USF Federal Credit Union Intern Promo

Get the edge Jumpstart your career gain financial knowledge Apply today for an internship with USF Federal Credit Union. We are looking for some outstanding Interns to run our marshall center branch, I would encourage you to apply Learn how credit union is operated gain valuable work experience and get paid. That’s right It’s a paid internship and a great way to learn how banking works with the top performing intern earning an additional $1,000 scholarship get the edge find out lots of good stuff Learn about lending, you know like auto loans and home loans Learn about credit cards learn about digital banking and learn about some naughty stuff – like fraud and Counterfeit money and bad checks things you want to avoid? I love my internship here at USF FC The on job experience goes hand in hand with my major and the fact that it’s on campus is very convenient for me So what are you waiting for apply for an internship at USF FCU today and get the edge?

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