Updates Coming to Mobile Banking at Travis Credit Union

Travis Credit Union is proud to introduce exciting enhancements to our online banking platform. When using our mobile app, you’ll enjoy the same functionality with a new look and feel that makes it easier to navigate and customize. Launch the app from your mobile device and discover convenient, easy to use, powerful tools for managing your finances. You can even simplify the login process with Touch ID and facial recognition options. Once logged in, ‘Home’ allows quick access to transfers, account activity, and payments. To personalize it, simply tap the gear icon. Select what you want to hide and then tap update for it to take effect. You can also select ‘Reset Visibility’ to bring back what is hidden. ‘Accounts’ is home to your summaries and activities. Tap here to see all of your accounts. With ‘Transfer Funds’, you can make a transfer, schedule a transfer or create multiple transfers. Select ‘Deposit a Check’ to use our mobile deposit feature. Just take a picture of your check to deposit to your savings or even pay towards an auto loan. In a hurry to pay a bill? With ‘Bill Pay’ it just takes a few seconds. This is also where you can access Pop Money and securely send money to other people using nothing more than their mobile phone number or email address. How’s that for simple? ‘MYINSIGHT’ is your personal finance manager. Tap here to quickly and easily chart spending habits and create budgets. And ‘Profile Settings’ is where you manage your personal settings, change your user ID, update your password, or contact information and more. When finished, we recommend logging out to securely end your session. Online Banking: Convenient, easy to use tools for managing your finances wherever you go. Enrolling in online banking has never been easier. Download the app by visiting traviscu.org and get started today.

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