United Services Credit Union: Building Credit, Building Lives

When I first came to the credit union it
was United Services Credit Union at the time. I think it’s a great credit union
course for me I spent many years here but the staff and the people just great
people to work with. My experience with United Services
Credit Union and now Self-Help has been one that I have cherished. United Services Credit Union
Building Credit, Building Lives And I worked at St. Joe’s Hospital I was
one of the first members that joined most all the employees we were so
excited to be able to have somewhere we could come and and have our money sent
you know and didn’t have to worry about getting a paper check. When I first started with the credit union it was Asheville Hospitals credit union and then the name
was changed to United Services Credit Union when a few industries merged with
us and right at the same time the Old Fort finishing plant merged with us and then
United Services Credit Union merged with Self-Help Credit Union. I joined the
credit union when they were United Service Credit Union. I knew that it was
important to have a bank account and as well
be able to build up my credit. When I was 32 years old I didn’t have very good
credit and there was a car that I really wanted so I went down to the credit
union filled out the application but they were willing to give me the loan with a
cosigner so I got my mother to co-sign for me and that was my first
loan and we were very I was very proud of that. I t was my first credit union
I’ve ever joined and they’re really helpful in giving me a personal loan and
you know I was trying to fix my credit at the time and I was able to get a secured
credit card which then led me to be able to get an unsecured credit card so that
was really helpful because credit is very important. When I started with the
credit union I had a little briefcase that I carried with me and I went to
four different hospitals and in that briefcase
I carried checks and all the documents that I would need for loans and it was a
non-cash operation on that so someone wanted to make a withdrawal I typed
him a check. Seemed like during that time it was so
hard and stressful for people to want to give their children a good Christmas
that was really important and then and then they started a Christmas Club and
I had two little boys at the time and they wanted one wanted as something
called a Green Hornet and my baby son he wanted a bicycle they wanted football
suits the helmets and the football and the shirt and the pants. When I joined
the credit union my main focus was making inroads into Hispanic community
basically imagine a very basic operation where we were taking our personal
laptops, copier, a portable printer hiring sherrif deputies for security since we were
handling cash we were renting office space in South Asheville twice a week
Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings. We made noise about our presence the
community new that we were offering services and they were coming to us to
open accounts and started inquiring about loans and other services. The credit union helped me with my credit built it up with the credit building program. I think not only can they repair someone’s credit history but they can also repair
someone’s self-esteem when you’re looking for a loan it means a lot when
someone will listen to you because because sometimes circumstances are not
black and white there’s always a reason for something and I think the credit
union was there not only to make money but to really help people with their
lives and improve their quality of life and their self-esteem. There’s always been a huge focus on financial education we believe that having a financially
educated membership base makes everybody stronger our members will know and use
your products better and to the maximum benefit. We expedite this process because we know that you want to be in your house … The credit union has helped me in a lot of different ways like I said learning about credit and home ownership and interest rates and
things like that and you know not a lot of banks really take that time to work
with you and to teach you those types of things and to make you feel at home at
the same time the loan officers met with me and talked to me about how to process
works and what I could and could not qualify for which really helped me start
the process of finding a home. Credit unions help people when big big
banks turn them down. Credit unions give people a chance. And they’re really nice people and besides that they have an amazing staff that they are bilingual they help our Latino community. Credit union has been part of my family
for 25 years it has helped me it helped me rebuild my credit which was really
important to me at the time as a young man I was able to help my kids out
during their lives. The opportunities that the credit union has given me has
allowed me to provide stability for my son with without a credit union I don’t think I would be able to have owned a home. And it’s been wonderful. And now I can tell you that it’s just matter of a few months I’m probably I’m going to get a house for my family. It’s the American dream, right?

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