Vancity Annual Report – 2014 Highlights

At Vancity, our vision is to redefine wealth
by improving the well-being of our members and building healthy communities.
These principles kept our credit union moving forward in 2014 and the good news is that
our strategy is working. More than 26,000 new members joined Vancity
in 2014. and our assets grew to $18.6 billion. Having more members and a greater financial
footprint than ever before means that we can do even more in our communities. Like working with people who have difficulty
accessing financial services. and supporting education to improve understanding
of how money can work better for communities. In 2014, we helped people break free from
the cycle of debt and build their credit rating with a new payday loan alternative, we financed the development of affordable
housing and, by continuing to reduce our greenhouse gas
emissions, we played our part in protecting the environment
for future generations. Vancity cares about inclusiveness, both when
it comes to the financial well-being of our members and the diversity of our workforce. We recertified as a living wage employer in
2014 and worked closely with our suppliers to support the living wage movement. Our members tell us they trust Vancity to
act in their interests and to help them achieve their financial goals. As a locally owned and operated credit union,
our members’ deposits stay in BC and each year, we return 30% of our net earnings
to members and communities. We’re part of the Global Alliance for Banking
on Values, which is helping us to incorporate sustainable banking principles across our
business. Our approach has earned us high-profile recognition
around the world and we’re confident, that with your support, we can continue to demonstrate Good Money works.

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