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In this video we will be talking about how to borrow items the library does not own through interlibrary loans. Imagine you’re doing research. Maybe one of the articles you found keeps talking about another book or author, but it isn’t showing up in the library catalog or Summon. Maybe you’re searching one of our databases but instead of linking to a copy of the article, it gives you an error that says our library doesn’t have access to it. What do you do? One of the biggest misconceptions about the library is thinking that the only sources you have access to are the ones on our shelves or in our databases. The truth is that our library is a part of a much larger network of libraries working together to share resources so that everyone is more likely to find what they need. The act of sharing materials is called an Interlibrary Loan or ILL for short. It’s a service that allows students and other patrons to borrow books, DVDs, and articles that we don’t currently own. So, how do you go about placing one of these requests? It might sound silly, but one of the first things you want to do is make absolutely sure that the library doesn’t already own the item. Try searching for the title in the library catalog and Summon to see if we own either a physical or an electronic copy. Not doing this could slow down the borrowing process and prevent you from getting the item sooner. If you need help with this, consider contacting a librarian or watching our tutorials on using the library catalog as well as using Summon. With that done, you have a few options. The first place you should always look for your book or dvd is E-ZBorrow. Just as the name implies, EZ Borrow is the easiest interlibrary loan option. However it’s also the fastest, with most materials arriving within 3-5 days. To use EZ Borrow, go to the library home page at Then, choose “Books” from the menu on the left. Scroll down to “Interlibrary Loan” section. Then, choose “E-ZBorrow” To access E-ZBorrow, enter the 10-digit ID number found on the back of your York College ID. If your ID card displays only 9 digits, locate the 10th digit in the far right corner, following the letters ‘ISS’ or the words “Issue Number.” Then, click “Login.” From here, you can enter the title, author, or any other information you know about the item you’re looking for. Then, click “search” It’s important to know that your results will not show up all at once. So, be patient, and wait for this colored circle to disappear in order to say that it’s done. You can use the filters on the left hand side to help clear away some of the results to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. Just be sure to click “Apply” to update your results. When you think you’ve found the result you’re looking for, click on the title and confirm that it’s the version you want. Then, click “Request.” And that’s it. You’ll receive an message in your YCP email address once the item is available. Normally items loaned through EZ Borrow are checked out for 6 weeks at a time. However, if you need more time with the item, it becomes automatically renewed for an additional six weeks after the first due date, but then must be returned to its owning library. To check on the status of your requests or borrowed interlibrary loan materials, click on the icon of a person and then choose “My Account.” Occasionally, you’ll have an item that isn’t in EZ Borrow. This tends to happen more often with articles. For these kinds of items, our last option is to use ILLiad. ILLiad is much slower than E-ZBorrow and sometimes takes up to two weeks to find your items and requires more manual entry. To use ILLiad, go to the library home page at Then, choose “Books” on the left. Scroll down to “Interlibrary Loan,” and choose “ILLiad Interlibrary Loan” If this is your first time using ILLiad, you’ll need to first click “First Time Users” in order to create an account. Otherwise, login. Once you’re logged in, on the lefthand side look at the section that says “New Request” on the left, and choose the kind of item that you want to borrow. For anything that doesn’t fall under one of these three categories, choose “Book.” Once you do, you’ll see a screen that looks like this. Enter as much information as you can to describe the item you are looking for. If you found the item through Amazon, World Cat, or through an error screen on one of our databases, copy and paste that information into this form. Please, do NOT abbreviate any of this information. Type the information exactly as it appears in the item’s description. Failure to do so can further delay the amount of time it takes to locate your items. Once you are done, click “Submit Request” at the bottom. You should receive an email when your item is available. If you are receiving an electronic copy of an item, like a PDF, you’ll be able to access it on the left under “Electronically Received Articles.” If you are receiving a physical copy, it will be available in the library upon receipt. However, keep in mind that items received through ILLiad can have very different loan periods depending on where they come from. If it’s possible to renew the item at all, you’ll need to contact our library so that we can reach out to request a renewal from the owning library. So, to review, all options for requesting interlibrary loans are located under the “Books” section of the library website. Always check the library catalog and Summon first to find what you are looking for. Search EZ Borrow for items the library doesn’t own. Then, if you still can’t find it, place a request using ILLiad. This concludes our tutorial on how to borrow items the library does not own through interlibrary loans. For more help, visit us online at LIBRARY.YCP.EDU Where you can chat, email, or text a librarian. Or drop by the campus library for support.

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