Universal Access to Basic Finance

Thank you for coming today.
The title of my talk is a misdirection. “Thoughts on the Future of Programmable Money”
is just the generic title for every talk I give, and then I change it just before I go on stage. This is all improvisation, folks. I will be talking about universal basic finance.
That is the topic of my talk today. At the moment, we are at a crossroads. We are having a great debate about
the future of cryptocurrency and finance. A lot of people are expressing some
very strong opinions, myself included. The backdrop to all of this, are the people who aren’t
in this room and will never be in a room like this. In 2013, I visited the beautiful country of Argentina
for the first time, and gave a talk in Buenos Aires. It completely changed the direction and trajectory
of my involvement in Bitcoin and open blockchains. For the first time, I didn’t need to explain the “why” of
Bitcoin, open blockchains, and freedom in finance. Everybody there was interested in only one
question: how do I [get involved] right now? Because the “why” is already
obvious to people from Argentina. Someone came up to me at the conference
and said, “You have inspired me today.” “I was [almost too] terrified to come to this conference.” “I am afraid of what might happen
if our government changes again.” “My grandparents were kidnapped
by the previous regime.” “We didn’t see them for months and thought
they had been thrown out of an airplane.” Think about that for a second. When we talk about financial inclusion,
we talk about the banked and unbanked. But we have no clue, from our position
of privilege, what this really means. It shook me to the core. I have had conversations like that every
year since I started working in this space. People will come to me and say,
“I hear you, because that is my story too.” What does it mean to be unbanked? The World Bank defines “unbanked” as 2.5 billion people
who have absolutely no access to financial services… and live in cash-based societies. Conveniently, they only count heads of household. Spouses and children are
unimportant in this calculation. Only the primary earners matter. Yet we know that in the vast majority of the world, [day-
to-day] household finances are controlled by women. But they are not counted as the head of household. To be unbanked is not to simply
[live in] a cash-based society. To be unbanked is to lack connectivity to
the world, to lack the ability to participate… in trade and commerce, to [be unable] to get
a job and [find] people who want your services. [To struggle] to build a future for your children.
It is to be condemned to poverty. When we look at [those conditions], we think,
‘They don’t have money, that’s why they’re unbanked.’ Wrong. Absolutely wrong. They don’t have access, documentation, or
the necessary literacy to fill in an application form. Sometimes they don’t even have the clothes,
shoes, or appearance to be able to enter a bank… without being kicked out by a security guard. That is what it means to be unbanked. What does that do? It creates enormous poverty around the world
just so we can persist in this petty, bourgeois idea… idea that as long as every participant must
prove their identity, we can track every transaction… through this surveillance system and end crime. By believing in that false idea of
safety through totalitarian control, we condemn billions of people to poverty.
Not just 2.5 billion, but many more. We talk about financial inclusion from the perspective
of the rich and privileged world we live in. The world I live in. As an American citizen, I can not only open
a bank account, but trade in multiple currencies… without restrictions and access investment
opportunities all around the world. Capital, liquidity, and credit. A stable currency that won’t destroy itself
overnight, taking my entire savings with it. Hopefully, most of the time, institutions
that are not actively stealing my money… or [rapidly] destroying the currency in order
to pay off their debt through hyperinflation, leading to financial collapse. How many people have that?
Everyone in this room, probably. But if you count people around the world
with access to that level of financial services, it is maybe 1.5 billion people. After 2013, that is why I started saying strongly
and loudly, “This is about the other six billion.” That is what financial inclusion means. Our regulatory system is actively
excluding people from finance. We have finally reached a point where access
to basic financial services is a privilege. The average person must do a dance to
prove themselves worthy in front of a banker, filling in reams of paperwork and application forms,
to be granted the privilege of financial services. We are even condemning cash: the ultimate
peer-to-peer, anonymous, fungible mechanism… that has provided basic financial
services to everyone for millenia. Cash has one fatal flaw, which is not that
it is anonymous – that is its greatest feature. It is not that it can be used by criminals,
because the real criminals get a banking license… and defraud people by the millions. It is available to everyone without vetting. It is an open, transparent, neutral, verifiable,
peer-to-peer transactional system. But its greatest weakness is, it is constrained
by geopgraphy and locality. It doesn’t have enough range and scale. Now we have a new form of digital cash,
which is also open, neutral, verifiable, unforgeable, and transportable. This one is also borderless, censorship resistant,
and can be used even when your government doesn’t want it. It [does not require] privilege or identity. It can be used everywhere in
the world, by whoever wants to, by simply downloading the software on
whatever computing device they can afford. That is the real revolution here. While we have our little privileged discussions
about whether we should regulate cryptocurrencies, how much we should regulate cryptocurrencies,
and who should regulate cryptocurrencies… Fuck that! [Applause] Cryptocurrencies are about providing universal
[access to] basic finance, to whomever needs it, everywhere in the world,
whether we like them or not. What will people do with universal basic finance?
They will do what they have done for millenia with cash. They will build a future for their children. We are paralyzed with fear because of a few
bad actors, blind to the fact that worst actors… have state privilege and endorsements, hand-in-hand
with intelligence agencies, inside the mechanisms… of surveillance capitalism. They fund dictators and drug lords all
around the world with our tax money, to the tune of trillions [of dollars]. The real terrorism and drug financing doesn’t
happen in petty cash [or cryptocurrency]; it happens through millions of barrels of
oil and U.S. dollar wire transfers, by banks… who get caught again and again. They will pay a fine that is worth a fraction of
their profit or the tens of thousands of deaths… they have contributed to. Not a single person goes to jail. Some people still have the audacity to say
that we must end cash in order to stop crime. How magnificently self-righteous. In the United States, about 18% of the population
does not have access to banking services. That is 60 million people. Once, when I recited this fact at a banking
conference, a lady in the bank raised her hand… and asked, “Why should we
give bank accounts to illegals?” That is a chilling question to ask, but let me translate it to you in words
that will have more of an impact. “Those people don’t deserve the
privilege of financial inclusion.” When your neighbor says, “Those people don’t
belong in our neighborhood,” it might freak you out. You suddenly realize that you are living next to a bigot. But when this banking regulator asked,
“Why should we give bank accounts to illegals,” I calmly responded, “You shouldn’t. We will.” [Applause] At the last conference I attended, after I gave my speech
decrying the lack of security and financial inclusion, a young man in his 20s came up to me and said,
“This really spoke to my personal story.” He had been living in western, developed countries
for the past fifteen years, and has not been… able to open a bank account. “Every time I write my name and place of birth
in the application, the process has already ended.” “I was born in Iran. I didn’t choose that.
I haven’t done anything [wrong].” “I have a job and I pay my taxes.” “All I want is to deposit my paycheck and buy groceries.
For fifteen years, I’ve been unable to do that.” This is the face of the unbanked. They are walking the streets around you, in this
city of privilege, the independent district of London, bought and paid for by banking corporations. This enclave is the Vatican of capitalism,
a citiy within a city. Invisible people such as janitors and service
professionals making your sandwiches, who don’t have a bank account. They must take their cash paycheck
to various places for payday loans. Maybe they accept checks or other
forms of payment they can’t deposit. They are charged 10-30% to send money home to their
loved ones and support a basic subsistence lifestyle. That is the unbanked, right here in this city. Don’t imagine the great masses in Africa, South America,
or southeast Asia; of course they are unbanked. They are right here.
They are your neighbors. They are forced to live in that position so we can
continue [believing in] the illusion that safety comes… from totalitarian surveillance. This very conference is being sponsored by
a company that is spreading around millions of dollars… worth of marketing [for] surveillance [tools]. They are promoting and advancing the state-of-the-art. You all have their name on your badge,
look down and check it out. This company shares and sells your data
to other companies, which further process… that data to intelligence agencies. This lovely trickle-down surveillance eventually
reaches some regime that enjoys cutting up… the bodies of journalists with hacksaws. Don’t fool yourself: it is not possible to separate
your position within a company like that… from the moral implications of your actions. I say to all of you, when you are hiring people
and see [such a company] on their resume, just like if I saw companies like General
Dynamics, Raytheon, and Lockhead Martin… [If they worked for] any company in our space
that is actively pursuing surveillance technology… and selling [our data] to the highest bidder,
they have declared moral bankruptcy. If you declare moral bankruptcy, you should
have to spend at least seven years struggling… to find a job and being interrogated about your ethics. Just like poor people are forced to spend
seven years trying to prove to a banker… that they deserve the privilege of banking. We have some deep moral choices to make.
We stand at a crossroads right now. World governments are trying to abolish cash,
the very last lifeline that remains… for billions of poor people. It is not because they don’t work;
they work harder than all of us. It is not because they don’t deserve [better]. It is because of where they born, the documentation
or literacy they don’t have, and how they look. In Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed
to own property and bank accounts. This is the case in half a dozen
countries around the world. We look at that and say, “Shame on them
That is immoral. That is disgusting.” Then we turn around and do the same thing
to immigrants in this country. And my country. I am part British, part American. I need to apologise [to dozens] of countries
around the world the moment I arrive. I know in my heart that every time I pay taxes,
I am killing thousands of people by proxy. I still pay, because I am also helping people on welfare. When we make these moral choices, we need
to understand that surveillance never stopped crime. Surveillance is the license that gives
control to people at the top of they system. They will commit crimes, the worst of crimes. I know Britain doesn’t use the metric system,
so “mega-” is the prefix we use for millions. For example, a mega-crime is where you [fraudulently]
foreclose a million homes and don’t go to jail. We perform surveillance and analytics to catch
petty drug dealers selling pot for bitcoin, but who is surveilling [the actions of] Lockhead Martin?
On the money laundering banks? Nobody. Do you know why? None of them will ever go to jail. The regulators are completely captured. This is a system of controlling all finance
from above, with levers of power… over the lives of millions and billions of people, cutting
off entire countries because “they’re under sanction.” They are not privileged enough, they are not
“people” enough to gain financial services. Guess who that system attracts? If you build levers of power like that, the very
worst sociopaths in our society are attracted, like flies to shit. They will grab hold of those levers of power and
destroy all of your freedoms as quickly as they can. We have built societies in which one
bad election could be the last election. If you don’t believe me, look at what has
happened in Turkey, Russia, and Venezuela, capturing billions of people around the world every day. Let me end on a positive note, because you
are probably a bit freaked out by all of this. You should be. This is serious stuff. Open, public, borderless, transparent, neutral,
censorship resistant, and private cryptocurrencies exist. They will not be regulated; they cannot be regulated. Not by committees, only by
mathematics and algorithms. They provide certainty, programmable consumer
protection, and reputation management. They provide access without identity. Eventually, they will give billions of people not
just a bank account in their pocket, but a bank. They will democratize the functions of banking,
as applications that anyone can access without vetting. They are pre-vetted by agreeing to download
software which follows the rules of consensus. That is the only vetting required in these systems.
“But we shouldn’t allow that!” We did. “But we can’t have people make
anonymous transactions!” They will. “But we must regulate this!”
You can’t. And you won’t. Six billion people need this. You have neither the moral authority nor
the practical capability to stand in their way. You can’t stand in the way of what will be
the greatest revolution in financial services… in three centuries. Universal access to basic finance.
Thank you. [Applause]

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    Hit me to the core

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    The true wisdom comes from the common Man. I live in one of the richest cities of the world and in poverty And disabled. But not uneducated. (Cue music: Brother Ali-'Uncle Sam, God damn "). On 6th Street here in San Francisco I'm the person you come to about a technical question about your phone or laptop. Which I usually fix for free. Trying to explain the Bitcoin revolution to the others as you call them. Thank you for not talking down to us as other computer science enthusiast do. I'm on a mission to educate "'Others'' as society calls us , (people of color immigrants women homeless BCT.) I explained to them how to use the Bitcoin ATM. And which ones to use here in San Francisco where you don't need to put your thumbprint or I.D. and how much you should get at a time to not be monitored. The poor are surveillance here To a degree most people in the world will never understand. Our phones are free and given by a government subsidy. Were the test models of the new society that's coming. t's because of your truthfulness and passion that has inspired me to make this my mission. Never give up Andreas. We believe in you as you believe in us, 🌼 (Enjoy this flower from us gentle people here.)

  98. Alejandra Silva says:

    True, true, true.!! Greetings from Chile.

  99. Albert Pantalion says:

    8:56 best part!!!

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