Universal Basic Income Explained – Free Money for Everybody? UBI

What if the state covered your cost of living, would you still go to work? Go back to school? Not work at all? What would you do? This concept is called a universal basic income or UBI And it’s nothing less than the most ambitious social policy of our times in 2017, basic income is gaining momentum around the world First trials are ongoing or on their way and a growing number of countries are considering UBI as an alternative to welfare How would it work and what are the key arguments for and against? Right now people can’t really agree. What universal basic income is or should be Some want to use it to eliminate welfare and Cupp bureaucracy Others want it as a free extra for existing programs, or even want it to be so high that work itself becomes optional For this video we’ll talk mostly about the minimum basic income enough money to be above the poverty line in the US this means about $1,000 a month or $12,000 a year The money would not be taxed and you could do whatever you wanted with it in In this scenario UBI is a way of transferring the wealth of a society while still keeping the free market intact But if we hand out free money will people just spend it on booze and stop working? A 2013 study by the World Bank specifically examined if poor people waste their handouts on tobacco and alcohol if they receive it in the form of cash The clear answer, no they don’t. The opposite is true Other studies have shown that the richer you are, the more drugs and alcohol you consume The lazy and drunk poor person is a stereotype rather than reality What about laziness? Universal basic income test runs done in Canada in the 1970s showed that around 1% of the recipients stopped working, mostly to take care of their kids On average people reduced their working hours by less than 10% The extra time was used to achieve goals like going back to school or looking for better jobs But if laziness and drugs are not a huge deal, Why doesn’t our current welfare state solve poverty Welfare or unemployment programs often come with a lot of strings attached Like taking part in courses, Applying to a certain number of jobs a month or accepting any kind of job offer no matter if it’s a good fit, or what it pays Besides the loss of personal freedom, these conditions are often a huge waste of time and only served to make the unemployment statistics Seem less bad Often your time would be much better spent looking for the right job continuing education or starting a business Another unwanted side effect of many welfare programs is that they trap people in poverty and promote passive behavior Imagine a benefit of $1,000 each month in a lot of programs if you earn a single dollar extra the whole thing is taken away If you take a job, that’s paying $1200 you might not only lose your benefits, but because of your taxes and another costs like transportation You might end up having less money than before So if you actively try to better your situation, and your total income is not improving or even a shrinking welfare can create a ceiling that traps people in poverty and rewards passive behavior A basic income can never be cut and therefore getting a job and additional income would always make your financial situation better Work is always rewarded instead of a ceiling it creates a floor from which people can lift themselves up But even if UBI is the better model, is it economically feasible? What about inflation? Won’t prices just rise making everything just like it was before? Since the money is not being created by magic or printers it needs to be transferred from somewhere It’s more of a shift of funds than the creation of new ones Hence; no inflation Ok, but how do we pay for it? There’s no right answer here because the world is too diverse How well-off the country is, what the local values are, Are things like high taxes or cutting the defence budget politically acceptable or not? How much welfare state is already in place and is it effective? Each country has its own individual path to a UBI The easiest way to pay for a UBI is to end all welfare and use the free funds to finance it Not only would this make a number of government agencies disappear, which in itself saves money, it would also eliminate a lot of bureaucracy on the other hand cutting them could leave many people worse off than before If the goal is to have a foundation for everybody there still need to be programs of some sort because just like countries, People are not the same The second way – higher taxes especially for the very wealthy In the US for example there’s been a lot of economic growth but most of the benefits from it have gone to the richest few percent the wealth gap is rapidly widening and many argue that it might be time to distribute the spoils more evenly to preserve the social peace There could be taxes on financial transactions, capital, land value, carbon, or even robots But UBI is not necessarily expensive According to a recent study a UBI of $1,000 per month in the US Could actually grow the GDP by 12% over eight years because it would enable poor people to spend more and increase overall demand What about the people who do the dirty work? Who will work in the fields, crawl through sewers, or lift pianos? If you don’t need to for survival, will people still do hard boring and unfulfilling labor? UBI might give them enough leverage to demand better pay and working conditions a study calculated that every extra dollar going to wage earners would add about $1.21 to the national economy While every extra dollar going to high-income Americans would add only 39 cents There would still be very rich and poor people but we could eliminate fear, suffering, and existential panic for a significant part of the population Making poor citizens better off could be a smart economic tactic For some this isn’t enough. They want a UBI large enough to live a middle-class existence If we set the financial obstacle aside, this idea fundamentally challenges, how our society is constructed By earning money, you earn the possibility to take part in society this determines your status and options But it also forces many people into spending huge chunks of their time on things they don’t care about in 2016 only 33% of US employees were engaged at work 16% were actively miserable and the remaining 51% were only physically present Would 67% of people stop working if they could? It would be unfair to portray work as just a chore work gives us something to do. It challenges us it motivates us to improve, it forces us to engage Many find friends or partners at work, we work for social status wealth and our place in the world We’re looking for something to do with our lives and for many people work gives them meaning There are other concerns with UBI If all welfare programs were exchanged for one single payment, this gives the government a lot of leverage individual programs are easier to attack or cut than a multitude or populist smite promise drastic changes to the UBI to get into power and a universal basic income doesn’t tackle all problems when it comes to equality Rents for example while $1,000 might be great in the countryside, it’s not a lot for expensive metropolitan areas which could lead to poor people moving outwards and the difference between rich and poor becoming even more extreme and of course, for some people, the concept of work itself not being essential for survival is appalling Conclusion So is the universal basic income a good idea? The honest answer is that we don’t know yet There needs to be a lot more research more and bigger test runs We need to think about what kind of UBI we want and what we’re prepared to give up to pay for it The potential is huge. It might be the most promising model to sustainably eliminate poverty It might seriously reduce the amount of desperation in the world and make us all much less stressed out This video was made possible by a Universal basic income provided by you, our viewers Ten thousand people around the world gift us a monthly income on patreon.com/Kurzgesagt You enable us to pay salaries and buy new hardware you enable us to make more videos And you enable us to spend more time on them Kurzgesagt would truly not be what it is today without your help You help us stay independent, and you give us the freedom to put quality before quantity Thank you so much

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  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

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  2. Crispy Ro says:

    Reading a few comments here I can see some people don't have idea what's coming. Just wait until machines start replacing you from your jobs and see if UBI is a bad idea then.

  3. Xyphenox Castaneda says:

    “16% of people actively miserable”

    that’s… kinda sad

  4. THE VØYD says:

    I love how unbiased this is

  5. Randy Poor says:

    I would stop working in a heartbeat

  6. Evelene Maye says:

    No birds were harmed during the making of this video…. how sad.

  7. Grant Miller says:

    I have an issue with the "won't cause inflation" assertion. Firstly the assumption that inflation is simply due to money supply and not a lot of other factors including currency value, international and domestic interest rates, etc is just flat out false and this would impact those. Some ways could be reasoned and some in ways we wouldn't see coming. Also, inflation across the board may not go up much as an extra thousand a month has very little impact on the customers of Ferrari but no way do the small apartments in rural areas renting for 300 a month stay the same. Those probably go up significantly. Inflation would hit the lower income people hard but have much less on high income people. The benefit would be the opposite tho but overall it has WAY less positive impact than is being suggested by how many things are being left ceteris paribus that shouldn't be. That being said the elimination of a ton of bureaucracy and the welfare cliff is a huge benefit and enough to probably make this better than current welfare so no need to overhype with impossibly overly optimistic outcomes to sell this.

  8. MY Mind says:

    In Islam There is a better solution to poverty, it worked fine through 1300 years before modern Muslim countries decided to use the western economics, it is the Islamic law of "Zakah زكاه" which takes only 2.5% of the rich people extra saved money, a rich man is defined by a person who have an extra certain amount of money for 1 year, this means he should bay only for this extra amount a 2.5%, for the nation treasury, now the best thing about this system and welfare system or UBI is:

    1- it encourages people to keep investing there extra money and not saving it cause they will loose 2.5% of this saved money each year (in Islam taking bank interest is forbidden) this creates more work opportunities and lowers unemployment rates.

    2- those who take this money from "Zakah" are not limited to only a monthly minimum Salary, they might be given lets say 10,000 $ in one payment and this will help them start there own business and they will soon start paying Zakah for there extra cash they earn.

    but nowadays no body wants to use this system since it will make banks out of business since no one will use there interests or take there loans.

    banks are the real enemy of people

  9. Daddy Long Legs says:

    What a great way to destroy the economy, I think imma try it some time.

  10. Tubular Topher says:

    One glaring question I can't help but ask is how will people with drug addiction respond to having an extra $1000 every month?

  11. Agung Widi says:

    This is what Andrew Yang talking about

  12. Keegan says:

    In Minnesota if you make more than $240k (to my knowledge) a year your tax rate is 40%. The rich are handing out almost half of their money every paycheck. Higher tax rates will only take more…

  13. PACE ARROW says:

    Holy shit, the ignorance here is HUGE

  14. Eli Bright says:

    Socialism socialism socialism. Baaaad idea

  15. MICROSOFT HQ says:

    If you work you make even more money so if someone quite there job it's less then having a job still but at least you can survive with food and free health care.. so you ain't going to die and if you want to travel America you can get a car and go find your dream America

  16. darkdawnbringer says:

    If we ever want this to work we have to stop imigration…
    Or ensure "equality" around the wrold before starting it…
    The idea that everyone gets what they need is more then reasonable…
    But it wil only work if what people get is equal…
    Nobody wil be poor in india when they can be avarage in the us of A…

  17. martiansoldier says:

    The stereotypes of poorer people may be wrong, but an addict is an addict, you would probably have to attach some strings to prevent UBI becoming a curse for some unfortunately.

  18. Addust Channel says:

    KSP would basically be free.

  19. Dom Andriacchi says:

    To keep the social peace? That sounds like terrorism!

  20. EdP IV says:

    There is inflation when instituting this program. We operate in a deficit. That deficit is paid for with an increase in money supply.

    On a side note, this idiot channel cannot fund programs off the wealthy. So dumb. Do the math.

    Oh. Where did you get this 1$ plus given to the poor makes 1.2$ plus and the wealthy .30. If that study existed and was credible I would know about it.

    It is all academic anyways. Never happen. Like a gun buy back.

  21. systemid12 says:

    The fault of this entire argument is the assumption that wealth gap is an issue. If person A works harder than person B, is it unfair that person A is wealthier?

  22. Bean Dar says:

    Um.. you removed medicare with your bulldozer?

  23. HungLee says:

    I'm proud to pay tax to help government raise welfare for the ppl in poverty. The shorter the gap of income and economic strength between the highest and the lowest, the better stability and overall welfare of the society and economy.

    It doesn't always have to be about the actual money given to the poor people. Helping the poor people benefit from the welfare that only middle and upper class people could afford with more accessibilty and government's help in cost is crucial. Main area being medical, educational welfare and transportation. This is the thing that even middle and upper classes could be benefited from, with their own taxes. They benefit straight back to you.

    Which is why I like the West European and East Asian style of welfare politics rather than free for all North American economy style.

    I would like to hear from American perspective tho, as I'll be moving to NA soon.

  24. DL_Knight says:

    Andrew Yang is doing it.
    Vote 2020

  25. ShockMonkey says:

    Regarding 1000$ that forces people in countryside, I do not believe it would make divide. Basically it would incline those poorer to work at jobs that support, like food production that are mostly done in countrysides, and they could earn more with that job if they want to move to city and start jobs that pay more and would support city living expenses. For lazy ones, it would only keep em there, but they would still have enough for decent life. And since those that are not burdened with existential crisis and they do not need to work are inclined to be more creative out of pure fun, it would produce more artists, musicians and such.

  26. Kurt H says:

    I’d rather earn my own money and keep what I earn. There’s a certain pride about that.

  27. Max Sawers says:


  28. Sebastian Bartuc says:

    So you are talking about Plan Social for everyone , here in Argentina its not working very well. Actually kills your economy with higher taxes to cover the cost and or generate inflation. Stay away from this model.

  29. Ian Erickson says:

    If I got some additional money, I would still work

  30. doublec squared says:

    I spit out my coffee laughing at "Since the money is not being created by magic or printers"….tell that to our fiscal overlords. Not to mention the transgenerational debt to be paid by our children.

  31. Vladimira S. says:

    "Since the money is not created by magic or printers" …. Ammm let me stop you right there 😀

  32. PixelMotionHD says:

    One thing you got wrong… Money is made by printers these days, or if you prefer by numbers on banking account… Government "print" money all the time, as well as private banks…

  33. The Universe says:

    Existing doesnt imply you deserve to continue to do so, it goes against what has always been natural since the dawn of life
    Two living things exist, they have needs, and theres only enough for one and its offspring, natures got a way of biting people in the tail for going against it.

  34. Chr0nic1er says:

    I'm all for the idea of reducing bureaucracy by eliminating welfare programs and converting that into a UBI. Although I will admit that, in general, I am against the idea of taking money away from individuals to give to others. Still, as was the original purpose, I do support the idea of preventing old people from starving in the streets.

  35. CheesyBacon says:

    What if it was amended in our constitution that UBI amount should be fixed?

  36. Justice Crab says:

    Or you could lower taxes…. literally the same thing

  37. Warsin says:

    Yang Gang we out here non stop

  38. The potato Party pooper says:

    is this communism?

  39. Nacho says:

    It will produce inflation

  40. Dolly Dupee says:

    You make it up

    Per interstellar law on maximum amount of moneys and individuals

    If adult only planets ok

    Family planet limits on kids wives husbands and lovers

  41. Sam Fitt says:

    If we enter another recession like 2008 or worst in 2020 then more people will to protesting in the street demanding something in the forum UBI . When people lose everything they just lose it and anger replaces logic . Look at how many people around the world are already voicing unfairness and the gap between rich and poor . A hungry person is an angry person and a person who see's no hope is hopeless . Employers are demanding way to much out of there workers in order to protect profits over people. Greed and empathy find it very hard to be on the same page.

  42. aaron bacchus says:

    Down with your communist land grabing agenda

  43. Unlicensed Pharmacist says:

    so does this mean a single mother will no longer get benefits of having 10 kids but instead only get 1k a month?

  44. Austin me says:

    Guaranteed minimum income (a system where a certain income is guaranteed including your wages so if the GMI is one-thousand dollars a month and you made fifty dollars you would get nine- hundred fifty dollars a month but if you made more than one-thousand dollars a month then you get nothing from GMI) would be better because you said it yourself, sixty-seven percent of people don’t like their job so if you gave them enough money to live in decent comfort without working they would do it this would still require work but still assist poor people. Also think about the future, if teenagers were told they didn’t need to work to survive anymore they wouldn’t work, why would they having fun is better than dealing with other people, schedules, and responsibilities. This would cause a drop in the working population to a point where only complete socialism could produce the needed money.

  45. kome360 says:

    At some point, we have to ask ourselves: why have we not done this sooner?

    1) The core argument, bleak and cynical as it is, stems from the entire world's need for controlled labor. Face it: even if slavery is illegal, most governments and corporations use underhanded short-changing, neoptism, and complex-confusing systems to keep people in line and working at their jobs. So the complaint with UBI is that it would be an incentive to make unemployment a professional career choice, as opposed to the current system which screws the poor over but at least keeps things running. EXCEPT, as we've seen in the past 200 years, flashy-lights and social networks and all the other benefits of living in society are really addictive. If you deprive the poor to the point that they can barely feed themselves (if at all), they'll either learn to be extremely frugal and xenophobically-independent, or just plain die. But if you get them hooked on a passion, they'll work to fulfill that passion as long as you can make sure there's a really difficult no-shortcut maze of work to get through before they can satisfy their craving. In the long run, all the automated mass-media we pump out every day could fill that craving for sustenance and be a bulk-cheap incentive to stay productive and in the game.
    2) If everyone really is given actual equality of an equal start, the people who would normally be given a head start will have more competition. I don't know how to address this issue, but we've lived with 'secret government conspiracies' for literal millennia. I'm sure they'll learn the lessons from their families and still stay on top if they just keep being smart. It's just that everyone else won't care.
    3) And here's the big scary theory: the bigotry is simply rationing out the world's most precious resource: self-esteem. Without poor, there is no rich. Without homeless and starving, you don't feel happy with having a chicken in your pot in your house. Without your neighbors and friends being better than the rabble, you don't feel like a good friend. So all this suffering is simply used to ease the constant pains of self-doubt even with high-standard living. It's a bleak possibility and we can only hope it won't prevail. At this point I'm going to throw a random guess at the solution, and say that in the long run, we'll need to explore and colonize the solar system. We'll all be too arrogant to worry about who's on top or living it up as the 'meek' inherit their Earth.

  46. Gresee4Life says:


  47. Aniruddha Patil says:

    Ok. My question is why not simply provide the needs such as – Food, Home, Medical facilities and education?

    If you need anything more, do job and earn.

    Why give money directly?

  48. Franklin Gonzalez says:

    Everyone: Andrew Yang, Andrew Yang 2020, Andre Yang blah, blah, blah . . .
    Me: Did anyone else notice the house that appears at around 6:45 looks like The Simpsons' house? o.O

  49. JCstock says:

    I would for sure keep working with a UBI. I'm going to school to do what I love not because it makes money, but because it's what I love.

  50. Johnny Tran says:

    "Free money" as in how ? I mean the idea of free money sound great and all but that free money has to come somewhere.

  51. An Original Name says:

    Because communism hasn't been proven to be horrible for everyone.

  52. wo ag says:


  53. Mateo Royo says:

    Distributing money to the people.

    Communism intensifies

  54. KageNekoSamax says:

    Liberty prime: Wants to know your location

  55. Blade says:

    the state cant cover the cost its net 0

  56. Casualverse says:

    If I had UBI im dead ass serious I would go all in on my businesses and have breathing room to do so.

  57. Federico Musci says:

    No sents

  58. Kane Smith says:


  59. Jorge Fernando Gómez says:

    Human productivity is the only source of human value.
    Your own hands, your own legs, your own heart and brain,
    and when you do something with these that is when value is born, and created, from your own spirit.
    And it is people with such a heart and such a brain, with such a spirit that are rich.
    And it is such richness of spirit that is the only source of 'value', and of genuine human wealth.
    It is from our own hands that it is first born,
    and that is what an entity calling itself 'money' is to measure. Measure, and nothing more.
    And as long as there is human wealth, people rich with desire to gift humanity with their own industriousness
    and their love of their own craft–then there will always be a 'digit' to measure, and 'reflect' that.
    Because the true wealth of a nation is its own people, and they will be the source of their own wealth.

    "Money" must come to mean that, and be a measurement of that, if humanity is to be again free.

  60. henry bruno says:

    Pure fake news. UBI is a georgist concept. It has already been worked out. This is an explanation of socialism. Progressives ruin everything.

  61. catbert7's Gaming Highlights says:

    This is a fantastic review of UBI!

  62. Máté Franek says:

    Not to mention This safety net would force employers to be nice to workers or else they would just quit. No more feeling like a slave.

  63. Louis Vanden Broucke says:

    but who would pay for it, think about it, all the elite have armies of lawyers to exploit every single backdoor in the system, it could only work if there was one taks rate, one and the same percentage for everyone, but charities should also be banned, because they are one of the easiest ways for corporations to get rid of taxed income, often benefitting their children in high paid positions within those charity organisations, whilst gaining prestige and virtue points

    and what about economic migration, is it fair to pay out to people that never contributed and don't even speak the language and are generally only there to send money back with the goal of living in luxury in their C.O.O. one day,

    it would have to be subjected to certain requirements, it should only be for citizens and gaining citizenship should be hard

  64. Salty Sea Of Tears says:

    "UnIvErSal bAsIc iNcOmE iS cOmMuNiSm"

  65. Ringo Randalls says:

    UBI sounds awesome, but due to corporate greed it is a completely fucked system.

    Think about it, corporations only care about money, so putting wages above the level they’re currently being paid will mean that to maximize profits, they’ll just fire people. So jobs will be harder to find.

    And if you’re paid above UBI, it’s clearly useless.

    Also inflation. You kinda just said “ay don’t worry about it s cool.” But it’s not. UBI will mean that property costs, and goods will rise in cost, and we’ll be right where we started.

    In conclusion, UBI leads to massive job layoffs for corporate bonuses, and everything being more expensive.

  66. Joshua Brown says:

    I’m not big on government programs like this but this video makes UBI seem like the best out of a meh lot.

  67. GB Austin says:

    Honestly, i'm the kind of person who thinks that earning everything yourself through hard work is the way to go, but even I understand how UBI is necessary at this point. The wealth gap has increased to the point of no recovery, and once automation really hits then it will be starvation of civil war for three quarters of America.

  68. Deviant says:

    In Russia, we call it communism

  69. Brackus2 says:

    Hey, loved the part about scrapping the current systems and using the money saved to help implement UBI, Ive been saying that for years, and its well known that Welfare in Canada is an overbloated system that is due for a reform/removal. I also heavily agree with the section where you mention how some current 'welfare' systems will sometimes help to keep a person stagnant for years instead of helping to motivate them to improve their situation (by cutting funding for those willing to work).

    I do have to disagree with your conclusion of the 'no inflation' as a result of UBI. You yourself give the main reasoning why this isnt correct at 6:18 While your belief that because the money for UBI wont be 100% just created out of thin air (although, this already happens today, and will likely continue to happen) and that since the money already exists that the inflation will be 0%. However if the 'wealth' is readjusted more evenly thru a method such as UBI and higher taxation for higher earners, then, the lowest wage earners will spend the most of it, and the wealthy will continue as they do, to mostly hoard their wealth. This new influx of buying power into the marker will drive prices much higher, at least for a short time. That said, I wish Canada would move to a UBI.

  70. All InOne says:

    I've often thought about what I would do if I received UBI, and I would start a business based on my passion, something that would make me happy to wake up every morning. Farming calls to me.

  71. Anything Interesting says:

    Endorse Andrew Yang

  72. Kamlesh Mallick says:

    The concern would be that landlords or employers would just adapt to the existence of a UBI, raising rents or lowering wages to essentially eat up the extra money that people receive.
    That seems impossible to solve and it’s back to square one.

  73. Дмитрий Гамбург says:

    Communism is the answer. The free market cannot be the reliable in the age of total automatization. Either the progress begun to artificially slow down, or the market will collapse from a surplus of products. People will not have the money to buy goods. And the last, will lead either to the socialist revolution, which in our time in 5-10 years will lead to the construction of communism, or to the complete downfall of society in what we can see in the movie "Mad Max"
    P.S why do we need to invent a new term "Universal Basic Income"? If we call a society in which people do not serve each other and produce goods “Communist”, people in the West will “break the pattern”?

  74. TruffleMonkey says:

    When this video first came out, I decided to comment some fuckshit about ubi. Anyways, now I’m a socialist. Yeet.

  75. Helmuth Von Molke says:

    This is literally communism

  76. KarstDeViz says:


  77. Pixelated Cheese Gaming says:

    I watched this video long ago and I rejected UBI but now that I heard about Yang I acept it

  78. Bogdan Oancea says:

    This sounds like communism

  79. calculadora androide says:

    remember this words from a random Argentinian, it doesn't work, just reduce your taxes and let the people in peace

  80. Quoc Trung Vu says:

    Free stuff for everyone is basically communism

  81. Sword Flay says:

    Would people still join the military?

  82. Evurgreen Gray says:

    UBI is the truly absolute nail on the head most awful idea a society could conjure up and is 1000% the start of its unavoidable end.
    Unless automation becomes truly SCI FI in its ability
    Then UBI becomes a fantastic idea that would save society in a way.

    I fear AI but they are our only salvation until we can spread out to other worlds

  83. Jenny Penny says:

    Andrew Yang 2020 let's go!!!

  84. ecmorgan69 says:

    So my taxes from both my jobs will go to pay people for, whatever. Oh great. Good reason to move to the Caymans. 😒

  85. Hilam Mandwee says:

    It’s capitalism that doesn’t start at zero

  86. Ahankar Mondol says:

    please create a bangla language verson of nutshell

  87. Vincent nevels says:

    One of the ways that the UBI- Universal Basic Income can work, Is specially for Higher Education people that go to college's, universities or Technology Technical Trade Schools, They can get paid the income until they complete to graduate & get certified in their studies. While it's system can be tax for there education and affordable expanse, Temporary or until a occupation would be available for them. Again the income should be tax at least for the money to go back into education and other proper current affairs cultural issues.

  88. antonio96dt says:

    El crecimiento sin control no es deseable tampoco

  89. Calle B says:

    Sould all immigrants also be payed UBI ?

  90. Dustin Eward says:

    If you hand out free money, it isn't money anymore. What gives money value, is the fact that it must be earned. If you don't have to earn it, it doesn't have value. If it doesn't have value, it isn't money.

  91. Dustin Eward says:

    You guys are using some real special math… Yang Gang… I thought Asians we're good at math? What a horrible joke this is… Money let's us participate? I'm a white male with lots of money (I earned it). I'm excommunicated… I don't get to participate in anything except trying to avoid all you evil leaches…

  92. Dustin Eward says:

    You're forgetting about Social Credit Scores… Be a slave to the Communists, or have your UBI cut… Along with access to so many other things… It's already being done.

  93. LeAnn Purdy says:

    An academic who never produced anything made this video.

  94. James King says:

    I wasn’t aware that this video, produced by an independent company, based on a German idea, narrated by a Brit, and available for all , had to reference exclusively American examples and cater to Americans.
    There is nothing wrong with referring to the US, but the assumption is that the only people who gain from it are Americans.
    The USA already has enough cultural influence, thank you very much.

  95. Eye aym gae says:

    If this is good please do it before I grow up

  96. Keshav Raj Gupta says:

    Dumb humans waste boatloads money on nuclear weapons, defenses, firearms which are supposed to "protect" them from other humans while in reality if every country and govt. cooperates and uses that money for the poor sections of the species, Doomsday can be pushed maybe 1000 years. But I really doubt that humans as a species are going to survive for more than 300 years given the current situations.

  97. Jordan Pool says:

    Just think about self driving vehicles. We are on the cusp of those being a thing…in 20 years, where will the millions and millions of truck drivers and Uber drivers work? UBI is pretty much a necessity or else we need free college so people can more easily access the jobs that AI can't do yet.

  98. private name says:

    Ubi will come at a huge cost to our freedoms

  99. Scuffed Steve Aoki says:

    Yang gang

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