VA Home Loans: VA Appraisal Process vs. Home Inspection

[upbeat music]>>Text: What’s the Difference Between VA’s Appraisal Process and a Home Inspection?>>Text: Mark Connors,
VA Home Loan Guaranty Service>>Speaking: Once you find a home, and you settle on the home that you want, the next step would be signing a sales contract. And one word of caution that I would like to point out out here is that, we talked about the appraisal and the appraisal is required by VA. A maintenance inspection, a home maintenance inspection, is not required by VA. However, it is highly encouraged by VA that you get a home inspection. So what’s the difference between an appraisal and the home inspection? Well, when you hire a home inspector that inspector is going to go from top to bottom of that house. They’re going to check every electrical outlet. They’re going to check your plumbing. They’re going to check the utilities that are in the home. And that gives you a peace of mind, and it also could perhaps give you some negotiating power if that home inspection were to come back and give you a few items that need to be corrected on the home.>>Text: TO LEARN MORE ABOUT

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