Unseen Strike (Update 165) [Guide] [Payday 2]

Hey guys. Today let’s take a look at Unseen Strike, the tier 4 skill from the Ghost tree. Unseen Strike was released in Update 100 and has gone through a few different patches
and fixes. Regrettably, it’s still not totally fixed
but it’s getting there. So to start, let’s find out more about this
skill. Unseen Strike, like Low Blow, is a powerful skill because of critical hits. Due to the headshot bonuses, damage from critical hits far outweighs any
weapon specific damage boosts, like Overkill basic for shotguns. Also, critical hits to the head are absurdly
powerful because they are multiplied together instead
of added up. For example, a heavy Zeal has a headshot multiplier
of 3 (without Helmet popping). Instead of 3 plus 3 for 6, we actually get
3 times 3 instead. So how is Unseen Strike different from Low
Blow? Low Blow is activated by the total Detection
Risk, while Unseen Strike is activated by not taking
damage for 4 seconds. And since activating Unseen Strike is not
tied to the Detection Risk, it works with any armour and also allows you
to bring fully optimized weapons, rather than bringing half-assed weapons fitted
for concealment. That means it’s the only way for heavier armours
to deal crits, which for me, is awesome! Of course, that’s not to say it doesn’t work
with Low Blow. If you combine it with Low Blow, you can increase your crit rate to a maximum
of 65% and that will increase your damage output
significantly. Lastly, since it’s not tied to a specific
weapon or fire mod or Detection Risk, you’ll have a lot more freedom in choosing
your weapons, including your melee. And now we’re done with the Why-It’s-Good,
so let’s go to the How-It-Works. And now here’s a diagram of how it worked
before. Not the prettiest diagram, but it should be
good enough to explain. So at the start of the heist, we begin with
the “Can Activate”. Then the skill becomes active after 4 seconds
of not taking damage. At this point in “Active”, if we take damage,
the skill will be deactivated and will jump back to “Can Activate”. Otherwise, it will expire on it’s own after
6 or 18 seconds and become “Inactive”. Then we have to take damage again, before
it can go back to “Can Activate”. This is the 1st problem right here. With how often we take damage in loud, acing
the skill makes no difference. And the 2nd problem is when the skill expires
on its own. Instead of going straight back to “Can Activate”, you have to take damage first then wait for
4 seconds before you can activate it again. Imagine situations like Watchdogs day 1, Beneath the Mountain in between the 1st and
2nd area or the 2nd and 3rd area. You’ll be forced to take damage and hide before
fighting, while your other teammates would have already
charged to the objective. And then we arrive to now, which is about
Update 165. So what’s fixed probably around Update 157
(that’s when BLT 2.0 came out), is that the skill can no longer be interrupted
by taking damage. The skill will now always expire peacefully
on it’s own. So the skill description in the game is not
valid anymore and acing the skill now makes a difference. So hurray right? Well it’s still a step away from being ideal. What would be ideal, is to take away the “Inactive”
state so that it goes back to “Can Activate” immediately
after expiring, which basically is fixing the 2nd problem
mentioned earlier. The irony here is that problem 2 didn’t exist
when Unseen Strike was first released in Update 100 and only came about when Overkill tried to
fix problem 1. So let’s hope it gets fixed properly the next
time. So before we end, I’m going to do a self-asked
Q&A to answer some questions that you might have. Q: Can the ability refresh itself indefinitely? For example, if in the “Active” state you
never take damage at all, will it keep refreshing itself? A: No, you can never prolong the effect. It must expire after 6 or 18 seconds and then
go back to “Can Activate”. Of course, Overkill might change how it works
in the future. Q: So when activated, taking damage will not
cancel the effect? A: Yup! The in-game description is not updated
yet. I hope this is an intended fix and Overkill
will leave it alone. Q: So in that case, is it better to ace it? A: The basic version works pretty well on
its own so it’s not like Body Expertise where you either ace it or not take it at
all. So, Unseen Strike aced? Optional. Q: Unseen Strike vs weapon specific skill? For example Overkill (basic), Body Expertise
or Trigger Happy. A: It depends on what you’re trying to play. Trying to take both is a lot of skill points. If you take Unseen Strike alone, you could
use almost all weapons (assuming you go for headshots) compared to
specializing in 1 type. You could also do a hybrid, for example taking Unseen Strike, then just
the reload speed boost for shotguns or Unseen Strike with some tier 3 pistol skills. So yup, I hope Unseen Strike will serve you
just as well as it serves me. Drop me a comment if you have any questions
regarding Unseen Strike that I didn’t answer, assuming I have an answer for it. Otherwise, have a good day or night, and I’ll see you in my next video.

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  1. TIK YI Chan says:

    Thanks for the information. This skill can let Semi-Sniper Rifle Great Again 😀

  2. Damien Evermore says:

    Is it worth using?

  3. Complete Gore says:

    Very clear and informative video, thank you, subscribed.

  4. Ryan Quinnton says:

    Should I use for armor build? Anarchist?

  5. FalleNameless says:

    Finally someone explained this skill properly, great work!

  6. madi says:

    I thought that since in-game description was same as before so it's still bad but thanks for opening my eyes although I already was using a fix for it but since overkill did fix this skill I think i can remove that mod

  7. CapeCorn copy says:

    is it on consoles too?

  8. Cap'n Chas says:

    Interesting. Thanks for making this skill more clear for me.

  9. 07kilswitch says:

    I wonder if i could aply this in some way to make yakuza or biker more viable as perk decks

  10. Irsan says:

    May I ask something? Does the effect of Unseen Strike stop when you take damage?

  11. Jack Anderson says:

    Does stoic affect the wait time? Because the remaining damage is dealt over 4 s if you don't take any damage does that mean the duration is a minimum of 8 seconds after taking damage?

  12. Fair Wind says:

    Hello, nice video but my friend told me that unseen strike is bugged and will only activate the crit chance on the first shot. For example, after four seconds of not taking damage only the first shot will have the +35% crit chance. Once the shot crits the unseen strike buff expires immediately. Is this true?

  13. Wolf Krake says:

    Bruh you this good at explaining and you are explaining a fecking video game function?

  14. {[radical_ ruffian]} says:

    All this time I've been using silencer skills for concealment and accuracy, and yet never realised I could have double the crit chance for just 4 points.

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