Vay Tiền Online Có An Toàn Không? ✅ KS Nguyễn Hiếu

Dear friends, Is it safe to borrow money online?
This is a question I have received a lot in the past,
So today I take the liberty to make this video to analyze for you to know whether or not
to take mortgage loans online Unsecured loans have gradually come into the
lives of people living in Vietnam in particular And all countries in general
However, in Vietnam, unsecured loans are not strictly controlled by the authorities
Leading to a number of credit companies taking advantage of this loophole, the business is
not transparent And lending rates are cloudy
So, the question of whether mortgage loan is safe or not is not
First, let me tell you straight Whether you have an online mortgage or an
unsecured loan, the person who files your profile for you,
They have to take pictures of your papers all the time
So whether you take mortgage loans online or offline, the level of risk is equal
Why do I say is the same? Because I know there are people who file an
unsecured loan for you offline But you don’t even know where the employee
is Then the employee only posted a few sketchy
posts online and then you contacted to borrow When they make a document for you they still
have to take a picture of your paper, and of course they can still take it to borrow
somewhere else But that’s your thought
It is actually when you take out a mortgage that you have to choose someone who is transparent
Someone you can trust, Of course nowadays, the situation of borrowing
by phone sim or short-term loan services is rampant in which you only need to provide
identity card to be able to borrow. And what if these employees get their friend’s
identity card to borrow short-term borrowing services?
It’s okay for all of you, Because when borrowing short or long term,
you also need to provide certain phone numbers And more specifically you must have an sdt
to receive otp code If they take out your identity card, they
will also get their phone number to borrow And if in case they do not repay the debt,
of course you are still affected, that is if the debt is too long you will be listed
on the cic list and you can not borrow unsecured anywhere else at all.
But bothering you by phone call doesn’t happen, Because the person who simply took your ID
card, they took their sdt You must have your phone number
And here I say short service is too easy Actually, there are now many short-term loan
services, but they require you to take a photo of the ID card directly, not take a picture
and then put it on the loan profile. So this problem is not too serious
And when choosing trust senders, you should see if they disclose their information or
not For example, do they have a website or not
and whether their website is cared for or not,
Are there any facebook and zalo pages or phone numbers, are there items to support you so
you can contact them with any lcus or not I see many employees working on mortgage contracts,
and the customers they make friends don’t even agree to make friends with,
Can such people believe it Or some name zalo or facebook name of the
bank, without even giving their name, so they work seriously or not?
There are many ways to assess whether or not to trust that person, to know the road in
case, Well, you guys are wondering why do you know
that the case that the staff won’t make friends with the borrower
Because the client himself did not sign the contract there,
But through registration on his side and take pictures for me to see and tell the staff
that even the friend did not agree So how do you trust,
As for the advice, one side, and then the other for the contract I don’t like
With me I never contacted you to ask you for a loan
Because I did not scan the customer file Customers come to me because they trust me,
Because the interest rate when I make the contract for them always choose the lowest
interest package And I also speak directly when you need to
borrow money Then you just go to my website and contact
me directly At that time, I will give you enthusiastic
advice Even if you don’t borrow your place
And recently there have been some marketing runners or new hires who have come up with
customers to advise on interest rates I am ready to support you
But you have to know something a bit, people say knowing it is a lot of luck
This time I advise you on the interest rates for your marketing
But you turn to your videos and click disslike to drown yourself
oh no problem for me My channel is very serious and the videos
about the bank I made and posted about 4 years ago are you
Well today I confided a lot and then see you in the following videos If you find the video useful, please like
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Sincerely thank you for watching my video, and trusting my support in the past, hello
and see you again in the next videos!

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