or take bribes… these people are FAR more dangerous to society than anyone busted for smoking weed

    A big infrastructure and healthcare push with money that used to go to the military industrial complex. Single payer healthcare. Public internet service provider. Get as many Americans as possible online and participation in polling and information sharing, still too many areas that Comcast and Time Warner deem “not worth it” especially in the Midwest. Repair our crumbling bridges and roads, increase public transportation, these things give jobs and allow others to get to their jobs. Critical of society to be connected and cooperating for capitalism to succeed.

    Total public education overhaul. Mandatory public education, if they want private schooling they can go after public school lets out. We can reduce college debt by making the high school diploma mean something again. No more “no child left behind” policies. The goal of public education will be that once you hold a diploma you are fully qualified and have enough understanding to run for public office, you are competent enough to learn and perform any entry level position offered by any company. Teach work ethic, cooperation, personal financing, economics, political science, and citizenship (voting, jury duty, etc) and have internships … the goal of colleges/secondary education will be to train specialized skills for the those that are already in entry level positions, and can be supplemented by he companies if they want that person to move up into a new and tougher position…. this will eliminate unnecessary student debt because freshly graduated students will be qualified for jobs in nearly all industries and can find the right fit for their career path before assuming all that debt only to change majors multiple times.

    There is more to be done with these few things our country will be armed with more equality of opportunity, and protected from those threats both foreign and domestic whom hold massive sway and power to erect and maintain barriers around wealth.. they want the middle and lower class fighting amongst themselves so that they can’t work their way out of poverty and into upper class society. Those people are completely unamerican.

  23. Sonny Haskins says:


  24. hasoevo says:

    White collar criminals are running the GOP.

  25. Alex Alexander says:

    But if they just get rid of the regulations then there will be no laws to break. Isn't that the new American way. Change the rules mid game.

  26. Donna McDonald says:

    All criminal have when up in American it a free for all hell and now we become the movie escape from New York with Kurt Russell with no moral or ethics or family value just like the movie look at what in Washington and the white house now, but this time no one will save this sh*t A$$ president in the movie there president was corrupt too love that movie.

  27. Terri Jacobsen says:

    he's a duck when is he going to be locked up.hes a sadist. terri

  28. mark allen says:

    REVOULUTION! I mean with pitchforks and torches on the White House, Mar a Largo, all Trump towers till we get that lying, cheating, women abusing, child stealing, Russian ass kissing, Malignant Narcissistic, Sociopathic, Racist, xenophobic, A-Hole Trump!

  29. Yve Bella says:

    Not surprised. WHITE collar crimes. That says it all.

  30. lark6spur says:

    Entitled bastards!!!!

  31. independent vote says:

    Same with Reagan and Bush…the GOP love finance criminals…they're one and the Same !

  32. Shinji Kataoka says:

    And the independent right wing conservative news medias such as crtv and World Net Daily are not reporting this story. I really wonder whyyyyyy?????

  33. Christoph Luger says:

    "I meant to say I'm toughn't on crime."

  34. OrionPax09 says:

    No surprise here. Don Fatti Dotardi is a white collar criminal! Not only does he want to make sure he doesn't get prosecuted, but he's probably made some sweetheart deals with some of the other wealthy elite to make sure that they can get away with whatever they want. In exchange for some legalized bribes, of course.

  35. Red Pill prime says:

    No surprise here.

  36. 3natey says:

    Tough on crime is a bs cat call stolen from nixon and look what happened to him. Release the pee pee tapes and other evidence and dump will be begging for a get out of free card.

  37. Phil 488 Pista says:

    It is the new normal right? Just look at the 12 Billions bail out for the farmers because of the problem he created! But the Republicans keep looking for way to cut benefit for the poor. That just show you how they work.

  38. Oblivious says:

    Trump shouts something hypocritical as a cheap attempt at some extra votes. Must be another day in Trump's America.

  39. IGotquestions Allthetime says:

    Why would they lock their friends up? Punish the poor?

  40. Death To Ming! says:

    This is what happens when a criminal is in charge.

  41. Eck0 says:


  42. Deth Rugg says:

    Because he doesn’t want his people getting in trouble like his ass is in trouble
    Trump is only tough on crime if you are poor or brown

  43. Shawn Owen says:

    I'm not sure which is more insulting to us – the slap on the wrists or completely ignoring them. How about we treat them like we are supposed to? Justice SHOULD be blind but clearly has deep pockets.

  44. DevilDog 2600hz says:

    President Donald Trump cannot take the change that anymore of his cronies will flip on him.

    RICO all of them.

  45. Carol Mello says:

    White collar crime has hurt my family. We have had much more stolen from us by white collar criminals than by the petty criminals who burglarize homes. Yes, we have had burglary of homes and cars. Two burglaries this year. But it is minor to the amount of money stolen from us by unscrupulous white collar criminals, businessmen running businesses that cheat customers and employees, plus corporations that have cheated us. Yet the current DOJ and even local gov are all soft on white collar criminals. I am disgusted! And hey you gun fanatics! Guess what? Guns are useless when you are a victim of white collar crime!

  46. Kevin Kidd says:


  47. MIKAEL S1 says:

    This will no doubt embolden and create more criminal behavior in this area and will have a domino effect. Abuses will ten fold, rapidly accelerating the destruction of the environment, law, Constitution, and the Country.

  48. MIKAEL S1 says:

    "Third World Shit-Hole" here we come.

  49. J Gomez says:

    Trump loves fat, arrogant, overpaid, overfed, over privileged, over indulged, white collar, business criminal, asshole, cocksuckers because he is one of them and because they can bribe him.

  50. SPRINDYS says:


  51. Dave Ton says:

    drumpf is working for the "Wall Street Mafia"!

  52. Mark Cross says:

    Police stations, schools and advertising boards across the country need to change all that "Crime doesn't pay" propaganda bullshit to: a new message "White Collar Crime Pays" "Pays Handsomely"

  53. Where in the world is Tyra Angelita? says:

    👏👏🇺🇸🇺🇸 #prisonReform #doj #prisonsForProfit #unicor #unicorSlaves #fbiWatchlist #chicagoMafia #stevecalk #policeStates #agenda21 #nwo #revelations

  54. Don Post says:

    Treason is the new patriotism. Crime is the new justice. Welcome to Trumpland!!!

  55. Frank Barton says:

    all repubs are criminal fascists

  56. oogachaka says:

    Slap them on the wrist with an axe.

  57. Toni Olson says:

    No surprise there. Show those facts, dates, companies etc on a screen where these things are visual. Talk talk talk, now show it. Not just once, every chance You get, every discussion show the facts. Most not all Americans are visual learners. So to show them what your talking about while your talking about it seems to stay with them longer. Donald Trump seems to forget that every President inherits the policies of past presidents. The next President will inherit his so on and so forth. So to put his face next to corruption gives the American people a visual of what corruption looks like on a continuous basis.

  58. Crystal Meserve says:

    This is complete bullshit! You dump dumpsters wanted someone who is all about money for president. Now you idiots have it!

  59. Carla Rae says:

    If they prosecuted white collar crime the way they're supposed to, they would have to prosecute trump💩.

  60. Richard Alexander says:

    The DOJ has to lay off white collar crime, these criminals are Dotard Donnie's donors.

    Farron, corporations already have complete control of our government, and its okay because only the middle class, and poor people get ripped off.

  61. Brenda L Medina says:

    Trump is like a bug crawling all over everything and everyone.what a lousy Nazi.

  62. Larry Johnson says:

    He needs to be stopped before the country is completely destroyed! This is going to make the bush mess look like nothing! It will take years and years to clean this mess up, hopefully we'll get started in November!

  63. laughingman666 says:

    because we have a bunch of brain-dead retarded bastardous white collar criminals running the country

  64. Noah Vale says:

    Tough on crime, except when it comes to him !

  65. David Jacquez says:

    Most of those white collar crimes are trumps administration itself

  66. dozzer009 says:

    It's nice to get actual news instead of the constant droning about his sex life!! Keep up the good work!!!

  67. Beth Slifka says:

    Does this surprise anyone????

  68. D C says:

    Only buy what you absolutely need to survive. Starve these criminals. See if they get their big bonuses.

  69. preciouslogic77 says:

    They will lose in some other way, no sin goes unpunished!

  70. Ken Bugbee says:

    The proof of how corrupted the DOJ was under the last administration is staggering !!!
    Still today all they do is attempt to overthrow the president. They don't have time to go after real crimes.

  71. Acacia Volkerts says:

    At this point, the camel has already died from its spinal injury yet straw continues to pile on top of it.

  72. just a guy on the internet says:

    Okay, for real people, it's like way past time we all took matters into our own hands. Clearly our system doesn't give a shit or a fuck about us. To them we're just cogs in a machine that makes life easy for them. Fuck this peaceful protest shit! We ALL need to make an example of those assholes at the top. Show them that there is a price to pay for corruption.

  73. Roli b says:

    How corrupt nazimerrica is . The world knows it for a long time and your country lost all the respect.

  74. Drecon84 says:

    This administration couldn't be more corrupt if they tried.

  75. Dave says:

    Loretta Lynch was great at going after white collar scum. She rounded up FIFA scum and Latin American money launderers. I miss her

  76. Dave Smith says:

    Just another step towards dictatorship.

  77. NextWorldVR says:

    Ears perk up.. No punishnent?, Time to go into business! LOL kidding.. ….. half kidding….

  78. Jumpin' Geehesofat says:

    Hmmmm,we have a white collar criminal masquerading as potus. I believe they call him spanky bonespurs…..

  79. Carlton Odom says:

    Gotta jail those dangerous thugs selling $10 bags of weed! Lock 'em up and place a felony on their records so they can't VOTE,own a gun or secure a decent job! We know the real deal! Wake the f__k up!



  81. Virginia B. Britton says:

    Maybe they are all working on the trump thing, impeach the pubs

  82. Richard Fernandez says:

    This country is being run by thugs and criminals.

  83. Paul Henri says:

    What you get is what happened in 2008 with the housing meltdown. But because there is no checks and balances anymore and the Republicans of Undead all the laws that Obama put in place to prevent the housing crisis from happening again. You're going to get something worse then recession you're going to get a full-blown depression. Then you can watch all these rich jackasses jumping out their windows.

  84. Blackworld official says:

    Will the administration be prosecuted when they leave office?

  85. Tamarcus Judah Wright says:

    Lol the white collar criminals are the ones who need to be arrested they lock 🔐 people up for stealing 10$ in food while u get away for stealing millions wow

  86. kristabella222 says:

    If Trump went after white collar criminals, he'd have to arrest himself. The biggest white collar criminals are in his administration.

  87. Haurqermer Eggbert Swartz says:

    "CONOR LAMB FOR PRESIDENT 2020" Conor James Lamb is an American attorney, politician, former federal prosecutor and former Marine serving as the U.S. Representative for Pennsylvania's 18th congressional district.

  88. john alley says:


  89. A T says:

    trumpists are wiping out law-abiding citizens, a country cannot survive without laws and regulations, VOTE VOTE VOTE in Nov 2018 + 2020 to re-stabilize this country

  90. Space Cowboy1 says:

    voters need to hear this on main stream media

  91. Annette Duval says:

    Wimp daddy is sure to make his mark on history by refusing to prosecute these crude promoters of gangster type behavior . Fat Donny figures these individuals would make idea informants for the police to further narrow them loop holes opportunistic business associates utilize to wager a way of escaping each and every noose that swings within range .

  92. Lesley Allinson says:

    Te america government is a big joke !!!!

  93. bigraviolees says:

    Obamas DOJs were pieces of shit also. They just weren't racist

  94. Pelt Down Posse says:

    Here goes this Russian again…Spewing shit! Well wait a minute…Hillary should have been locked up years ago…and you know it!

  95. Mike Gilardino says:

    Whenever Republicans say they are for "Law and Order", they mean small cops pursuing and killing Latino or Black people, or jailing them for 50 years for petty 5gramms of weed crimes.

  96. Amy Marie says:

    Trump wants to make america white again

  97. Robert Romeo says:

    Almost lol propaganda Fake news

  98. TheSWolfe says:

    If they continued upholding the law re white-collar crime, Drumph would lose his entire administration, & his family would also go bye-bye, awa all his business associates, that's why prosecution has ceased under his "leadership."

  99. Michele Smith says:

    Why would they prosecute while collar criminals…the biggest one is sitting in the oval office…

  100. R. Daniel Liddiard says:

    Trump is punishing the child traffickers it is his focus to save the children those numbers have increased ten fold. He arrests are still happening excpet he is taking out the Elites guilty pleasures.

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