[U126.1] Payday 2 – Infinite Slow-motion Glitch Showcase (6s Jewelry Store)

Okay, so first I’ll quickly explain to you. I go into Crime.net Offline and I choose a random map like Jewelry Store. It’s loading… But basically, to trigger infinite slow-motion, you have to kill a guard while killing yourself to use Messiah – you instantly use Messiah – then you have to die again to add another slow-motion effect on top of the previous slow-motion effect, and from then you can leave the game. You can restart it or whatever… But yeah, when you do start a new game the whole game will be affected by slow-motion. So what I am going to do now is going in the back alley with those two guards who wander there. I’ve brought a Piglet and molotovs, I’ll toss one at my feet. – Why are you playing in offline mode? – Because the restart has to be instant. Ok, I’m going.. to shoot… Great. Now, I restart the game. That’s because when you press escape in offline mode, it pauses the game. That’s why. – Oh. – So you need to restart the game during slow-motion. Alright, I’m now in slow-mo mode. Actually the WHOLE game is affected by slow-motion. I’m leaving the game now – even the menu is affected by slow-mo guys. Crime.net is affected by slow-motion, contracts are popping out really slowly. Jewelry Store, on Normal… Idling screen IS affected by slow-motion, the character is barely moving. – Pff, I haven’t prepared a specific build. – It doesn’t matter, just bring a suit or anything you want. – That’s crazy. Is that a tie? – Just grab a bag, throw it in the van and escape. – Do you want me to break my armor at the start? – Well I am going to do it, since in order to cancel the glitch you have to be downed. But as long as you don’t get downed, you as a host are in infinite slow-motion state. – I will quickly set up the drill then… – No, it’s on Normal diff. – There’s no drill on Normal. – Oh yes that’s right. – You only take one bag each, that’s why I said it would take 2 seconds. – Hurry up then, I only have 10 left. – Just a quick question though, are they going to update Wolf’s voice for Medics and everything? – Someday. – Someday, maybe. Well I’ll place an ECM. Though I think we don’t even need one. – No no, don’t place any ECM, just grab a bag and escape. – We’re on Normal.. – At the beginning hold [G] to mask up and let’s roll.. – That’s funny, I see you without a deployable. – Mask up! – That’s normal, I have none, I unequipped them. – The Kingpin perk deck… – Commando 101… – It’s taking very long to load, I think my game’s crashed… – No, that’s because my game is in slow-motion! Right from the beginning, the skip screen is in slow-mo.. – Got one. – Got one too. – Oh crap, someone took it from me! Nevermind I have another one. What, nevermind I do have it.. It feels as if I duplicated it. – Voila. – But our run is slow, isn’t it.. – Six seconds. – How many? – Six. Seconds. – Still haven’t heard. – I only hear “seconds” personally. – SIX. Seconds. – Six seconds?! – I have never understood why they nerfed melee weapons. That’s stupid. – They’ve added a speed up option! – Six seconds… – And now since my game is still affected by slow-motion, when I speed up the screen I just get the regular speed. – The record was 11s. – Even cards are affected by slow-mo., that’s completely stupid. Alright, that was just a showcase. So if.. wow a safe. – Well I haven’t played for two weeks so there’s that.. – So yeah, if we officially add it instead of banning it, it will have its own category like glitchless and any%. Because you can’t… – But the guys still will be first. – Sure but it will be a separate category so all runners in that category will use it. – Okay but basically that means we can run again all maps with that glitch. – If you want to, yes. But that’s not a deal yet, I have to discuss with Cladall. Anyway, that’s a very interesting glitch. Going to stop the record right now.

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    dur a faire mais ça marche sur ps4, merci c est super le slow mo

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