Unboxing the Paw Patrol Marshall and Skye Pup to Hero Changer Toys

– [Voiceover] Family fun for everyone. (deep bass) – [Voiceover] Check this out, everyone. It’s the Marshall and Skye Pup the Hero set. That’s right, this is how they get into their special Paw
Patrol Action Pup set. Let’s take a look and
see how it works, okay? (deep bass) So there’s Marshall and Skye. Oh, they’re not wearing any clothes. Hey guys, it’s time to go on a mission. Why don’t you get your pup packs on? Both pups are in place. Now, watch, they’re
going to change clothes right before your eyes. First is Marshall. Ready Marshall? He’s all fired up for the mission. Now we’ve got Skye. Oh, she’s backwards. Skye! She’s ready to take to the sky. Isn’t that cool? Look, they’re ready for their missions. Skye and Marshall. But watch, when they’re done, they can change back. Marshall’s going to go first. There he is. Good job, Marshall. Now it’s Skye’s turn. Where did Skye go? There she is! (laughter) Isn’t that way cool, that you could change them in and out of their pup pads? But who’s coming? – [Rubble] Rubble on the double. Here I am. I want to use one of your changing rooms to get out of my pup pad. – [Voiceover] Rubble
it won’t work for you. It only works for Marshall and Skye. – [Rubble] Whatever, it’s
going to work for me. Rubble on the double. Watch. Here I go. I’m going right inside. You bet it’s going to work. It’ll be like Rubble on the double. I’m going to be out of my pup pad. [Voiceover] – I don’t think so Rubble. – [Rubble] Okay, I’m inside. Alright now it’s just going to turn, and watch, I’m going to
be out of my pup pad. Okay, I’m inside. You better believe it. Here we go, I’m going to turn around. Hey, I feel funny. Hey, what going on? I feel funny inside of here. Wait a minute. What going on? Ahhhh, Rubble on the double. I turned into Marshall. Get me out of Marshall’s body. I don’t want to be Marshall. I want to be Rubble. Rubble on the double. This is not fun, not fun. Get me out of, no no, don’t want to be. Nope, nope, nope, nope. Nope, nope, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no. Can I go back to Rubble now? – [Voiceover] We can try Rubble. Let’s see what happens if you go inside. – [Rubble] Okay, you don’t
have to ask me twice. No sir. I’m going inside now. I’m getting inside. Here I am. I’m starting to feel funny. I’m feeling funny. What’s going on? What, what happened? Am I back to being Rubble? Am I back to being Rubble? I need to be Rubble on the double. Am I Rubble on the double? Marshall tell me. Am I still Rubble on the double? Marshall, tell me. Help, help. Am I still Marshall or did
I turn back into Rubble? – [Marshall] Well Rubble,
I can tell you for sure that you are definitely
not a good-looking dog. – [Rubble] What? Oh no, I’m still Marshall. – [Marshall] No Rubble, you
turned back into Rubble. That’s why you’re not a good looking dog. – [Rubble] Oh. (groan) Let me go over here and try Skye’s. Okay Skye, I’m going to use yours. Alright Skye, I’m going to use yours. Don’t worry, I’m just going to turn into a Rubble without my backpack on. Marshall’s is broke or something. I’m going to use yours. – [Marshall] Rubble, I don’t
think it works that way. I don’t think it works that way. You can’t go into Skye’s either. – [Rubble] Sure I can, watch. Just watch me. I’m going to go in right now, here I go. Okay I’m inside now. Let’s see what happens. Ready? Here we go. Let’s turn. Hey, I’m feeling funny. What’s going on? What’s happening to me? I’m not on all four legs. This is ridiculous. I’m now Donald Duck. What? No way. How did I turn into a duck? This is not even funny. Oh! Rubble on the double. – [Marshall] Rubble, you’re
not even a dog anymore. You’re a duck. Do you eat quackers? (Marshall laughs) – [ Rubble] That’s not funny, Marshall. Okay Marshall, I want to
try yours one more time, because the other one just didn’t work. – [Marshall] Rubble, I mean Donald, or whatever you are, I don’t think you should go in if you’re not actually Rubble. Remember, these are only for me and Skye. – [Rubble] Now, I’m going
to go in as Donald Duck. I know that this is going to really work. That’s right, watch this. Ready? Here I go. Woah, I’m done. I’m feeling funny again. Feeling really funny. Feeling funny. Oh what, what, what? I smell the, what’s that smell? – [Marshall] Rubble it’s you. You turned into Bunga
from “The Lion Guard”. – [Rubble] Bunga? No. Oh no, I turned into Bunga. (Rubble cries) Not Bunga. Oh! Alright, let me try this again. I’m going to go back to
Skye’s and see what it can do. – [Marshall] But Rubble,
do you really think, you’ve turned into Donald Duck and Bunga, what’s going to be next? – [Rubble] Hopefully Rubble,
that’s what going to be next. Okay here I go. I’m feeling funny again. I’m feeling funny. Rubble on the double. Rubble. Oh, oh no. What am I? Oh no. Marshall, what’d I turn into? – [Marshall] Oh Rubble, it’s pretty bad. – [Rubble] Did I turn
into Sophia the First or Doc McStuffins? – [Marshall] No Rubble,
that would be a good thing if you turned into Sofia
the First or Doc McStuffins. – [Rubble] Then what am I? What am I, Marshall? – [Marshall] Well Rubble,
you actually turned right back into Rubble. – [Rubble] Rubble on the
double, that’s a good thing. – [Marshall] I don’t think so Rubble. I mean, you were probably
better off before. – [Rubble] Says you. These changing rooms are so silly. – [Marshall] That’s right
Rubble, I told you they only work for Skye and I. Not for you, or Chase, or Everest, or Zula or Rocky. Or even Rubble dog. – [Rubble] Well I’m
going to get my digger. Digger come back to me. I got to get out of here. I got things to do. Bye. – [Marshall] Alright
Rubble, but can you stay out of our dressing rooms? – [Rubble] Sure, whatever. Alright that was a lot of fun, but not really. I gotta go. Bye, Ron. – [Voiceover] Rubble, we’re not done yet. – [Rubble] I am. (deep bass) – [Voiceover] Hey people
at home, let’s see that one more time. What do you think Marshall and Skye will turn into when they go back into their changing room? Let’s take a look. Here they are. Let’s see what they turn into. So here’s Marshall. I wonder if he’s going
to turn back into Bunga? Or maybe he’ll turn into Doc McStuffins. What do you think? Nope, he’s back to being Marshall in his pup pack. Now here’s Skye. When Rubble used it, he
turned into Donald Duck. Let’s see what Skye turns into. Here she goes. It’s Skye in her pup pack. Isn’t that cool? Everyone has seen both the Marshall and Skye changing rooms. Who else do you think
should have a changing room? Should you have one for Chase, for Rubble, or Everest? Leave a comment and tell us which one you’d want to see next. So far we only have Marshall and Skye. Leave a comment and tell us who else you’d like to see. Do you think it was silly that Rubble turned into Donald Duck? [Rubble] – I don’t think so. – [Voiceover] I think
the people at home do. Let us know people. Was it funny that he turned
into Donald or Bunga? Or who else should he have turned into? – [Rubble] Gotta go. – [Voiceover] Alright, Rubble. So leave a second comment saying what was the funniest character
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