UTCU MoneyMinute Earn More with a CD 10 14 2019

Monday Minutes Money Money? Monday Minute Money? Money Money Eeyyy?? This is the Monday Money Minute, brought to
you by United Texas Credit Union – friendly, done right. Are you saving for a house, car, vacation,
or something else? You could park your money in a checking account,
but with a United Texas Share Certificate, or CD, you could reach your goals faster. Here are some other great reasons to save
with a CD: You’ll earn a higher dividend rate than
most savings accounts. You can get started with as little as 500
dollars for terms of 6 months to five years. Your rate is locked until your CD reaches
the end of its term. Your money is safe and insured up to $250,000
dollars per account, with no limit on the number of accounts! Contact us for our current CD rates to reach
your savings goals in no time! United Texas Credit Union – everything the
big banks offer, plus one thing they don’t: personal, caring service. You’ll find a quick in-house approval process
for your next business, personal, vehicle or home loan. Come see for yourself at United Texas Credit
Union – friendly, done right.

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