VA loan inspection requirements | Is it as bad as they say?

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8 comments on “VA loan inspection requirements | Is it as bad as they say?”

  1. TwoSmooth Coney says:

    What branch was this guy in? My guess is Army. Am I right?

  2. From military to millionaire says:

    Dont forget to read the full article at Https://

  3. Military Journeymen says:

    Thanks for the VA loan series. More knowledge more power 🙂

  4. Justin Baptista says:

    Hey David! Killing it! Thanks for the tips buddy 🙂

  5. Emosi Time says:

    Them inspections helped me out a lot to identify the issues before I purchased my house.

  6. Meshach Moore says:

    So say I wanted purchased a home for $250k using the renovations loan adding another 50k in renovations. Would my total loan be $300k or would the loan be valued at the homes reappraisal value?

  7. matthewhiersbryant says:

    I got a real estate agent hassling me over using the va loan on an older house because the inspection but the house seems in good shape and this is an option. Doesn't make sense.

  8. JesusWaytoHeaven17 says:

    Are carpenter ants ok?

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