TYT – Extended Clip – January 6th, 2010

front that passage of reinvent uh… for now we’re gonna have someone with wrote a book
about lockheed martin anything you know some of our defense contractors you don’t know
nothing yet weighty here what’s at comment author now
that’s a great interview the second i had to compress it alone under
the first art it’s going to be lovely it’s gonna be awesome we got through as we got spills we got chilled
to the second hour is a lot of what’s in it uh… so many great stories in there added to what the supreme court is gonna cut
bien session would have a conversation about a budget kids beating up but older gentlemen had a
subway what they’ve what should the guy have done should he beat them back it’s gonna be fantastic okay supreme court comment uh… i can’t wait to hear jr’s opinion on
that alright in this our uh… republicans as terrorist sympathizers i’m not plane okay that is coming up a little bit later
in this hour furthermore i know i approve and furthermore bilal riley and i can’t figure
out how the times works of the things that must be jesus that’s great clips all right now those gifts are without days from today uh… that one uh… it is official we have a new chief of staff how does pom-pom and then she was sabra bronco obama now it
yesterday it was to four options bill sac i had it that uh… the best option
out of the remaining people and all these were concerned democrats but phil saket apparently once said that he would
listen to the grass roots swig of other travelers pete arouse who’s the interim chief of staff we don’t know that much bottom came in and upper too uh… number three with tom daschle well-known
lobbyists establishment figure in washington and an other for the worst possible candidate
was william daly and of course brock obama is selected william bear all us of course the ants allendale the is an executive at j_p_ morgan use it is a very j_p_ morgan windy crash along
with the rest of the economy we have more gannett does and so with that said could portia slipped the is at this point william organ william daly who work at j_p_
morgan has resisted uh… everyone of uh… brocco obama’s major legislative proposals which i thought were incredibly we could begin
with he thought were way too strong health care reform way too strong for daily he thought he should’ve
been watered down he said all the countries that dot bar laugh uh… financial reform all he hated it uh… consumer protection agency he won it
tilt uh… and as an executive j_p_ morgan he wrote the white house saying that uh…
dat they were making a big mistake by going in that direction every little be something that they’ll bombing
nutrition is done william daly has oppose so will be all bombing mystery show the next
two years yet any open all it is now if they show let’s keep it real it is dhahran over the progressive agenda dom dom dom cut spending more time they’d
already is all bomber it anything is gone way to the right going forward they can build
a lease away one it’s a big white flag of surrender to the right wing and second of all it’s all
the progressives prac or were you kidding man about a progress and i’m gonna take a wall street guy to be my
chavis that most important by the west wing what do you know that i’m not mustafa right but stroke and cerebral two years was president wait for that progressive basis show up for
you it’s you know that turns out i could be wrong but there are polls are bother
probe on them is something he thinks he’s got the cinque
terra i think is only hope is a disastrous clown that uh… uh… faces and and the republican
party evi doesn’t have the clout of the earth against
them by these in a lot of trouble you think there’s a wall street column william daley isn’t it would be focus on creating jobs for real happens now he’s going to be folks on padding the
pockets of his friends and j_p_ morgan and himself when he gets out of the administration
as robert gibbs is doing now in his peter or zag is doing disaster that’s my conclusion uh… as one of the short because demand for u on the guy was this review the
other moment if that happened unit in the last one that you follow through
you promised him all right so what what what alive follow-through
not that that on the other than that you dont be answered and i come back no syncytial a look at and that’s a strong work andy’s conceivable right but have william daley all the sun despite decades of his record of being one of the more right
wing democrats certainly norma sleek corporate friendly democrats all the sun turns into a progressive i mean i dash site maybe there were almost
in the world maybe there are rules and although there’s been a godly ever know it sounds bad but do you have to cancel vomited
gruesome copycats raa good luck on that but the u_s_s_r_ how bad it is a howard fineman who’s been working in washington
as a reporter for a long time was with newsweek howard hogan impose has described william daley as double the wrong so if you are on a manual was bad and he’s
a and m fine with us a while manual is that i’m saying facing this is double the rock okay by the way it you know who train ride manual william daly you know we train david axelrod william daley he’s from chicago he was their
mentor let me let me get better let hat and i give you the other side you know there
are a lot of people who were sanal william daly is an adult he will have a dole conversations he’ll talk to people you want shot about as
rahm emanuel bid i guess that’s an improvement howard dean is hopeful on that account fact i think they’re killing themselves if you’ve got art yet because he’s a little
sad here the rock right sort of person everybody obviously like who clearly our oldest fascinated
well i could make millions by deregulating in the neck on a crest later or i can make
bupkus another not look out for that which america pattern that already online that allied not but i
get back to you on that day i can’t tell you all the time i could be wrong but i doubt it out of it candidates as usual brocco obama the one that was most conservative most of south which mean most prone wall street uh… most right wing jr you want to do it again is no hope obama side uh… now which are the republicans class elected leader of the right of me who so uh… their first act is to repeal healthcare
we’ll talk about this before they’ve got a law and uh… and the congressional budget office
which is non-partisan which the republics of quoted ad nauseam over the last two years when it had numbers of daylight uh… about
the cost of health care reform or the cause of many other things that the
industry from proposed well it has come out and said if you do work
ill health care reform exactly the way the republicans are bracing our best estimate
is that it will actually cost two hundred and thirty billion dollars to the deficit over the next actually twelve years because the way that
it is structure right and so it was a hundred forty five billion for ten
years because of some and actually changes in the
law and actually to use it becomes too eleven
thirty billion congressional budget office just put that number out and republicans react of course by same tactics
regrettable budget office well as the footnotes ghettoize roberts bubble bursts don’t like that idea his job it is quote quote there’s no one that believes that uh…
the washington democrats job killing health care law will lower costs because it won’t there’s no one who believes that except the
nonpartisan congressional budget office which you quote all the time in other words the people who do the calculations just settling a that’s the republican right
just as those are the numbers and facts in reality i say i don’t in fact there do that with greta van susteren
wine cheese and i have david dreier on about another promise they made uh… about open this in the congress now in this same healthcare repeal uh… they were not allowing any amendments
or any changes so she calls and i dont credit the greta let’s
see how it goes club number six but what happened in republican promises of
change transparency cooperation an expansion down his opponent ackman david dreier incoming
chairman and the rules committee good evening sir nice to be with you happy new year and
a half a_t_m_ and so what’s the story promised that
they would be amendments to the rules and read a lot of box cannot do that well let me say what we’re doing we promised
the american people that we would be coming rather shoot repeal the job killing health
care bill this from the forests what we’re doing is as we vote to repeal it first on the rule on friday
and then a three-day way over so that everyone can have a chance to look at it we go in the
middle of next week on it and then redirect the committees to go through an amendment
process and then come to the rules committee and have that kind of free flowing today so
we have a one sentence measure the repeals the bill itself we said we have a more open
process we’ve just gone to sleep tonight why don’t
you anyway i’m not happy with the fact is you have a bill are you going to file bill
to repeal the health care one seven spill calculate seven census twenty nine is taken statistics individuals in the interest but
you promised this is what you promise can’t do it and i
have realized that we promised a more open process and that’s exactly what we’re gonna
have in another part gives faced with a reality here is a fox news host
state you’re not doing right but wait a minute r_u_ allowing amendments
no are you allow any changes no are you doing open is that you promise no if you don’t like reality disclaim otherwise and by the way heavy already noticed the talking point the job killing health care bill what evidence they have the disc you any jobs non who cares for you on the evidence using a talking point present a bus them up again believe it or
not let’s watch next week i’m talking about is the process of the message
you’re sending greta you’re going to be very very impressed with the process that you’re
gonna see patents are you going to be home and i right now but you make it i’m not impressed what we’re doing in making
promises every once and was for a more open process
there was never a commitment made that this philosophically consider completely
open and the process there was a commitment to you know i think
i think most people have a different perspective of what do all the kids and i think and i
don’t think it would hurt you and i think of how you buy a lot of credibility
you’ve recommended early july has always been a literals committee staff provides some advice
and counsel summing up there uh… couldn’t groupies uh… thanks but what he said but what we promised that open process generally we didn’t promise it specifically
in this bill so we want to open bras on this one unexplored
i think you’ll be very impressed oh agreed to grant a productive impressing
calling about is bolted update nicely bag read it all right now it will continue with that load
of bs but now we go to the remember they made a
promise for the first year as it insulin first-year where cut or hundred billion dollar so much and here comes the back well i thought a lot
but elect the pope clip number five is going to happen bright and it’s a matter
of looking at it and and calendar year dominated cristiano now we’re being told by family community have been taking the fifth
amendment privilege it is fiscal year he said within the year that doesn’t save as much money because half
the years over half the money is been spent by that the administration
already and then when the fiscal forty twelve budget comes up we’re gonna be cutting if you move what we have proposed and do it
today and you’ll save less money because it’s happening
today instead of september how much of the senate budget between fifty and sixty billion
dollars in seoul again and we don’t really want to do it would’ve been a hundred billion
might be two-thirds of the savings nonsense isle of this use of the this school
year but no we met this guy i work stuck in the
middle of this fiscal year what can we do wait till twenty twelve then you really be impressed by what we may
be theoretically do that they recall the new york times the hundred
billion number was theoretical in hypothetical they’re not gonna do it for k and when i get my whole year argument alfresco you what i mean i like they’re
not going to do it they’re not coming out here and tell you this because of that difference because school year and regular
here they’re doing it because they know they can’t
cut and they don’t want to make the cuts until twenty twelve maybe instantly go back on their word and mike there was a guy with the idea of
a delay due to go to do to do to them in uh… and allright republicans are you doing alright well the man who has bought the republicans
was uh… their on capitol hill to celebrate uh… his name is david coke is one of the
coke brothers he’s a billionaire is uh… the founder of
america’s for prosperity and many other think tanks in washington and these guys give a
tremendous amount of money to the politicians and two uh… leaders like dick armey et cetera ’em uh… too at organize a tea parties to get out there and they they’re the ones
who pay for the bus is in the signs the protests and and all that infrastructure to make sure that the tea party suckers windup doing the bidding of these billionaire sorted
a main pharmacy successful wealth uh… think progress caught up with them uh… he was just getting out of uh… speaking
with uh… uh… jet representative john bainer job it was having a celebrate celebration
for become speaker of the house and of course is boss was there david cclc
this a good job son and uh… he was also congratulating webserver frank had been tough from uh…
new hampshire was a preferable gannett co people a lot of
money to and got elected so the every case is this how busy could be so think progress that is up with what airline nikon vic hypocrisy allied about spending and dot regulations mhm get prosperity politically doing these disposable papers history doing fine fight exp there’s so much cheapest-ever cash mhm well you know he referred me they’re produce he said there you know good regular folks
just like us robert isabell you know that bonds or straight and he’s also by the way i a massive polluter
and that’s why he hates regulation he runs auto companies and they’ve been sued over
over for the pollution that they spread throughout the environment and he though i go through rules he’s also guy who doesn’t like paying the
highest income bracket and he likes his taxes lower so pieces happy indeed weather but was once a d_c_ party doesn’t
just like us whose all stated who’s honest billionaires like yourself by the way did you see is friend there the
uh… prepared by one hundred watch at this time i think he’s its formal appareil think progress a lot talaga biotin phillips of uh… who was uh… with uh… david cook their his former business
partners too jack abramoff all the lovely folks were there there was there was a lot of underlined things right there with uh… this isn’t in my ends i wasn’t there
for some phillips you know who the glass is a certain looks
a given uh… relives the this part of the peace on this for the of virginia where my brothers just a little
like a total given you better off as i can tell you this
guy’s guy was before we walked up to them the sole use haley we know who you are we know where you’re
always going to be an audience and yours are good for his as as soon as like there was a slight little
change of tone that david duke okay flotilla g in in his book was about to say something himself when he stopped his gave him an easy
mattingly businesses so on is to protect him from saying
the truth so much this is the we can see a level of yes and he everything you’ve said are now and i love the idea that i love the
protective suits called or they is all that but illegally i would never mention
of your spot at the top we would have better divided out you don’t
even know what they’re going to women uh… well i didn’t pick up you know it’s like he’s
like botswana except okay he’s a comic book character he’s on a gate
that had earlier said that outing forty people who what it what you what himself out of the
embargo another buddy buddy books and we got about eight where he was saying all thank god we got funded
all the tea party group separate and add to the u_n_ to table does anything
about noted that there is something true but they’re very good yet and regular folks like a regular folks latest what what they were the
programs ever never was david over or his brother big
important speech to to to their credit uh… once about how they made their money right
any civil and they said look you know if you work hard and you study do well in school
you start a business and your dad dies and use it for a hundred
million dollars will be you’d be just like because that’s what i have a corp co brothers
their dad was enormously wealthy given three hundred million dollars convert that into billions to be very right by buying politician spitball looting uh… can probably do some good business idon’t
know up and all their business dealings but i know that what they do with politicians
and experience and and our system allows for and that’s what
i see much more troubling there always be the cobra the question is what are we going to do are we gonna let them run our government or
we have a democracy come right back we got a lot more fun theorizes and cast playing my favorites on right now
properly can help now this undecided because there is one part
way goes like haha you know what it is everything i do at your day it avi this is like her favor so i have a wrap-up
an assortment of the most random personal story that edwin monarchy turned back at my house is due to
help me with my computers right unsurprising yeah of course i and for saw edwin says you know you have
any data right okay now and that he was caught my eye told about
what he says that sent us a sense that you know this is a project for the middle class
evening late night of irma but there’s a big isn’t quite project
by this product of a straight and i’d go ahead with that he’s a total is
like there’s no question bucket and he’s a place amazing right and then but things don’t work elevators don’t
work it set or a set of the day you get up it’s a nice kids that i get that’s what’s
middle class i see it okay baby looks at my computer sigchi some more personnel wanted this computer in was about
eight years often but they say about your chief mrs true i thought wow and i you know make intelligent our old colleagues like you
know i get my sis computerized it’s the second scholarly thirty-seven apparently a five hundred meters or something adenauer eight and is like two gigabytes left that’s what
my working among others and that is like the look of the world’s one fires out there battling relate expect he’s like dan’s been compromised it’s been comparable
kaise all commit at it but at the delays i had amped up a couple
years ago amador i’m thinking bios things like that
ran out two years ago for stinks card takes home computer i want
to try to get the might windows fixed right because my windows up my car just pela wanted to just blow the or act of course expensive so i’ve got the one
i needed on the passes side fixed and other one i just told the glue it so that doesn’t work is true that there is a viewer shabad not
that bad that’s gotta middle-class shooter quit speaker yeah that’s funny alright uh… and right now on torfaen source no answer
to what are the real quick yes uh… an incredible terry water update isle of this uh… okay
our first call listed build one well just one while five thousand dollars in it all right well we met that goal okay no problem
to i t i became an big dominated dominated and a half i don’t like inside let’s go for maybe two well let’s see
how we do with that done that we needed three wells come on three wells or we will find that she
has valid has frankly judge muddy lately i think
that now except we did carnival is that we’ve already built three wealth somewhere in the world where people do not
have access to clean safe drinking water and by the late endures wells will stay on the ke wifey arm
yeah ok which is that i think this is really really cool what’s was marked much more goes
on to the people of clean water for ted twenty years in prison and of those throughout the
script how do we finish it off okay so on i’d just
like tell you how much we have raised in total were up to fifteen thousand three hundred
sixty five dollars uh… ok and the reason why we hit fifteen thousand dollars recently is because we had one big donor up by the
name of on cargill he donated one thousand one hundred thirty nine dollars by the way nobody else raises money for charity while using a sharmin barbarian so you do and buried or as i thought for about the but that but seriously bill that’s that’s
unbelievable man and you know what i think i have to finish up to thirty one yeah it’s
incredible and of course is one of the big dollars short
in french was another one who donated well over a thousand dollars and you know are acted there are also donors who what donated a couple
hundred dollars which are incredible there’s some donors who donated five dollars and that’s
incredible and a little bit helps and it’s amazing that
you guys took the time in the energy to do it that you guys care enough to do it and at
what i love the most days if you go to charity water are revision three dot com slash charity
water and you click on the t whitey logo you can see all of the donations and you can
also see all the comments people are leaving and the commons are so awesome as one person who anonymously donated a couple
hundred dollars i think it was two hundred fifty dollars and here she said jake for president but if they become a very adept breda on the other hand by or they got me so far that was the most
common comment was to r_j_r_ is too strong so when i get my second donation of too strong dot bye love you guys alright for a job and uh… and very proud to be associate with the leaders answers and
i know we’re grouping court but i would like all right i want to start with a couple updates
on ted williams the man with the golden voice so yesterday we talked about how he was offered
several different jobs and um… now msnbc has officially hired him to do voice over
work in fact we have a video showing uh… him doing a voice-over for msnbc and its own
credibility as tears in his eyes light is doing it let’s watch the video is coming but holding tight two days ago ted williams
went home the now backed by a little canadian boy the job
offers are pouring in including helping compound today carried a january that two thousand from anything for you today manned and meredith vieira live from studio one day and more up to a problem was and and at the location ted williams right now that was for n_b_c_
writing but msnbc’s officially hired so goes baby will one day will get now drink you’re on autos and reason however that it academia but there were a lot of this guy was home
was two days ago now would be like owned by i_t_t_ magic of
i got that he said well you so we’re going to talk about a picture of
you know it’s kinda funny it’s great now but that’s the incredible thing about you tube
and viral videos and i’ll take and nobody and turn then into someone be then i think and i’m not saying you know
body but i’m saying davidson’s of someone who is unknown weather we’ve been busting
our ass are due for forty right now that that’s problem up astronaut that heaps backdrop kid
well as the output we love it right up by the way you know it’s also interesting
is that you know images are and fascinating radius you said
you know people react to this that when he was homeless you know in the long hair any of the scrubs
and he looked like a little scarier satara all units shall scapegoats for it you know i’m send and got it how much of a
difference that makes in people’s impressions right abs look for for the story after that explosion
of the week filling and islamic tomorrow as today tonight is that
he’s weird of of talks too much for at that of drug will you guys uh… here except but but but that mhm our regular got his head up would be disastrous
expect that anti tonight no word yet but i hope i have my my ten millions update uh… so
he he he was excited about all of this newfound fame because it was going to get on the opportunity
to go to new york n c his mother after twenty years of being a part and um… he had a little trouble flying he
was going to take a plane to new york since he’s been homeless for the past four years
he didn’t have any identification companies that they didn’t allow him to board the flight
he had to go to a court house his birth certificate and prove his identity before he could finally
get on the plane had to go meet his mom but he did you feel like he’s lived to lifetimes
in two days how do you all this is you know it’s uncomfortable getting credible but he
didn’t meet his mom and we have a video of the reunion and morning you may make you a little teary-eyed uh… you know i’ve uh… print the oh hartnett have a phone they want to that would mode were alone while of without and who of on that month being that mark uh… antonov diet is helpful reviews isn’t right nothing involved with the loan martin our eyes so that was a really seen video the
only part that wasn’t so sweet as when she’s like please and just quickly strike was forever as united realism are about as some of it is on the other city because as he said he was on very hard not
to because of addictions and setter so if you’ve been through a lot but uh… but look it’s a good story side
is a greater by though it was uh… while it was a downer on office okay davis wrote who i really liked her caring yeah you’re
right i think he had died as a nation the boy you guys okay insight at quickenloans is are the people
who run the cavaliers apparently today and cat was offered a job they were the first
with offer them a job in this snowballing et cetera and it was again the house so that all my
god quicken loans is about game uh… did research and found out they quickenloans as one of the people that
are doing the most foreclosures in the country mhm lady he will be shady loans and other
proposing that a lot of all these homes so while there behind the cameras to get all
these people out the door deliquency me are liars of course this is a great p_r_
move further and others in size me at all totally broke but cell d sorrow that he’d go and be a dallas facts but that which i would cease you know celebrated darkened six sets or here uh… and it of but for everybody and we’re so happy early no matter what sort of sense okay what’s next i al so wanting to get it as an update on
the story we did yesterday about the lower merion at school district we talked about how uh… some actually eight african-american families
are suing the school district because does schools allegedly wong fully classified
their students as special ed kids when in reality they were completely fine
and you know these but these families are saying at the school
district dated as a way to segregate their schools so keep all the white kids in the regular
classes and put place all the black kids in special ed classes right and yesterday i said
well that’s an interesting case we don’t know which way would go but the bishops think there is a class action
lawsuit is that a bring it up and it individual kids because then you get a better sense of if
there was systemic discrimination are not but we didn’t
have a judgment on whether there was so there was maybank well we have new factory we do have new facts o’clock with a lawsuit
uh… there are always about set seventy five to seven point five percent black students in lower merion schools so
derek eight thousand uh… six thousand eight hundred students in lower merion uh… only
seven point five percent seven point five percent of them are black uh… when it comes to their remedial classes
ninety percent are full complexity uh… calm on the guy cases open and cannot o_j_ when i saw when an outdated dug up that
bag actually last night at the show as if you had a big hit me you know yesterday were open minded you don’t
know why it might not be discrimination you you know you got to see the numbers in satara
seven-point barb so it is a black in the school district and ninety percent is there a middle
class or black weather delays available i think is a lawyer remedial classes separate but equal you know more marion school district has been
in a lot of controversy lately uh… in fact if you guys can remember the laptop story
where uh… the school administrators and teachers where handing out laptops for their students with
webcams and then they were using those laptops to spy on their students molly right ho any
remember that story where they were like although in case the laptops for stolen then we were looking to see maybe who might
have except that we found out later as we totally predicted on air that wasn’t true at all they were looking at in on kids in their bedrooms of they were forced the laptop so we’re not
at all stolen anne or watching them r_j_ it’s official now passed by the way for six hundred ten thousand
dollars right because they were guilty it’s official laura merritt school district bike for the shady school district in the
country jerry jarrell worst in the long adaptive on talking about this middle school the bride
intolerance and causes replenish into lower middle ohio expect
a smoke because for him that’s three-strikes in european or american alright uh… medics seriously many you get
it people got a look into that school did something
wrong about school there’s some seriously messed up do’s running out of school system yeah and and there was another controversy
involved with of the black community in pennsylvania lower merion school district created uh…
or built two brand new schools and they were trying to decide who was going to go to these
fancy brandon schools right so or what they decided to do was redistrict
the school district cell uh… they can decide which students
uh… students get to go out of these new schools they sure line of right in the center
of a black community uh… in the school district sell half of
the students half of the black students in that’s uh… area were forced to be bust thirty
minutes to a different school rather than walk to the new school machine use whose word mca how did you know
that so that i mean how obvious does it have to
be in by the way in that story yesterday the judge said no no class action suit iowa
see these one by one to see if there was maybe discrimination you know without considering
anything else in that specific case then a any sense at all though but don’t worry about obama’s president
is no more discrimination mecca if that chip off her shoulder yeah as a doctor laura would say is that i liked or you said it was kinda like but
i think that uh… that chip no right all right misused experimental do whatever you think
yet uh… with that alright and that there was a shoot a school
shooting in omaha nebraska at high school senior at the miller south high school uh… shot the principal their and the vice
principal and then he shot himself in a car and died uh… that principle of the school
survived he’s in the hospital uh… under a stable condition but they keep has far uh… that vice vice principal did not survive she died yeah that’s tragic ant and advocate says he moved there recently
he knew what was going on omaha to me that’s not what you shoot folks right craze actually
wanted the thing that makes this story uh… a little more interesting is the fact that
prior to the shooting he updated his face book with you know it’s
chilling status update right so we have a status update for you guys
i want to read it to you he says everybody that used to bill me i’m
sorry but on the hot changed me and affect me up and the school i’d tend isn’t
even worse you’ve been here about the evil shit i did but that a fucking school drove
me to this uh… i won’t ours i want you guys to remember
me for who i was before i know uh… i’d greatly affected the lives of the
families ruined but i’m sorry goodbye so that was his a status update and then he
went to the school ended we did in his previous willy said he was cheering
unpopular cetera et cetera yakin only been at the school for two months adam millard
south high school and uh… he was known as the prankster schools
would get in trouble by teachers bitmap explain any sort of anger uh… in his in school you want to before
the principal from that school says he had he was popular everyone loved and he seemed
very happy so there is a possibility that he moved to the new school and he was having
a hard time transitioning there nobody know what looked that they are
not going to go on a long but look kids have had two heart i’m transitioning uh… to schools throughout the history of time writing course uh… and in the old days they’d get mad and
maybe they twelve paper the principles house now they go and shoot the principal and they can do that y because they have done he right now right here’s what you can kill bristle uh… by no guns don’t kill people the kids to have them kill people keep the guns away from the kids you know
not i want to clarify something really quick so yesterday we did this whole grant about
you know guns and it just how our culture is obsessed with guns you know and of course we got a little bit
of uh… pushback pushback from people who watch the show and i can understand that pushback but i think one thing that people are having
a hard time understanding as will be personally i’m not calling for a ban
on guns i hate guns i don’t wanna use guns but i don’t want to ban guns for everyone
else however we have to have stricter regulations i don’t understand people who argue against that how could you not want stricter regulations
we don’t use this in all we talk about and i have said are you gots by seventy seven thousand just not sufficient one of the f_ word here comes up here just kill my seventy seven guns now i need a seven eight one with the extra
trailer locks up and saw block something killer or something something birthday we cannot allow people to buy guns
at gun shows from the back of a truck without any type of documentation without registering
the gun it’s unacceptable no and if you look at look if u arpit eight years old you gotta wait till you know
you’re twenty one to drink well but you are by newsy a less about as
only a few good news and we really didn’t go you don’t know and i was around at you i a m keep provoking on whether i a
lot and i outlets back inside probably take a break when we come back all
we have so many awesome stories we have a real-life superhero i’m not kidding we have
a video proving it okay and we have a flip-flop controversy okay couple bomber verses bush forty-year alright and then plus the story of the day
the kids uh… there were beaten up or down the on the subway for which they got them gerry jackson will rate

18 comments on “TYT – Extended Clip – January 6th, 2010”

  1. blackestjake says:

    Guns don't kill people, bullets do.
    Guns are stupid. TYT rocks.

  2. TheDeadhead76 says:

    I guess the g.o.p. sent out a memo saying refer to heath bill as the "job killing heath bill" even though it won't kill any jobs. If you repeat it enough the ppl will belive it,now where did the tatic come from?……..oh yeah,I remember now, it come from the nazis.

  3. blunty gagnon says:

    Gallup poll – 89% of blacks approve obama – because he's still black.

  4. Heather Hollmann says:

    The sad thing is that he (the young man who shot his administrator in Omaha) used his father's service pistol. The school and the entire city has come together in support of Dr. Kasper and Dr. Case's families as well as Robert Butler, Jr.'s family who was left in the dark as to why he chose a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

  5. P1ranh4 says:

    That scream is German? I've would have never guessed and it's my native language ^^. I can hear it now, though ^^

  6. andiamoci22 says:

    @blackestjake ever try throwing a bullet at someone and killing them. YOU NEED A GUN TO KILL PEOPLE.

  7. LG1031 says:

    that laptop story is hilarious…who wants to watch a teenager on his computer..you could get some disturbing images..

  8. Omar says:

    @Fonzymazer 1. Cuba not Coba, 2. Communism does suck 3. I think I know what communism is better than you, and I say that Obama is not communist at all. 4. You are as logical as a five year old. Please save yourself from further embarrassment and shut up already. I'm done feeding you, you are a retarded troll.

  9. Jotto999 says:

    36:31 I think "b4 this I know." was actually a misspelling of "b4 this ok."

  10. TheDeadhead76 says:

    @Nexius8 True,the nazis didn't invent it,but they perfected it by using words and images,and by utilizing the the media of the day such as radio and movie theaters. This tactic been around since man learned to speak,and it will be around long after you and I are dust.

  11. blackestjake says:

    US gun laws are not only dangerous for US citizens, it makes it easier for guns to be smuggled into MY country, Canada, and kill innocent people here! Wake up America! Guns are bad for EVERYBODY! only respond if you are a retarded gun nut!

  12. BloodBaath says:

    Why does it keep coming up 2010?

  13. YoJimBoHugabaJoe says:

    am i only one who thinks he looks like obama on crack?

  14. erdal0 says:

    trow the jew in the well

  15. humper9 says:

    TYT rules…

  16. Kokatsu says:

    Yeah, except in this case the clowns are on the right, and the jokers on the left. lol…/sigh

  17. chronicfc2 says:

    @Fonzymazer you, my dear friend, are even more stupid than Sarah Palin

  18. horbergaren says:

    hey guys, it's 2011 now lol

  19. Sam Spilde says:

    @horbergaren SWEET!

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