Tucker Carlson Defends Bernie Sanders

>>Last week, Bernie Sanders and Alexandra
Ocasio-Cortez came together and released their proposal to combat some of the loan shark
behavior that we’re seeing. And interestingly enough, Tucker Carlson was
supportive of this proposal. Take a look.>>Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
have a new proposal out. It’s called the Loan Shark Prevention Act. Their bill would cap interest rates on credit
cards at 15%. Well, for a lot of people that would make
a difference. The median interest rate on credit cards in
this country right now was 21% and some cards charge over 35%. Banks, meanwhile, can borrow money from the
Federal Reserve at 3% interest. Do the math. It’s a very good business. Now you know why they’re always sending you
those offers for new cards. They’re getting rich from your debt. The bill would also apply the same 15% limit
to consumer loans. It would ban, in effect, payday loans, those
loans whose interest rates can exceed 500% or 600% every year. No doubt many Republicans in the Congress
will oppose this bill if only because of who sponsored it. Bernie Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez are obviously
demagogues. They don’t mean half of what they say, the
other half they don’t really understand. They’re not impressive but on this one issue,
they are absolutely indisputably right.>>They’re not impressive.>>Yeah, so look, there’s pressure on all
sides to hate one another. And so, I think Tucker Carlson has an interesting
strand here, and we talked about it in our debate at Politicon, and I’ve talked about
it on air before. And then people on our side yell at me and
say he’s a white supremacist, don’t say anything positive about him ever. But that’s not how the real world works. People are complicated and nuanced. What Tucker has figured out is that resentment
in the Republican party that helped Trump get elected is also aimed at big business. Now, he’s being smart in pressing that raw
nerve. Now, that is why he is now starting to be
more popular in the ratings than even the other Fox News hosts. Now, does that mean he’s right about all what
he just said? Of course not. He says that they’re demagogues and don’t
mean what they’re talking about. What are you talking about? The reason you guys can’t stand Bernie Sanders
and AOC is because they do mean what they say. If you said that about establishment Democrats,
if you said that about Chuck Schumer, or Nancy Pelosi, you’d be 100% right. They don’t mean anything they say. But the reason you guys can’t stand Bernie
Sanders is because he definitely means it, and so does AOC. So that point that Tucker made makes no sense. He’s just trying to do red meat for his audience. Don’t get me wrong, I hate him, but they’re
right about this and he said they don’t understand their positions. What are you talking about? They have detailed policy positions that even
your viewers agree with. So they absolutely do understand it. And he fundamentally misunderstands politics
if he really means what he says, cuz he says, the Republicans oppose us because of who proposed
it. Tucker, really? Are you that ignorant about politics?>>There’s a little bit of truth to that,
though.>>No, there’s no truth to that.>>You don’t think so?>>No, let me-
>>I mean Republican voters, that’s what I’m specifically talking about.>>Republican voters, I’m sorry. Yes, Republican voters, I would agree with
you.>>Yes.>>And if thats what Tucker meant, I would
agree with him. But if he means Republican politicians, no! No, Republican politicians oppose it because
they get paid to oppose it.>>Right.>>They are the most corrupt people in America
and Tucker, you know that and so we are honest. We can tell you Nancy Pelosi raised a lot
of money from people, from donors and she serves those donors. But 99% of the Republican Party does that. Well, they’re far more corrupt than the Democratic
Party, and even if you’re not willing to acknowledge that, even though you’re obviously wrong,
you would have to admit that a huge percentage of them are corrupt. And the reason they protect the credit card
companies and the big banks, is because they get independent expenditures and campaign
contributions from them.>>Yes.>>If you don’t know that, then you don’t
know anything about politics.>>In fact, I wanna give you guys a very specific
example, Mick Mulvaney. Mick Mulvaney was funded by the loan shark
industry, specifically these payday lenders, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
had basically, they started enforcing some regulations against that industry. And they were also taking some of these payday
lenders to court, pursuing lawsuits against them. And once Mick Mulvaney was the interim head
of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, you know what he did? He gave a bunch of favors and handouts to
the industry and loosened restrictions toward that industry. And, again, it’s a perfect example of how
you have a politician. He’s corrupted and funded by a particular
industry and then once he has the power, he’s able to do everything that that industry wants
him to do. And in this case, it was the payday lenders
and how much they wanted to loosen some of the restrictions and regulations that they
were dealing with under the CFPB.>>So the credit that I’ll give Tucker Carlson
is, he’s the only one that understands the actual populist anger on the right-wing side. So the rest of the Fox News anchors are paid
to further the corruption in Washington, so they will back Republican Party officials
who will sell you out, who work for the big banks and big business. Tucker has at least figured out that no, the
Republican voters don’t like big business and they don’t like the big banks, and they
get that those are the guys screwing them. So he has accurately assessed that and hence
is being rewarded with high ratings. Now I don’t know how long it’s gonna last
cuz at some point people come and talk to you and they say, whether you are on the left
or the right, hey, take it easy with that kinda talk. Do you know who our advertisers are? So I don’t know if that’s gonna happen to
Tucker Carlson, but he better watch himself, cuz if he starts to make too much sense, he
will be taken off of Fox News. Even if he’s loathsome on everything else,
if he’s right about the corruption, Fox News will not stand for it. They are the heart of corruption.

100 comments on “Tucker Carlson Defends Bernie Sanders”

  1. Stupid Plumbing says:

    We all bitch and complain about nothing getting done in Washington DC, yet we're unwilling to get rid of the reasons nothing get's done.

  2. MrInuhanyou123 says:

    Tucker is smart…he has realized that populism is a real thing…and whoever controls that controls the narrative. The problem is of course that the right wing have no actual intent to adhere to populism, their entire schtick is to appeal to white identity politics to get people to stop talking about systemic corruption and problems like this.

    While the progressive left actually cares about these issues, but has to fight against the rest of the establishment democratic party who would happily follow the Republicans off a cliff in using minority identity politics in a hollow fashion to deflect away from the systemic corruption as well.

  3. Debonair73 says:

    You shouldn't make a hard cap on credit card interest rates. We had this back in the 70s and the credit card business basically was a shit business because interest from Federal Reserve were like 12% or 13% and even as high as 20% and the cap was like 20%. You have to say credit card interest rates can't be more that 15 points or some other number above Federal Reserve interest rate to the banks. So if the Fed Reserve rate is 3% they can't charge more than 18%. If the Fed Reserve rate is 5% they can't charge more than 20%.

  4. avgStan1234 says:

    Tucker Carlson needs an audience! HA!

  5. Megan The Baker says:

    Ana cracks me up 😂👏

  6. Annie says:

    Let's assume Tucker has huge credit card bills that he's trying to get paid down.

  7. S.B.R Stunta A.K.A Stay Bangin Records says:

    So the fact that they are right doesn’t make them impressive ?🤔 damn tucker doesn’t have any respect at all, well treat people as they wish to be treated, and that’s why I have no respect for that little boy 🤣

  8. Shawn Baker says:

    If you disagree with anyone on the left your automatically called a racist. Tucker is absolutely correct. Bernie and AOC are correct on this one. And only this one.

  9. jay M says:

    Should have played more of the clip from trucker where he went into the history of the being bought. I thought it was really informative. I give him credit were its due

  10. John V says:

    To be fair, Shep Smith is still on Fox News.

  11. D Mc says:

    Bernie Sanders and AOC are demagogues? WTF?

  12. Alibaster Crenshaw says:

    I think the cap should be 9%

  13. Brian Brewster says:

    [About Tucker Carlson] "Even if he's loathsome on everything else, if he's right about the corruption, Fox News will not stand for it. They are the heart of corruption." How true, Cenk! Anyone that tries to learn about the world through the oddball filter of Fox News is being spoonfed massive amounts of BS and playing uniknowingly into the hands of the Republican agenda.

  14. Chris Buttonshaw says:

    I saw the title and had to watch to see a Sign of the Apocalypse

  15. Parslow Pongbert says:

    Presumably Trump or Carlson have a large payday loan.

  16. aaronsande says:

    Wow that was a multiple-backhanded defense. Demagogues, don't mean half what they say, don't understand the other half. Not impressive. What a fuckface.

  17. zaxx19 says:

    Tucker Carloson is hardly a white supremacist. I watch him and TYT daily, and he hardly mentions race at all tbh.

    Im a centrist and the dishonest slander on both sides is out of control.

  18. creamsykle says:

    LMfao, didn't the Dems try this once already? all that happened is banks only gave credit cards to people who were trust worthy enough to have (i think it was set to 7% at the time?) and the poor suffered. Illegal loan sharks popped out of the wood work, and the only place poor people could get a loan was from one of these seedy people who might kill you or your kids if you didn't pay up on time. Then the same unundermis -educated poor people who voted for this, cried and blamed the government for allowing this to happen.

  19. KO Nineteen says:

    ❣BERNIE 2020❣BERNIE 2020❣BERNIE 2020❣BERNIE 2020❣BERNIE 2020❣

  20. Kinjal Kadakia says:

    even a broken clock is right twice a day

  21. Rafath Sultana says:

    Did one of Tuckers' sponsor's who dropped his show was a Loan Shark ??

  22. The Haitian Way says:

    Tucker IS a white supremacist. Everyone is capable of telling truth sometimes.

  23. ElderM!llenn!al says:

    Tucker always does a bait and switch for the FOX audience. He'll agree with a progressive policy and then wraps up pushing for republican support….without pointing out what he's supporting is not being offered by his party

  24. Kaffekaffe Kaffe says:

    Bernie 2020 🔥🔥🔥

  25. Thahir Ahmed says:

    Please vote Bernie for the sake of earth .

  26. Donoso Demaistre says:

    Cenk is like a little wiener dog going after big Tucker… Nothing shows better the difference between these two than a simple idea: What would Tucker do without Cenk? The same as he does now. And what would Cenk do without Tucker? Well, collecting trash, I guess. Actually, this is what he's doing here anyway.

  27. Shelly seymore says:

    Fucker Carlson, projecting again.

  28. KillerBebe says:

    I would love a 15% cap rate.

  29. Tim Possible says:

    If they are right about this they just might be right about some other things

  30. Taz D says:

    Funny when Ana mocks Tucker @1:17, she also sounds just like herself. "Not impressiva."

  31. Amy DiDonato says:

    AOC and Bernie are targeted because they are the biggest threat

  32. CA2VA says:

    If AOC is not impressive, Fox entertainment shouldn't talk about her 24/7.

  33. Blacker Panther says:

    AOC is a living joke and Bernie Sanders is a hypocrite

  34. The Young Turks says:

    Why does Tucker side with AOC and Bernie on this issue?

  35. Naomi Del Rio says:

    Tucker talks like he has an enema up his ass and he is holding it in.

  36. froggy jump says:

    lol… only because it personally affects him…

  37. Dr. GR33D says:

    Can we get a new age news channel. I’m honestly tired of people who are completely biased. Let get some ignorant people in the news game.that actually do research instead of just repeating what other news stations say that pushed their ideal.

  38. Mike says:

    YES!!!!! Most progressives get this wrong and Cenk is 100% correct. TC is in it for the ratings and will play his opinion for the viewers he is not in favor of the ppl just his ratings. But he must appease his corporate overlords and we will see how far they will allow him to go.

  39. live2groove says:

    When you watch Tucker or Ingram or ORiely, you always have to consider not what they're saying , but what their viewers are hearing bc that's what it all comes down to. . ei.. Maybe Bernie and AOC are right about this, but it's just coincidence, they're too stupid to know they're right let alone be able to pull it off, so I can keep hating the stupid liberals.

  40. Ana Campos says:

    No estoy de acuerdo con muchas de las cosas que dicen en este video, parte de los republicanos son corruptos pero los demócratas son mucho más corruptos, pero muuuucho más corruptos. Los bancos son los ladrones más grandes del mundo, eso es una gran verdad y el sistema de deuda es una estafa. Al menos el búfalo y Ana dijeron algunas cosas con sentido común y sin tanta ideología progresista y de izquierda. Algo es algo.

  41. MrMrchatcity says:

    Cenk preaching nuance lol lov ya cenk but if you're standing by that then invite Sam Harris back on

  42. The OG Dominic says:

    Tucker is a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

  43. Loriana Patterson says:

    I love how hard he works to dismiss Bernie & AOC, thus revealing how powerful and effective they actually are. 😛

  44. daniel shank says:

    "There's a reason why the world's great religions condemn usury" Tucker dropped a fat dog whistle there and did it with incredible ease

  45. NerdOnTheInterNet says:

    1:49 No. tucker is not complicated or nuanced. He's pretty simple and wishy washy at best. The reality is that when he's in the safety of his own show, he'll sling feces at everyone and lose his shit if challenged but if you're face to face with him, where he can't run or hide, as seen in this "debate" with Cenk at politicon, he fold (like a lil' bitch, no disrespect to lil' bitches out there) and try to appear to agree with you. He's not smart either. His arguments are usually a bunch of misinformed non sequiturs.

  46. Anti Theist says:

    He gives an inch and you take a mile.
    And you wonder why people might think the slippery slope argument might not be quite a fallacy.

  47. Daniel hall says:

    Calling white supremacy a nuance is white privilege.
    I don't have that luxury. I have societal enemies that hate me based on how ain't look.

  48. Blacks For Trump 2020 says:

    Cenk, you don't know what Bernie or AOC means. You're a bias moron.

  49. Blacks For Trump 2020 says:

    Cenk the mind reader, lol.

  50. Blacks For Trump 2020 says:

    3:06 the open minded progressive completely shuts down the innocent woman without hearing her out 😖☹️

  51. AnAverageBoss says:

    Tucker sucks at compliments? That was CLEARLY an insult

  52. Theclown75 says:

    Did tucker Carlson just agree with a policy i actually support????

  53. Dr Gutowski says:

    Ya, we already knew that Tucker Carlson is fairly reasonable

  54. Hasib Amani says:

    Cucker Karlson is right on this one! Woo hoo Cucker 2020

  55. larry thayer says:

    Get rid of lobbyist with deep pockets ! Sorry that bribery! Another problem to worry about!


    Once in a while a spec of light will find it's was into Fuckers shit spackled cave.

  57. Alexander Wells says:

    That FOX News idiot should not support Bernie Sanders

  58. Formerly Rabbi Chris t says:

    Right wingers will admit when someone on the other side is right, a person on the left will not do the same thing.

  59. Norm Haletty says:

    AOC is the woman who said her self-righteous morality is superior to being factually correct, objective, or semantically correct to Anderson Cooper, and also said, there are 3 chambers of Congress, and that 200 million people equals 40% of the U.S. population.

  60. Michael Mudge says:

    You guys should be happy about this don’t critique him when he takes your side otherwise you won’t get any republicans to back you

  61. Chad Sweeney says:

    Carlson pretends to be a populist. Make no mistake; he is there to deflect any anger from his billionaire masters towards others.

  62. mark moses says:

    How do you find out things like, who Mulvaney is funded by?

  63. dougcs says:

    It must make TYT crazy to see their nemesis Carlson displaying some balance.
    Tucker Carlson is excellent.

  64. Kronos says:

    Watching 0 IQ leftists try to understand why Tucker Carlson does what he does is fantastic.

  65. JOE BAG says:

    Imagine her being your girlfriend . The amount of nagging every morning

  66. Shane Thomas says:

    …a little thing called reverse psychology

  67. william wan says:

    Tucker feeling the heat of all those advertisers dropping him, so he has to come out with something that makes sense to save some of them

  68. A-Man-From-South128 says:


    I really think you have a soft spot for Tucker. Obviously he is right on few things, including this one

  69. random269 says:

    Vote for Bernie or we done.

  70. ולאָזטאָ ולאָזטאָ says:

    They're afraid of Biden that's why they're trying to boost Sanders. They know Biden can easily win against any Republican given the reputation of the GOP right now.

  71. Kelley Fisher says:

    So..artificially adjust credit market. What happens to credit access to poor with not great credit? They get zero credit card access. Where do the poor go for short term loans? Illegal, unregulated loan sharks.

  72. Kelley Fisher says:

    What I find so odd is TYT constantly railing against corrupt politicians while simultaneously advocating for bigger government, more politicians and Therefore more opportunity for corruption.

  73. Chris Tsuke says:

    not impressive =D

  74. Howleye says:

    Cenk is absolutely right about Tucker wrongly claiming AOC doesnt mean what she says.
    Every time AOC opens her mouth to say something astonishingly stupid im convinced she wholeheartedly means it

  75. Atmost11 says:

    Save the Usurers!

  76. Juan Juan says:

    Tucker Carlson was praising and thanking Tulsi for making US interventionist wars her number one issue while Ana Kasparian was smearing Tulsi as a warmongering Islamophobe bent on torture and the use of drones!?

  77. Scott Sparling says:

    Note Tucker saying, 'they are NOT impressive', as if to tell fox viewers, 'meybe they're right on this one thing, but ignore them, TRUST ME, we've examined them, and they're bad'.

  78. Kaylee Lockheart says:

    I actually feel like there is some truth to the statement that Republicans politicans will oppose this because of who proposed it. They opposed the ACA because it was proposed by Obama, but supported an almost identical proposal in the 90s because it was proposed by Gingrich.

  79. PurushaDesa says:

    Tucker Carlson is a more sophisticated version of Meghan McCain (low bar I know). His main job is to run damage control for the GOP. “You don’t need those crazy open border socialists and baby killers. Stick with me, bro – I’ve got your antiestablishment back – I know what income inequality looks like,” etc., etc. Carlson’s a sleazeball, an opportunist and a White nationalist, and a misogynist to boot.

  80. itsumademoheiwa says:

    IMO, Tucker is correct more often than TYT, and I consider myself center left. Recently, TYT is more like the Sean Hannity of the far left! I much prefer, Tim Poole, Bill Maher, and Jimmy Dore that are willing to not only engage with the other political party, but understand some in their own party have beliefs that are completely off the rails and NOT progressive!

  81. SmokeRingHalo says:

    Poor people are just plain dumb. That's why they're so poor in the first place. They actually need legislation to keep them from deciding to borrow money at 500% interest. They're not smart enough to not know that it's a bad decision …same with drug abuse …same with crime …etc etc.

  82. Jo John says:

    Cenk what Tucker rating compare to yours

  83. Where's The Wall? says:

    Of course, he wants Trump running against Sanders, not Biden 😂

  84. alfredo_5auce says:

    Cenk and Tucker discussion part 2

  85. mokeish says:

    1:45 now have the same energy with Sam Harris.

  86. Scorpion King says:

    I wonder if THRUMP fans got triggered 🤣

  87. C Kpdx says:

    Yeesh, Tucker wears too much white eyeliner on his waterline….

  88. KittySnicker says:

    Has Hell frozen over??

  89. chickendinner2012 says:

    The cap should be put back down to 5% where it was in most states until the mid 80s

  90. qik dog says:

    What a twisted approach these yahoo's have. These guys are haters. Fake bias news. Who do you serve?

  91. DJJ CCC says:

    Who is the gal, head-nodder?

  92. DEFCONZERO says:

    Those tools AOC an Bernie got it all wrong and Tucker is trolling you turds

  93. SantaMuerte livE says:

    They can't even agree when someone agrees with them. 😂😂😂 TDS

  94. Going Bonkers With My Honkers says:

    IDK how the bitch has time to be funny with all the dick appointment she has to keep.

  95. H Row says:

    Tucker Carlson describes Trump to the molecular level and then calls him AOC.

  96. Karl Tanner from Gin Alley says:

    Yah, people like Tucker can have objective and reasoned minds not saturated with ideology, unlike the drones at TYT.

  97. MWhaleK says:

    Tucker is a utterly vile human being, but he is completely right about the horrible interest rates. Also Cenk is right about people being complicated, I found my self agreeing with something Trump said the other an i'd probably disagree if Trump told me the sky was blue or leaves were green.

  98. Stuart Stone says:

    Tucker is obviously giving the politicians an easy out to vote against it

  99. Daniel Mckeown says:

    Quit defending Pelosi and Biden TYT, if you're going to do that your part of the problem. -Bernie Sanders 2020.

  100. Harshit Madan says:

    Don't like the interest rates? Don't take the loan!
    Go elsewhere. Don't just ban/regulate everything you don't personally like.

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