UTCU MoneyMinute FEES 10 7 2019

Money Monday Minute? Is that right? Money Minute Monday? Ahhh…Monday Monday Minute! This is the Monday Money Minute, brought to
you by United Texas Credit Union – friendly, done right. We all have bills to pay, but what about fees? Here are three fees that you should eliminate:
If you live paycheck to paycheck, it’s tough to pay bills on time. Save money from each paycheck so that you can pay
bills on time. Don’t pay to get money from an ATM! United Texas members can use over 30,000 surcharge-free
ATMs nationwide in the CO-OP Network. Our Platinum Mastercard has no annual, balance
transfer, or cash advance fees. You also earn one percent on retail transactions
paid automatically, every month! Contact our professionals to help you reduce
fees and keep more money in your pocket. United Texas Credit Union – everything the
big banks offer, plus one thing they don’t: personal, caring service. You’ll find a quick in-house approval process
for your next business, personal, vehicle or home loan. Come see for yourself at United Texas Credit
Union – friendly, done right.

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