TYT Hour – May 24th, 2010

we had a great fact still ahead for you guys
uh… we’ve got more i read paul is crazy theories we’ve got republicans backed only
try to get away from we got a republican s sex scandal shocking well you know what does it twice this time it’s a woman no i don’t mean that it’s a republican guy
who suffer the woman for a change the quote that the republican wanted that
butterfly behind layoff as the republicans turn ok and turn in bed
apparently uh… that is growing up in a little bit for
you guys and girls leaders from republicans running all over the country is all about ma uh… being way too weak according to some
democrats on vp and then i’m gonna break down uh… all the loopholes in the finance reform
bill uh… wanted joked that speak out now we have a couple surprise for you in our
first video clip uh… i was on the leading insya programming
on its own bc at today and uh… there was some announcements in
their as well as the topics that we cover i think all right so we share that with you guys uh… uses a little surprises let’s watch and starts out with the federal government
spending and the struggle to control it today president of our wrote the legislation
that will not be in the past a fact from spending laws passed by congress sounds good right
under the plan and send a package with those cuts back the congress for a vote lawmakers
will be required to consider the packages a whole the plan is viewed as an alternative to the
line item veto which is a pain court ruled is unconstitutional in nineteen ninety eight vice president doing this well because we’re
spending money we don’t have by the trillion largely to bail out financial institutions
although so that is also spent on entitlements war and research the federal budget deficit
expected to a clips a trillion five this year the state’s not doing any better right now
thirty two of the fifty borrowing from the federal reserve in order to make the unemployment
payments that they are promising to those in their state than they have borrowed nearly
thirty eight billion dollars with california today guess wrapping up a
happy seven billion dollar cab all by itself michigan in new york not far behind in the
meantime a third of our school administrators say they may cut summer school programs next year that rate nearly doubling each year since
two thousand and eight not here to mix it up is our panel the host of youngsters january
associate editor for the washington examiner gps prayer pleasure to see you both yankel
start with you he wrote a piece today in the huffington post saying you’re going basically
going to go back to get the goldman sachs money back up don’t
like it was an appropriate day up for that conversation for this very reason are we have
had of ourselves topping cutbacks way with the american people have not been
given the appropriate call backs ideas exactly right and i have mixed feelings
about though obama package because on the one hand i would love to cut some of
those earmarks on the other hand it gives the president a lot of power to take home the lights and doesn’t like the
one prajapati shes he’s gonna do favors for not you favors for and if you don’t like the idea of obama doing
that way to get a lot about president like bush
or or is it buys a car rolled picking favorites among the remarks now and i think we should really do is go
get a thirteen billion dollars back from goldman sachs that they got paid through a i’d use
the counterparty on a side backed i don’t know why in the world we pay them on that
i’d like to ask tim geiger where do that on june seventh where to go down a treasury department into
a protest last sem bagger why did you get our money back from goldman sachs they said
they didn’t even need it great fantastic and give it back j_p_ claw back so for cutbacks
in what do you think about the president’s plan so i think the president is in serious when
it comes to cutting spending and you know you you know
our or the other panels and i completely agree this is this is absolutely absurd that this
much taxpayer dollars is going towards private institutions that got themselves into this
mess and that you know when when it comes down to it by the president and congress have
not been serious about cutting spending they’ve been doing things like people any time did
he go up against pay go dedi run right past it in fact this congress alone is done two
hundred billion dollars in spending by despite what pig i was sad so it’s clear that we know
will be set up these rules so that they can pick and take care of spending they’re just
doing this is sort of has isn’t good service to the whole idea yeah back but i think all
three of us are all part of the agreement will move on ivy league author of work at
it if you wanna do something about it joined jake at the treasury on june seventh i have to make your point to arizona we go
immigration law uh… obviously you know we’re familiar with the issue with well the law
clearly wants to go one step further state senator russell pierce now saying but he wants to pass the measure that would
refuse to accept or issue up birth certificate to a child born to illegal immigrants spears
blasting what he called the quote anchor baby racket meantime arizona governor jim breuer using
a permit the frog look-alike to criticize the au bon administration officials who actually
hadn’t ready for the current immigration law here’s a sample kids but devastating overthere with green hangers-on mime-version i thought it would have liked to play that
particular commercial this new tourism after mexico’s parking more debate today uh… the ad says in sonora we are looking
for people from arizona prompting calls for travel boy cat boycott
excuse me from controversial arizona sheriff spent part of their rank at the top of or at the other two our pilots use me abg jadi where is this going it is is up that we just
returning ourselves into a proper arizona as a way to avoid dealing with this the way
we should like grownups on a national level yeah i’ll tell you it is going to go for an
enormous favored a bronco bomber the reason i say that is because the republican party
or his best friends in being the worst possible enemies they’re just handing in the entire latino
vote made it so much easier for me when in twenty twelve mad talk about anchor b mrs read did to us where they came over from the other mayflower all anchor babies should we take everybody
out but now it’s absurd and uh… idea of all
the dating read the law itzel to republicans always do they claim only did we two thousand
or two thousand page i’ll give building ever tell you what’s actually
in the law ’cause within the laws indefensible j_p_ thoughts i mean is is interesting that you bring up
how the anchor baby uh… bracket is is it is a bad thing look i mean i i is until
whole idea of having immigration laws is to be able to a look at who you want to come in and who
you don’t want to come and how they’re going to go about it so that it’s even for everybody
to be able to enter the country you want to make sure that everybody has is equal an opportunity
to enter the country and so it it doesn’t matter whether you’re a message and it also
matters you know if you’re polisher coming from somewhere else and making it so that
people can come into this country on equal basis is the most important thing now the
arizona law you say what you will about it it is actually been affected in this one thing
people are now talking about immigration and people are stepping up the idea border enforcement
more than ever before it has been a big problem and you know the federal government have been
doing its job and had actually been dealing with the immigration issue long before there
is an ever took up this legislation we would be talking about what state legislators and
arizona or do i agree with you listen up either to get the conversation gentlemen jenkins
www we went to a quick deal here real quick prodigy and cynics and media deals are done no it’s not enough to jake and i must act
i feel a night on your show thursday night absolutely thursday night eight to ten p_m_
eastern on the outer stock on iraq’s emissaries still that again pose a young turks and i
think that that’s not my charger total fee of zero for that okay uh… i’d like that even better bigtime media writer jpv back at the u_n_
the future noah is that all citizens that jake is being gracious enough to operate the
opportunity to host the author of stars and i’m thrilled uh… for doing that i will see you us sooner
rather than later to see all of you uh… thursday evening live streaming on the
web with the young turks j_p_ kanka pleasure talk to you soon all right how do i go sorry surprise number one the most important one i was on their knocked with matt lewis the fact that who work a lot of crazy pigs outing today alright uh… yet still and he will be hosting
the interns on thursday at ten p_m_ uh… it’s gonna be fantastic eastern of course
and he’s gonna be in studios in new sitting right here uh… i will be away and he’s income in amusement
great yes form anti weiqi styled ratty so that should be uh… fantastic right now interesting story number three against governor look were right were coming for or comment june seventh uh… monday at noon in washington d_c_ where
were the treasury department and we start a protest we get our money back from goldman sachs now why the treasury department because there was a gain of thirteen billion
dollar back-door bail out the goldman sachs through aaye g that they pay them on the side bets that’s
exactly what these are and it was not to protect the economy didn’t
go towards a single outs or mortgage or even a package of oranges it with the paid off goldman sachs for a uh… at that they made it gets a chance at
a edgy and if they were for sophisticated investors goldman should have known that edgy might go wander and they might not get paid
now they say they did know and that they had hence even against a high-speed and they said
they are quote properly hatched and that they didn’t need that american taxpayer money they use that as if that’s supposed to convince
us when i knew that i think plastic well then if you didn’t need our money we’ll
take it back okay four point nine billion dollars wonder goldman
sachs and there’s no reason in the world that we should pay them off on that it’s like donald trump in steve wynn made
a bet chopped one and this is all right steve doesn’t
have the money he had to die for you give it to me unilaterally needed why are we doing that of course that are responsible for that decision was largely ten guys with the help of hank
paulson treasury secretary at the time former c_e_o_ goldman sachs who makes seven hundred million dollars the these kind of deals at goldman sachs either by the conflict of interest so localnet do a very fond interesting protest and we’ve got a petition up as well with progressive
change campaign committee will put a link up for that as well signed a petition you
can’t make it to d_c_ about double countries signed that petition this whole liberals conservatives teat party guys anybody
libertarians who would be in favor of getting that money
to goldman sachs only a handful of politicians and a couple
of guys on wall street the rest of us have won our money back lebowski
so sign a petition may be debated bc noon on june seventh let’s go get ’em let’s have a fun protest
recent signs to some chance people like tightened bright and have some
fun do if you like the style but most of all start the process ’cause people always tell
me that you know what idoney you don’t like the way finance reform so we really do what can step one let’s go get uh… regulators and bob let’s
go get some money back this and i don’t mean it that’s great will take it we’ll take it off
your hands start asking treasury department beget get
uh… get it back from goldman and then we’ll go to goldman eventually blast
them and it would just give it warms up here were to keep the people they all you do want
to let this condo want to come in at these guys o’connor house alright fewer t_r_ listen we got okay so that’s two seventy seaview make all right now uh… ceo finance reform probe and you know
we yesterday and it then the last week we had
finance reform uh… and of course as usual uh… though
bomb a team to get it let out a little enough dekalb which the whole thing by sunset at
about health care reform now everybody’s writing about it in terms of finance reform as well and it was sort of story out there saying
hey you know what’ll bombs illegal campaign saying that he this wonderful finance reform
and everything’s fixed now that’s a disastrous idea because nothing is
fixed now let me give you the specifics or why do i aka ivc getting in trouble with this
bill point number one uh… here is the new york times writing an
article about how all wall street reacting to it one better an investment banker said quote if you talk to anyone privately there’s a
sigh of relief in other words that bill didn’t do not okay helpful may vote by vote we thought that might do
x_-rays unalloyed it into a damn thing baby says at most they will cutting their profits fifteen to twenty percent but there’s no break up with any institution
or any onerous new taxes and other uh… investor banks is now at most
of them cut into profits by about four percent but
will get to keep doing business exactly as it is now look idon’t want to cut on their part
is not about all i am making too much profit it’s about did you fix the system adhere they’re saying of thank god they didn’t
actually fix the system so it i have my cost a little bit here and
there i want to keep doing the same highway robbery i was before uh… guy and his work in the uh… clinton treasury department altman who’s
now at chairman of ever corporate nurse says the health care bill gelo discordant
note your belt is going to transform the structure of health care exponentially more than this legislation on financial regulation is going to change wall street it’s not even close he says so this plot health care reform was weak sauce what do you think you know how we plan to
reform is they’re laughing at wall street slapping happens on tap all palm
up change pocket change easy pushover let me give you specifics on what’s wrong
with the bill here’s corin in new york times the senate
reject the rules that would have broken up huge banks consider too big to fail or impose
limits on their sides caps on how much banks can charge credit card
holders of borrow also fell by the wayside and the long-established wall between trading
in commercial banking which was put toward our ninety nine nine will not be going back top okay overflow or nicely done and other reason for relief central banker
said is that neither the senate version of the biltmore one passed by the house in december because the more partners provisions that
have gain foothold in europe what attacks on financial transactions or individual bonuses so we leave the structure exactly as it is
we didn’t break it to be to fill it center as i explained to you and we didn’t even say hey you know what financial
transaction tax or bonus tracks that europe is doing that is eminently reasonable because they’re making all that money their
salaries are bonuses their profits of the banks because of the easy credit we’re giving
them and the back door bailouts or giving them let on the actual flat out money we gave
them they’re taking our money in line with that
we’re not gonna dancing with about it and then peace new york times that as i’ve
said over and over the one thing it’s m there were two things are good in the bill was on the ratings agencies the center franken
pass that amendment that’s all it the second is table a link is amendment on directives don’t get too excited about that threat was
a very important and it would have to split ’em from the banks except this love to do so in the house version and uh… the new york times says uh… it would be that covers can be that
for vision is quote likely to be shelved or watered down it it actually do it prevention uh… i don’t think so uh… another banker said at this legislation
is not going to kill business even if their profit margins a reduced that
their directors business will compare favorably from more traditional banking activities what commercial lending you understand the
downside of that should look when i couldn’t land anymore money
and new numbers a read on that they stopped lending completely billig no went into the profitable stop which is the derivatives trading so when its stock tumbled a taxpayer money
in easy credit and we’re not gonna let it out that small
businesses or large businesses winning isn’t the gamble more busy didn’t
stop us changes in believe it alright worst details filled with loopholes recoverable polls uh… this is now quoting associated press uh… the bell exams companies that use the
rivers to reduce the risk of fluctuations in interest rates and commodity prices this
all you know we need exemptions for dispose pacific areas but there’s a explain experts
say this exception could be exploited uh… releasing companies might exploit those
exceptions companies could for example finally succumb
by traditional business activities with purely financial investment millions of derivatives giant loophole number one on top of the fact that they didn’t even actually
fix anything there’s still these giant levels in there now global a virtue smaller banks pistol chooser
own regulator these banks will likely seek out the most lenient oversight or we do sweeping
financial report to the smaller banks can choose their own
regular i’d like to have bop bob seems nice guy i_d_’s and take it easy on while we are really talk about it he ever just without loophole with independent
community bankers of america an american bankers association rick surprise how about the mobile number three the senate
voted against capping how much banks can bet relative to the reserves it left that out the same regulators who failed
to properly mother banks risk-taking before the crisis there is no capital on how much they can bet relative to the money that they have so what they thought they were doing this
report okay will grow over four the senate bill s regulated decide whether
to protect the creditors of the failed banks the bill does little to prevent the big banks
from getting bigger meaning taxpayers might have to intervene
again a democratic amendment to limit the size of the banks was rejected event opposition from the banks such as goldman sachs so no limit on the size and uh… we’re told hey trusts the regulators if it turns out there’s a problem the break
up the big banks even though that’s exactly what didn’t do last night and there’s no reason to believe building
at this time loophole number five because you were watchdogs authority would
be confined to the firms with at least ten billion dollars in assets thousands of community banks wouldn’t be support
supervise by the consumer agency at all norwood at many non banks were a lot of this
effigy transactions happen the chamber of commerce has led to push the limit the reach of the consumer agency the payday lending industry and that’s what
we’ll do is association had joined the effort enjoy that gigantic loophole where the pay
lenders his full charge you up to six hundred percent
interest that was cool loan sharking the past you’ve got to address the bill nope this bill is a j okayy dope alright alas loopholes for you guys uh…
net cantwell said to have a amendment to say hey you know what we’re saying that we’re going to put all the
derby is on a market so there’s there’s trespassing that’s what’s one of the goldman things about
this but i A but she read the fine print any senate if
you don’t do it uh… well there’s absolutely no penalty so she wanted to do sped amendment saying well if you break the bout law they should
be a penalty that spike they kill that so even if you do don’t put
it on the market there will be no penalty and dismisses aside they put that on that uh… markets at it entirely and clearing houses are going to be i’m sure you to be shocked to find out that
yes the banks will run their own clearing houses that had to decide
what goes on open market and what doesn’t and then there’s a fine a little one that
says that uh… banks can’t get the banking committee
dropped the term trading facility uh… that led to another little ball letting
them exempt even more jurors trading from open in and you have almost how open view under orders trading and even if you did and they didn’t put it
on that there’s no penalty this bill is horrible parable that’s one of wall street is celebrating
today spank powell and of most of the major banks
on friday they went up five percent their stock market value that bike there’s a lot of allah the offer one that’s stage wall street in believe it i who would get what’s gonna happen here i’ve made this petition before i’ll do it
again here if you like this is gonna lead to worldwide economic collapse we have done nothing to fix it at me think that they have been killed you’re playing politics all will say we fix it and the media will cover it every story now but the a_p_ story through the new york
times story straight but you’d ended newsweek story michael roche
great there was that explain loopholes but even some of them lead with and every
other stories with sweeping financial as at the job done there’s nothing sweeping about this so in the end they will take too many bill beck too much money without enough capital to make more profits in the short term and
they will crash and when those banks crash they’re gonna take everyone down with them including possible the united states government don’t we don’t have enough money we already
point an extra trillion dollars in effect we’ve already puttin or close to two hundred billion dollars
the idea freddie mac and fannie mae we don’t have money anymore what for when the next question i think there
is no more bailouts because we ran out of money the problem is when there’s no more bailouts and then x crash
happens it’s an absolute financial depart kal and ideas can affect the and then they’ll look back na turns out that
their finance reform didn’t get the job and they’ll say no one could have seen it
coming except for all the people here that’s unit coming youngster banter by before going to be pierre and that and
overflowing sex scandal of on of tumour uh… finance stories for you but uh…
i need you to be very very because uh… you might vomit in your mouth over the next
one uh… like i did john hot john holliman of new york magzine
uh… is got some reporting on uh… obama white house and what’s going
on there and he’s reporting that or bomb and diner according to david axelrod heather man crush on each other okay sar he explains that geiger quickly abby came
about was copping out through a combination of his moderate political leanings and their presidency to enforce weeding broad
changes for the financial system he’s at a park he’s in a pot uh… here is a quote from holliman’s at peace whatever the facts of the bill among them uh… will be this for financial
reform but among them will be neither enter the too big to fail doctrine or any curb on
what the sharpest wall streeters sees the central threat the system stability excessive financial leverage
that’s exactly right geiger summers ano bomber had little interest
in tackling those matters not because they’re indentured servants the
wall street but because that heart they were all technocrats
who believe the system doesn’t need to be rebooted or downsized merely better supervise this is exactly what we’ve been telling you they think older structures y we just had a little blip which is magic better
than bush did everything will be just fine no the problem is excessive leverage they took the breaks off in two thousand four let them lever as much as they want it in nineteen ninety nine when they passed that bill under evidence they let them go off bulk which means that you don’t have to report how much your leverage note you mess understanding the problem this is this something you can’t wait annable bala think tigers that genius whose
got this thing figured out he’s got a man crush on him cassius presents that hasn’t
been to do a reformer wall street were all’s grew that he’s the one or by what is the what the
hell he started about into look at the problem of this nature doesn’t i think that was the central irish
campaign he doesn’t want to do real change under no
circumstances there’s no problem one of your realty he was a dual tiny change but it was a sprinkling it created changes
that we’ve been saying of all of our love him and i are locked up
an incremental j joke orchestra man crush on you and see rather than use the same way his chief of
staff bennett things a pocket change so he loves romania they loved him gardner for all of us uh… down meanwhile have john than also for
a bumpy road about obama uh… has a very similar stories confirming
sakal we’ve been telling larry summers as a bully at yet he doesn’t say this but as you read
it it seems then al the jumps out at you is like the don rumsfeld of though by the
administration if anyone cares disagrees yells at them shouts them down belittles them and uh… in fact literally scores of early
meets one of the guys i get a feel for the meetings with paul volcker with only got you know bob on the right place again louder this pepole volker back in there was thought to be like and ruthless reaganite that u_s_ right wing now he’s become the populace he’s the most left-wing illegally little so finally after a car bomb relies on you
know what funny how ballpark said getting scooter from all the meetings
by baker summers in at an angle u_s_ until then and fire they decide to go
to barbara when it turns out of course they were joking they didn’t actually push for the local rule
and it’s not actually in the bill the vocal we’ve separated out their own trading that they can beginning dam bet that they like to do with money that’s backed up by the american
taxpayers now that will not be separated so our money’s on the line because guidera summers
one these are the financial neoconservative ministration and uh… it up one final thing it is very disturbing is as someone else told me and now confirmed by the security of it appears nobama simply does not understand the details here at this time she has always been although
i was really bright of arms really smart so you know he must know what’s going on some of you can be really smart but that something’s and not some bread another
that’s i couldn’t do physics of my life depended on it if you just fine in the congress the president
said that is what that was guys in the country soap opera degrade the politics in history et cetera et cetera and does not give finance
reform in the meetings uh… apparently wendy finally
brought in the opposition they brought in stiglitz and crewmen et cetera to get different opinion in the
rule you get a lot of how that worked through with
its own machiavellian it’s sony oka first of all you know they brought in some
liberals to actually make a case where we should do but in order to house them out they brought
inka service so that obama will hear both sides and get confused and not know what to
do and then they warning the bringing stiglitz
the guy who had the right idea from the beginning in the morning date well i gotta look bad
if we don’t invite them in the morning hope we can show up to washington in time
from new york that’s how these guys operate and was inside the room here’s a quote opa mcgrew slightly impatient
when the conversation group too technical or backward-looking in other words he didn’t get the technical
stuff and he’s a guy what you want me to do our
battle get this stuff and backward-looking is all you want to fix
it now no don’t worry about what happen in the past just tell me why should you know
right and so if you simplify like that crew with
a statement said volker sandwiches hey you know what these bank it’s or all bankrupt you need to if you go to put money into it you should make sure the taxpayer gets paid
back so you need to take over the banks i mean that of course is damage in the short
run but a progressive much bigger damage no longer opposite how damage in the short run
i don’t like that i am a politician i don’t get all those mumbo jumbo stuff you’re telling
me and now now now i am i don’t know that your
summers are very soothing they say they should be our right as a temporary
blip what are you guys can you’re free to go get out people will personally insurer for dessert too late but i’m not gonna obama stupid ideas a crazy
thing to say like i said he could have a blind spot michael
hurst him on of the show here from newsweek said the same thing he’s got a blind spot for finance it doesn’t
get it white could there be a worst topic not to
get in the midst of this store a lot of trouble we really are i wish we weren’t but we are all right now screening of all bombers nature
and how he’s too soft here it is again on bt an oil spill uh…
criswell evers first role in the stonewalling the e_p_a_ dot telling them what this person
this person’s they’re using sorry belly my boy spiders pronouncing dispersant uh… okay so there’s all the way to bring a bullet right they’re putting a toxic this person’s to bring
up a little the e_p_a_ same way way way way but what are
you putting in that i might be worth unoiled cell they won’t tell what what what is this what we’re have a conversation
why is this by the president had who might know i’m not going to ask you again you don’t get the redirect things note tell
us what the hell you put in the water it’s our water ahmad handful the hell is this okay then uh…
robert gates kevin is defending the white house on the oil spill response but one of the democrats attacking o_j_ all
from louisiana by the way because they see it james carvel said i actually believe that d_p_s_ some kind of
good motivation here they’re naive here’s a cokie roberts the autos gushing were
being lied to by how much it will discussion in the administration has now named a commission now is what you do that is what you doing
here i don’t have anything else to do you have a convention that’s not gonna stop order and uh… donna brazille says one of the problems i have a bill by the administration
is they’re not tough enough exactly right what sp somebody’s gotta step in and go ahead vp step
aside butch i’ve got a from here i’m a great couple my homeboys a couple lead pipes in a blowtorch little book on these homes okay but all but i can’t do it it’s not his
nature uh… baby relocated is isn’t all you like to us houston was five
thousand dollars spilling everyday that in terms of the seventy
thousand now people think it might be a hundred and twenty thousand barrels of oil spill and
everyday and you won’t give us the videotape so we can determine our own why are we having this conversation if we have a strong president utah greg gives little joke talked about how
they’re they’re boot on that neck of the peak you must be lab there as
well wide wall street’s lab in there are so like
the drug industries laughing their aesop allahu we had owners all bhalo hysterical god’s omg step inside look you can do a huge favor anyway right now the
guy that uh… cells are who’s in charge of the uh… the interior department since there department is responsible here he’s saying that they might push ppm what they want you to push him out anyway
you don’t think that these guys vps strongly they don’t have it idea of how
to clean up they don’t want to spend the money to clean it up bitches wanna keep it have
habits phyllis phyllis filled all that ever made says i step aside let me take care
of this and then the government has to spend the money
and then people go to court and up off i would add it meant i was this close the stopping oil spill but then they step then then you know i said i think one seventy five ninety
four but you know what that now the government that all these things
afterwards so i don’t know if the money that i said i do you think it would be that again go one hundred-percent
guarantee they’ll do that right now sells and other morons nobody’s features a but no
they promise abap a promise to you then go back in court and say they had a chance to pass a bill that will
remove or seventy five million dollar caps on damages they didn’t do it so i guess it was the intent of congress not
to charge more than seventy five million dollars if you think they’re not going to say that
in court later there was either you don’t know what damn
thing or he just wanted bps money they want to go a little companies monies and pretend you don’t know anything look so the quicker he’s i’d know what stocks
to step in their thank u b p this excuse i’d get that but the quicker you step in the more likely
we are districts this at some point because b_p_
has no intention of fixing it and they have no intention of eventually paying
all that they are so get real and get their quickly get through it already piece it’s men so now set the alarm comes
in even though she’s cloud of all clouds as she’s
gonna say ten are usually comical way her point here is actually not that bad let’s go to could number three how do you think the album administration
is handled the oil spill so far well i can’t think that there it’s perhaps at hasn’t it to uh… out not really know how to put this critic
except to say that’s the auto companies who have sells supported that president obama in the campaign and get
our supporter but have now i don’t know why the question is intact by
the mainstream media and by others if there’s a any connection with the contributions made
to president obama in his administration in the support by the oil companies city administration
if there’s any connection there to president obama taking sold to hong kong long to get
in there to dive in their and grasp that that be complexity and the potential tragedy that
we’re seeing here in the gulf of mexico now it and this was president bush air fares were
a republican and office too hadn’t received is that support even if president
obama has from b_p_ another auto companies the mainstream media would be all over the
his case interns up asking questions of why the administration
didn’t get in there didn’t sound uh… didn’t get in there and make sure that the regulatory
agencies were doing what they were doing with the oversight to make sure that things like
this don’t happen look she’s right yet you know she’s wildly disingenuous uh… her if she was a in government they
wouldn’t do anything that will be beat out what we know they take more money and at we
know through the track record for the day but that doesn’t mean she’s not write about
how the press should be all over obama they should be and you know i mean i think she’s
that long that uh… the press women moreover bush and they are about obama this is still this feeling of the press up
lol bahamas act good guy and he’s a smart guy so he must have our best interests in
mind but i i i don’t think he’s not stepping in
because vp given uh… a lot of money but is he too soft in general hell yes it wasn’t his fault when god as a hundred
times it was the peaceful albert’s fault trans ocean is full but at this point you got a step in enough
is enough and regulate on that for the american people so you can stop the
damn ordeal spill it’s a fracture and if you do it right away they get me wrong the report and what he did they take more
from b_p_ then uh… uh… the democrats appu or his or her last twenty years the contributions of e_p_a_ has gone seventy one percent to republicans twenty nine percent the democrats and even now with the democrats overwhelmingly
in power they were published voted elisha between sixty
two fifty six percent go to the republicans even though they’re
out of power the republicans have to eliminate chile glasshouse nonetheless the press should get on this because uh… or bombers not handling it right here kept harbor men get proper when trouble guys he’s just not tough enough i know you people here hey hearing that but i really think that’s a reality are i’ll lighten your mood when we come back
to the republicans young turks kalyankar status then taking over we are under a rock became who but we’re talking more financial for minister
dot look at you know i i i go on and i now probably
keep going on on probably a lot to you and i say on a moderate down a little bit but i wanted that what we did in the first segment
today to explain all the different loopholes in the bill and then okay i got it sucks so i’ll do let’s go forward because you know you get that it sucks now the next
step is what we’re doing mhm banana reminders as we will take some
actually are june seventh th right totally totally project by the way we have
a position with apple progressive and i’ve included a link to that position on her face
book page on our twitter page today dot com slash the untaxed check it out sign the petition it’s a good
idea go forward alright so now less critical of the stuff
that spot yes let’s do it so have been is lands was wearing a questionable outfitting the french open
on unnegotiable a guy i saw it and it was unquestionably questionable that normally i i’m not one to be you know conservative when it comes to you know when his outfits uh… the boulder the better and this one is bold i’m not against that it’s just if i was sure parents i might be a fit you know it well she wears these flashed colored addthis
edith charts under her tennis outfit sold of its alright bear it looks like its her
bday rats but it’s really not she’s wearing nude colored shorts right living so easily it’s her parents now yes she does have the shorter like practically see-through every i think
i could see your coach that now they’re not safe no i can see it but it looks like you know
it’s cassie sweating so you can see sweat marks the blackboard but i don’t understand why she he decided to wear that color because it does
look like she’s new under their butt she’s not come on duty at the i_r_s_ is not new but
i mean that’s just the same thing and that i really don’t want to open up of have gotten there are not going to stop
girl ok uh… identified as a person i ever did turn out by williams uh… you know i him not to be fed serena
and venus is in the woods department great tennis players but the battle of lake okay work have a conversation when it up there’s a tight ass exit point quickly tiger okay so but i love that she does it because all of
you think people are going to be talking about it honestly people are gonna think ditches
nude but you don’t think it should like i’m going
up on the pullout that skin color daisy duke’s anyway uh… looked up i’m not i’m not opposed
from my perspective but i can see co others might be opposed what it appears that that you don’t have much
going up and underneath his car gavris you’ve got a lot going on in the first
bridges not hiding it very well extend that acts of the bells and nickel off
of it come back in a high i’ll get out higher ratings tennis outfits are starting to look more and
more like uh… stating outfits but look at the elaborate detail in on that
status outfit like what happened to assemble but denied it looks like a literate it doesn’t like wanted out second course set but by getting better weirdo one day she’s very shortly she really what what what would happen effectively douglas was other i’d campaign about and she died in the crowd and sought
ads uh… from key west sunnyside in montauk abt the
husband of the late brittney murphy uh… was found dead in his hollywood hills
home on sunday night this is just nothing but a super strange story has as possible month has taught me anything is that there are no such things as horses so as soon as i saw that pretty much these
husband had also that of uh… internal k sun-up him and his son up somewhere satisfied one of those rare rare coincidences
but to people who are range from young to relatively young who both died so close to one another that
were made to one another any day this is a simple words they’re both they needed to go present at a fast yeah thirty save that at
their investigating it and prescription drugs might have played a role but uh… what’s interesting is his mother
uh… came forward her name is linda might actually came forward and she says that he
suffered a slight heart attack prior to britney murphy’s that debt mhm sow uh… she says that he could have
died from a heart attack and you know basically trying to take attention away from the possibility of
prescription drugs plain wrong here’s my phone if i was a cops i wouldn’t assume anything right uh… i would
assume he’ll look polly what look it looks like as what happens but nonetheless i’d look to see was that insures on both i discover my thesis that’s where you go no
no no you have to be this crazy that the both of whom would die so close to a having he was totally heartbroken and he was in a really
bad i don’t have to go and then you know it’s not a m you know people who did not have certainly
all yeah baby wanted britney’s money though on that one m reprobate so i just look at who’s next on the shirt
sleeve if it like it’s crazy and doing crazy stuff
ok outside the cut speculation speculation but if i was a conta do a little dude bill
just a thought much was it okay uh… but by the way if it turns out
it may happen i will do later demand grant purchases okay lucrative right when we devoted to them favorite at that former duchess of york sarah ferguson
uh… is in a lot of trouble because she asked a a journalist who posed as a businessman uh… for five hundred thousand pounds in order to have
access so her ex-husband uh… that put her in trouble indicate it and god that’s so sat in so many ways dot
is that in some anyways and like she is got on the record to talk about how her and her
ex-husband are best friends and that the uh… you know closest
at ex-cop all ever you know whatever so speeds
it’s interesting to she would just fell about like that basically that he knew nothing about
it but it sounds kinda fishy i think he did know about it well let’s let’s go to tape
intimacy we mister sheet devastated and regrets any embarrassment
and four stops being filmed tried galactic for my husband a british tabloids cyclicals their faith in
keynesian ice hundred and fifty thousand dollar deal to introduce reporter two concentric as martha arms when coming handles because i wasn’t there the on the site figure makes it clear presenting
in nothing of the deal and never accepts money for anything all anything yet i’m not a grocery list ru
because uh… you know it seemed that uh… in some situations
she set on i don’t know he knows what’s going on and he knows that if you give me five hundred
thousand dollars we’ll talk to you doubt now afterwards they
said hell no no no no he doesn’t know damn thing he says that she says that beijing feels
terrible about it i don’t really know either way i mean it with without enough information on the pardon him uh… but she’s guilty as can possibly be
right and edmark keep the real you know in the real world but i would this house stuff
gets done you know these guys are very important people he is a role uh… important role in
the abridged government all of them being you
know the second some of the queen and uh… cut contacts with them are very
valuable i don’t know if is the first time that she
got you know this kind of proposition i don’t know how she knew how to handle a
proposition like that but i don’t think it proposition like that all the time you know so it’s a really interesting uh… view into how things work on the other hand you know she’s got a lot
of financial over two thousand pounds so i don’t want right for a how do you do i mean i think like any other blame river in ten till i got
a you know i’ll go to say i had a guy i was a good idea to have lines should be why walk
away with over eight hundred thousand dollars seems like everybody’s aware giving deals and say okay i’m going to make
sure the british government et cetera look if you do it either way don’t get me wrong uh… who could see whether template of course especially if she’s in uh… financial difficulty near why not if you have
that resource why not use it terribly unethical of course is on critical
but come on do you think that do you think that the average person thinks
about ethics when it comes to that amount of money of course not yeah well that’s probably what do you think we think all my god she was a duchess or whatever
they wish to people like all these folks present that justify the land that had been infect
the perfect fit so she was married to bedspreads so she must be reg but not necessarily why why she read in a town which is not she but it it’s because of course they spent too much
money too they probably would have a lavish birthday
celebration for her abuse of a financial troubles that the scale
it down of course the rest of us who were never that
was the first place we don’t have a lavish but they celebrations costing hundreds of thousand dollars but fate that way we don’t have to speak at eight oh two does not drive to pay for fifty i don’t think that that would’ve been the
better way to go right on not-guilty toledo sorry for okay the australian government is in the news
again because they have done something shady to
the founder of weekly leaks this is super shitty yeah this is a super
shady story now with the leaks is a whistleblower website and uh… the creator his name is julia no
signs uh… as soon as he travels and dull boring officials took his passport away and
that the immigration officials in australia claim that they took his passport away because
it looked toward okay you know evelyn excuses ok that’s awesome first yeah you know your passport looks a
little old community confiscate it feels forty-year counselor at what do you
feel about battle but as for that but it could be the canadian i has all the
edges of passport no one in twenty three years and it’s like falling apart at the seams allocated to get a new one is a gun underwood that we he leaks is the people who leaked that apache helicopter video
in iraq where you know the u_s_ troops were firing on answers to those that are act now australia but also with the u_s_ government in terms of the invasion
of iraq but more importantly as specifically for australia right we can leaks also be information
on the new obscenity laws in australia right so there are elicia websites that australian
officials plants back and they claim that all of these websites have uh… child pornography
and that’s why they want about it well we can make it week regulates actually
ap posted all of the websites that they plan on batting and many of them had nothing to
do with child pornography at all right so that put the australian government
in trouble and then silly strike back number one was
then then put we can make some list gloria unanimous report within your poor phase i think what we’re doing some of endless
right absurd right and now they think they guys passport away and is a very good there’s
a very important reason why they did right the reason why they took his passport
away is because in order to uh… as secure secrecy and in order to not get
caught uh… leaking all of this information he has to travel from one country to another
he actually doesn’t have a permanent residence okay he doesn’t have an official place where
he goes home to he’s constantly traveling now that he’s second no morning he’s not able
to leave australia that was a huge damper on wiki leaks yes that
with a contract about right and that’s the whole point of telling
the passport barbecue work passport was a little all i thought now look at a date that looked a little time the worse almost a week sauce excuse are you ever heard in my life the australian government is up to so many
fishy thing i don’t know what a good people try to do
with this nice hangup and i’m surprised that the australian government is so conservative yearbook i think it’s over and because i never
thought of australia that way but yeah i i didn’t know but no i don’t quote
gave notice off to a costco the tattered passport or with any kind of poor whatsoever because we did
the stories last week winning a rifle through all your poor they’re conservatives and purvi workers which come to think of it is exactly like
american answer but wiki leaks were one million per cent behind
you or on their side and this is heavy try to kill journalism a
lot of duit ok fight the power by paul sea power alright will be back

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