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– Hello my friend, this is Matt from Let’s Not Be Fools. Today I’m gonna help you
find any unclaimed money that may be due to you
that you are unaware of. I have a few websites
I wanna share with you. Let’s get into it. The first website I’d
like to share with you is MissingMoney.com. And just as a side note, I have no affiliation with these links I’m going to share with you. These are just sites that I
found that I’d like to share and hopefully we can find
some money that’s owed to us. And I will leave the links
to these sites down below so it’s easy for you to get to them. So when you go on MissingMoney.com, come over here to States and click on that and it’ll show you what states are covered by this website. Just the ones in blue here, so Alaska and then you come down here and you’ll see the states in blue in the US that are covered. I’m in California. I’m outta luck if I wanna
do searches in California but I may have assets
in other places here. But you’ll see how the search works and we’re gonna click
up here to the search. Let’s just say I have a
fictional name, John Jones, I put in Las Vegas, Nevada. Click to search. Boom, pulls up all of these
records on John Joneses in Nevada and has last address here. So you can actually
put your name in there, see if you have any
addresses that you recognize. It’ll show you what
company reported the asset and how much is it valued,
over 100, under 100. So that’s pretty handy,
so that’s one site. Another site that covers several states but not nearly as many as MissingMoney, is creditkarma.com. Now to use Credit Karma,
you’re gonna have to sign up and create an account if
you don’t already have one. But they do find some missing assets here, you’ll see how it works
here on their site. But you’d have to click
and sign up for free and I tried to sign up and then they asked me some questions and I failed on some of the questions and then they wanted me to go
to my phone and verify that and it’s not something I wanna get into. But this is another site to check out. I think it covers a little
more than 20 states in the US so that’s another site to check. Another site is for maybe older workers, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, they have a website here that you can actually
type your name in here. Let’s see, John Jones and we’ll search all of
their assets, John Jones. Do a search and let’s see. Hmm. Okay, we found 32 search
results and pages. Unclaimed pensions, and you’d obviously kinda click the link there
and follow the directions. Here it goes, here’s a
list of names of John Jones and variations and what company so you can find to see
if these are anything that are related to you and
your name in your search. And then there’s another site here which is a great one,
usa.gov/unclaimed-money. Here’s a link that you search
your state if you need to. Search for money from old employers, search for money from insurance
companies that may owe you, search for money from tax returns, maybe the IRS owes you some money. Number five here, search for money from banking institutions, ooh, bank failures, credit union failures, maybe some recovered funds there. Replace a savings bond. You may have lost some old saving bonds, well here’s a place you can go and have the government
reissue them to you and that’s a great thing. Here’s undelivered and unclaimed
federal tax refund checks. I hear there’s millions
of dollars out there that people just don’t know that they have and here’s a link to Where’s My Refund? If you’re waiting for a recent refund. And also there’s other good links here. So this is a really good website, unclaimed federal tax returns, state refund checks, wow. This site’s got it all. I hope that was helpful
and gave you some ideas on finding money that may be owed to you. I tried it out and I tried all the sites and I have no money owed
to me unfortunately. But maybe that’s a good thing, that means I didn’t leave any money behind and I was actually on
top of my financial game so I knew where everything was and I didn’t leave anything behind. And that’s really where you wanna be. But anyway, you may have money out there, it’s worth going to try to find it. I have the links below to
these sites, check it out. And also subscribe to
my channel if you could, I’d appreciate it. I give you all sorts of financial advice as we go along a couple times a week. Have a great day!

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