TSP’s If Month-End Was A Person

– Cheers.
– Cheers. You can order something else,
if you want to. – Let me check.
– Yes. One French sparkling sewage water. Two ‘ostrich do pyaaza’. One baby corn soup of real babies. – Of course they’re not real babies.
– Yes. What are you doing here? Who is this, Rishi? – This is…
– I’m his month-end, madam. And your month-end is here so soon? Rishi, today is just the 18th. – Listen, just listen to me…
– Eww! Just… Poor guy! – She turned out to betray you, man.
– Shut up, dude. – Traitor…
– He got me screwed. Did you have to come now? – Hey!
– What is it? No, well, I was just wanting to ask you
why you haven’t clean the bathroom? The seat is dirty, the exhaust isn’t working
’cause of the spider webs. Just like in Sanju movie
the pot is overflowing. I’ve been telling you for the past 10 days
to get a toilet cleaner, brush, vim and a broom. Did you get them? If I ask you in the morning you tell me
you’ll get it in the evening but beer ends up being bought
in the evenings. Even this fellow is here now. Which means you’re not going to get
anything till the 1st. Why do you stay so busy, sir? You don’t even have a girlfriend. That’s why this guy
is in this state. – Yeah?
– Yeah, he spends all his money on her. He just went on a date yesterday. Really? You started gossiping
the second you got a chance to? It’s the truth. Miss, can you at least
get me a cup of tea? Tea? The milk in the fridge has turned
into paneer in the past week. Get me some spices
and I’ll cook it for you. He wantes tea… Then what happened? Don’t ask me!
He embarrassed me! All the gold diggers in the world
are only after this man. What are you giving Sneha tomorrow? The same thing, a last warning for coming.
late and a ‘have a good day’ note. – It’s her birthday tomorrow.
– What? She’s been texting on the group for the
past week about what gifts she’d like. Your gift must be special – ’cause you guys are close and everything.
– Yeah, man! You know, she’s been keeping
me in CC for every email now. Oh shit!
Bro, she’s expecting something big! An engagement ring? Idiot! A big surprise… Like a small surprise party. I’ll think about something, man. – By the way, are you going for the office trip?
– Absolutely. – Are you not coming?
– No, man. I went last time and neither did Sneha
come nor did I have fun. Her pet snake bit her dad
the last time. She was sucking the poison off. That’s why she couldn’t come.
She’ll come for sure this here. Sunny, why don’t snakes like
that bite us? We’re not that lucky, man. I really feel like going for the office
trip with Sneha. But this curse is sitting
on my head. Oh okay, bro, I a solution for him. – What?
– Listen… Good you didn’t go to office again You’d have simply wasted money
on gifts. Hello, sir. Good morning, sir.
Hi, sir. So how was your breakfast, sir? – Get to the point, will you?
– Sir, I need to take the day off. I seem to have caught
a stomach bug. Really? I was just about to call you and tell the
same thing that please don’t come to office today. You need to go to Bangalore tomorrow
for a meeting, so book your tickets soon. Sir, if the company could book
my tickets, it would be easier. The thing is it’s
end of the month for me. And during the end of the month,
I won’t say I’m broke but I’m going through
a financial strain. Let me see. – Is it possible?
– Are you insane? Rishi, even the company is going through
the end of the month. I’m not bankrupt but
the company is a little unstable. That’s okay, get the tickets yourself and don’t worry.
You’ll Ger reimbursed when you’re back. Absolutely! I swear by God. Sir, but how can I go
if I’m not well tomorrow? – Sir…
– Okay, bye! He hung up, man. I’ve arranged all your food. The right has all the things of you can eat of. The
left has all the things which are already expired. 27, 32, 34, 36… Just look and see
if there’s something in the pocket. You sit down. The maid must’ve come
for her salary. Rishi, get the rent.
Oh, you? How bad is Rishi’s state? Uncle, I’m the one that’s in
a bad state, you get it? I mean, I have to keep going up and down.
Just install an elevator, will you? This is the ground floor though. I come to Rishi’s place just in the last
week of the month. There are interns who live in the first
floor, little kids. I go to their place on the 2nd itself. – Is that your wife?
– No, that’s my savings. I have her for 20 years! You go, sit in the car
and turn the AC on. – Where is Rishi though?
– Yeah, Rishi! Rishi! Rishi!
Rishi? Mr. Mehta is here to ask for rent. Uncle, could you wait for a bit? Of course, I will! There’s no problem
in waiting for 5-10 minutes. I’ll sit down for some tea
and take the rent later and leave. I’ll just be back. – So, are you married?
– Yeah, I have two kids his age. – Are you married?
– No, my parents are trying to set me up. – Who is she?
– I’ve been hiding her from your sick eyes! – She’s my saving.
– We’ve been together since he got his job. So this is what you’ve been
brewing secretly? We’re also going on our Euro trip
next month. – Isn’t it great?
– No! We’re not going to Europe. What do you mean we’re not? We’ve been preparing
for the past two months, Rishi. When we have to go;
which hotel we should stay at; – which cuisine to eat and now you’re cancel…
– Babes. It’s not you, it’s me. I’m really sorry. Our love has just been increasing 7%
every month. – What happened suddenly?
– I know! I’ve always prioritized myself
and never thought of you. Whatever you have texted me till now I’ve never paid attention to them
or even checked them. When I’m with my friends
chilling and having fun, I don’t even think of you.
I feel like a villain. I just don’t deserve you, man. Okay. See you again,
if you get your appraisal. Uncle, I’ve lovingly taken care of her. – Take her away.
– Come on! – Bye, go ahead.
– Come one! I’ll continue to take care of her. Uncle, how much rent
do I owe you? – 20 K.
– I’m just waiting for an OTP. You might’ve got your rent. – Please check has it come?
– Yeah. – Yes’ it’s come.
– Okay then, bye. Thank you. Nice, go. – I’m really sorry. If the timing…
– Look here. So much money?
2 days before you get salary… – Did you take a loan?
– Are you insane! I’ll get screwed if I take money
from the bank for small expenses. I didn’t take a loan. I took a loan pass
from ET money. Look, I even got a limit
to 1,00, 000. Now I don’t have to struggle
for a little cash. I just have to transfer money
from Sammy’s new app ma. Really?
How do you plan or returning the money Repayments are super easy. I can either pay it off at one time
or I can chose the EMI option. – My wish.
– That’s great then. I’ll come sooner next month. Even the interest for a lakh
must be high, right, son? No, son. I just used 20,000
for the rent. So even my interest will be for 20K.
Interest on what we use. – Who gave you this idea?
– Sunny near tea vendor. Sunny! Sunny! Get away now. – Go, go, go ahead.
– Yeah yeah, I’m leaving. Rich men don’t have a heart,
the trainees upstairs are big-hearted. – Take care…
– Yeah fine… Get out! Thank you so much for coming. Last time when you didn’t come
for the trip, I was… – The last time…
– You were sucking out poison. – Yeah…
– Yeah, I know, I know. Tell me something, if I want
to get bitten by your snake. How do I get it to bite me? Come on with me.

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