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  1. R L says:

    Awesome! Thank you so much! I was curious about that.

  2. James E says:

    Keep disputing, keep disputing!! Greatly appreciate you brotha! Program has helped tremendously

  3. Brian Thompson says:

    thank you for helping me

  4. Porshi Johnson says:

    QUESTION. I GOT A FREE CREDIT REPORT and it said that I had to turn mail in address verification, bills and I.D. Because some information wasn't adding up. Does that mean my identity might have been stolen?

  5. Silbaugh4liberty says:

    Hey Brandon, one thing that I learned recently is that you might want to write the account number is in the dispute letter rather than typing it in so it throws off the E-OSCAR computers, so someone has to manually do the dispute rather than allowing The computer systems to just verify account information with the creditor electronically

  6. blessd25 says:

    Thanks a lot. You are awesome

  7. Jenlhoardjams says:

    Hey Brandon! thank you so much for all the great info you share! my husband's score went up 50 points within​ the first round because​ of you!

  8. Joe Freeman says:

    Best videos … to the point

  9. Peris James says:

    Thank you so much Brandon, My score has went up every since your 609credit repair. I can't wait to send out my letter three.

  10. Tasha Graham says:

    How much if I want you to do the work for me?

  11. Walter Rocha says:

    hey brandon, just purchased it last week and i got my credit report. i have just recently paid off some collections. should i include those in my first letter or not?

  12. Capricorn GoddessNika says:

    Late pays, but accounts now current. Any help beyond "good will" letters?

  13. ebony thomas says:

    hey I've been disputing with your 609 credit repair program. most of my responses they keep saying they have verified the account and no change. i am on my 3rd round of disputing. what do I do now?

  14. DJ Grams says:

    Thank you I'm on round 3 because they keep saying it's verified with no proof.

  15. Desireé Mouton says:

    Do the collection agencies have to give them the original as well?

  16. Francis Ortiz says:

    Hey Brandon !! Hope all is well so I did round 2 and got a letter well my credit repost from. Experian stating that they will not reinvestigate 3 of my account is that normal ? And should I still dispute it in the 3 rd round ? Thanks again

  17. essence1771 says:

    Hey Brandon, thanks sooo much for the information in the "Totally Committed" package. I have been helping my husband get his credit in order as well as referring my ENTIRE family to your website and YouTube channel! Folks you cant go wrong with 609 Credit Repair; don't even waste your time paying any other YouTuber offering expensive so-called credit repair help. This is a simplified one-stop shop right here – You Can't Go Wrong! #TeamWeaver

  18. Carl Richburg says:

    should pay your credit payment off the an one month or you could pay it off in two months

  19. Ashley Beverly says:

    I'm excited about this program! So far three things have been deleted off my account. I sent my second round of letters. I'm also about to send my hard inquiry letters out to get those removed. Do I send those certified mail as well? Thank you so much for your help so far! Simply phenomenal! Will definitely refer my friends and family to your site.

  20. T'Challa01 says:

    Thanks Brandon !
    1st round my lowest score was a 516 and now 568. Average of all 3 is 560
    My wife's lowest was 435 and now 516. Average of all 3 is 510.
    2nd round going out this week.
    Started 02/24/17 !!
    Forgot about WRITING the account numbers instead of typing. Will do that going forward.
    It works people. Don't sleep !!!

  21. naturallyTRU17 says:

    Hey Brandon! What are your thoughts on "pay for deletion"?

  22. alex wagner says:

    thanks Brandon.I bought one of your packages in January send my first letter out of 15 collections that they were not mine.they took off like 12 collections.I send my second letter last week. one of the collectors send back a same collection with different acc#.so you guys becarefull with that THANKS BRANDON👌

  23. M Williams says:

    Two Capital One accounts on my credit report. First round of 609 letters sent early March. One of the Capital One accounts was deleted this past week. My FICO scores shot up 39 points on TU, 60 points on Equifax and 67 points on Experian. All bureaus stated that the other account is "verified". So round 2 609 letters this week. The 609 letters work!

  24. Meccadouja - says:

    How long does it normally take to remove stuff if you're paid to do it? 2 repo, Verizon, School that's only $350, and an uncle bobs storage? 😂 I was doing them on my own with your letters, IT WORKS!!!!!! (I've gotten a bunch of stuff removed. I'm down to these last few.) But then I stopped because I got to the last litigation letter. And those bastards still said it was verified.
    Do I just start over with dispute letter #1?
    Either way, Your letters do work. Patience is key. And as always, I appreciate all of your info✊

  25. theknightlife922 says:

    Hey Brandon, I sent my first round of letters and it's been about a month (if we're including weekends) and I still haven't received anything in the mail regarding my disputes. Is this normal?

  26. jl692005 says:

    Wow! This really does work. I started about 3 weeks ago with 4 derogatory accounts. Just checked my credit and 3 have been deleted, a spike of 60 points!!!

  27. FlyWay Customz says:

    hey brandon. just one question. in your experience have you seen accounts say deleted. but then immediately return?

  28. Angel says:

    So Brandon, basically, if they (creditors) only respond with sending you last reported info and SAYING its been verified, verses an "actual copy" of your agreement with your original creditor, send out round two, three etc. of letters?? Just want clarity, because I heard you say u had to pay for deletion on one of yours. Can you explain in more detail why? Thank you!!!

  29. idial goode says:

    Hey Brandon, do medical bill effect your credit score? I was told they did not but my friend swears they do. Can you answer this question?

  30. heather b says:

    Hi Brandon I sent my first round of letters and my score shot up 45 points with accounts being removed, but I sent my second round of letters 2 weeks ago and my score dropped saying my accounts had been verified and met FCRA requirements. Should I be worried or is this normal?

  31. Veronica says:

    Hi, Brandon. What about ChexSystems? I know I have a delinquent overdraft, so how would I go about that? Doesn't show on my credit report.

  32. Jake Garcia says:

    Hey Brandon I got an update from my CreditWise from capitalone saying "improved account" from derogatory to current. What is that mean?

  33. Heather Nicholson says:

    I'm definitely going to try this system .. I'll be purchasing this system to help with my credit. Does this work for medical accounts also???

  34. Steve Lohbeck says:

    u "the man"

  35. Zack Williams says:

    I used your letters and Trans Union removed a bunch of stuff. My score went from 690 to 742 but Equifax and Experian haven't moved. I received a letter from them saying FCRA Verified. Going to send round two now to Experian and Equifax

  36. Passion 4 Decor says:

    Sent out my first round earlier this week, can't wait to see my progress.

  37. bgcparker6 says:

    since your credit report only shows you a portion of your account number is that all you list or do you need the full account number?????

  38. DollaRich12 says:

    Weaver! Good stuff

  39. Mr. Selfaware says:

    Question 1: Are you said that if the Response letter says "Information verified" or  "Updated", go ahead and Send another to the Bureaus?

    Question 2: Should I send a letter to the collection agencies, so that in the future they wont resell the items to the Bureaus?

    Thanks for the videos, truly a master of your craft

  40. G P says:

    You the man Brandon. Love your channel.

  41. KING JAMES says:

    Thanks!!!! Had $10.00 in my account ,purchased $9.00 kit . On the way to economic freedom!!!!!

  42. Mr. Credit Repair says:

    Checkout my video response. The section 609 does work. My video shows you how to improve your credit fast using your rent payment history. Great video!

  43. Minette Davis says:

    Thank you for this video. I will use the second wave of letters in your system. In the meantime, I noticed the dates changed on the verified accounts, now they reflect updated with a new date. In fact, One of the accounts I sent off the first wave of letters was almost 3 years old now it has an 2017 date?can they do that?

  44. Andrea Johnson says:

    Hi Brandon!
    I'm so excited to get started! I purchased your ebook yesterday and finished my first letter. Do I have to get it notorized or certified is Ok?

  45. Leslie Leanne says:

    Hi Brandon. Does your program work on recent bankruptcies that have been discharged? Credit Inquiries? Appreciate any feedback. Thank you.

  46. Balloons and More Gifts says:

    Brandon it's still working checked this morning 2 legal issues removed and another account round 3 going in the mail today!

  47. Marlon Hurd The Valuenaiare says:

    Do the CRA's have to have on file for it to be verified or are you speaking of the actual creditor?

  48. iHeart BattleRap says:

    Before coming across this information, I made the mistake of disputing everything online. Does this mean I cant use the 609 letters now?

  49. Aley Anna Mulino says:

    Hey guys, thanks for all the help!! Quick question, can u use a copy of your passport if you dont have your social security card?

  50. Shakia Hicks says:

    What does it mean on transunion when they say " we discovered that your request requires additional manual processing?" On WalletHub 13 collection accounts has been deleted?

  51. Zen Phobia says:

    Hey Brandon my wages are being garnished for a student loan is there anything I can do about that? Because now I'm literally homeless!

  52. Cassius Stroman says:

    right on dude im sending my second round off tomorrow….wish me luck my man✌

  53. Hard Worker says:

    how about if it is closed and paid off? Can I still remove that from my credit report? Also, I was referring to BOFA, I also have a current secured cc with them.

  54. Mitchell Alvarez says:

    Hey Brandon I just purchased the e book. I'm going to start disputing, my question is after every 30 days if the accounts are not removed continue with with 2nd round of letters and so on?

  55. Chic Allure makeup says:

    Hey Brandon, thanks for sharing! I bought " The easy section 609 credit repair secret" and bought the letter templates. I sent my first round and 2 of my responses said they didn't fully understand the reason of my dispute and asked for supporting documents. And Discover sent me a letter with date my account was opened , date card was issued with all my statements. Do i still dispute my discover account?

  56. MASON CROSS says:

    Hey guys MASON here.. Brandon's plan absolutely works.. follow his plan to the T and it will work for you. see the course through till the end.. I know sometimes it seems impossible and there gonna sent you all this stuff like he said they would do.. like been verified and meets whatever criteria.. it's all lies.. just stay with your plan and in the end you will win the fight.. just don't give up in the middle or let them intimidate you.. the law is on your side just stay with it… good luck.. !!!

  57. Gregory Terrell says:

    What if a creditor claims to have your original signature?

  58. Green Eyes Chavis says:

    I have sent two rounds to the credit bereaus. The first set they responded as verified. The account was a bank with a closed late payment credit card. The second letter I spoke about the fair credit act , but I have yet to hear back or receive the return slip from the postal service. I called to try to get removed and TransUnion Sayed the lender verified the account but sent me nothing and said it's my job to contact the bank. I told them there not following the rules of the laws. I told them they are being dishonest and we're just sued for bad pratice. I told them that I know they want me to have a low credit score and what benefits them. They then ask me what other things I wanted removed. I told them and then they removed minor things on the phone that I requested months ago. It's all a scam. If the letter comes back verified without the deleted bank account , how can I get the third round letter from you to help ? There the crooks

  59. Zion Rodriguez says:

    Hey Brandon I got a packet back with what looks like copy' s of old statements does this qualify as verification? No where on these papers was my signature!

  60. USA Allstar says:

    Good information

  61. carmelcode says:

    I received a response from capitol one with credit card statements saying its verified…. Im like I don't see a signature your just showing what you mail out…. This is a bill do I keep going or is this valid validation

  62. Fred Dubose says:

    Hello. How do I get out of someone s credit repair company, that is doing me wrong?

  63. bota20 says:


  64. Kell Golden says:

    Hey Brandon, one of the debt collectors spelled my name wrong. They are not verifying why it reached such a high amount. Could that be disputed?

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