(Very Scary) Buying and Opening a Real Dark Web Mystery Box! **Cursed**

Guys, I made a huge mistake! I went on the DARK WEB (dark web, dark web, dark web, dark web, dark web) But it’s not my fault! I was roped into it by another YouTuber. He put (Very Scary) in the title. I was curious. What can I say? I wanted to know more. I ended up buying a package from the dark web. And I will unbox it…. At the end of this video. *Intro music wubs* But first! Let’s go through what inspired me to do this. *More intro music wubbing* GUY: Okay, guys we just got it o– *Pewds laughs* Sorry, I’m already nitpicking but– *laughs more* I just noticed this. It’s open. You don’t need to cut it again. It’s open. It’s 100% open. Look at that! He’s cutting nothing! *Wheeze* Oh man…. PEWDS: Anyway, let’s watch the video.
GUY: Okay guys, we just got it open. PEWDS: Damn, he actually got it open. That must have been really tricky. ‘Cause whoever sent it to him through the dark web did a great job packaging it. With regular home tape. GUY: Yo, what’s going on guys and welcome back to the channel. PEWDS: What’s going on guys! Is every YouTuber in 2018 the same person, just… slightly different? I mean, yeah, obviously. It’s always been like that. GUY: Well, if you guys have been keeping up with the previous videos you guys know about this whole entire Angela situation guys. PEWDS: Of course, who doesn’t know about the Angela situation? Everyone’s talking about it, it’s like the Shane Dawson series. Every YouTuber is discussing this thing. GUY: The Angela doll has still not shown up guys. I have no idea where the hell it went since we played that one-man hide-and-seek, guys. I’m sure it’s gonna turn up eventually, but guys, it’s been like three days now and I still have not seen it. So, I guess until it shows up guys, we cannot make any more videos about it. PEWDS: GUYS! The Angelina situation is totally out of control, and I know you guys really want to see what’s going on with this Angelina thing and guys like I’m trying to not drag out this video at all for you guys. All I want is to entertain you guys, and make sure I get the best possible content for you guys. GUY: You’re gonna want to go watch the previous four videos on this channel guys. PEWDS: I’m gonna go uhh… take my chances on that one. *Laughs* I think I’ll just watch this one. GUY: Three weeks ago, I ordered this dark web mystery box guys for about a thousand dollars. PEWDS: OH, A THOUSAND DOLLARS? SURE!! I like how he just proudly puts some prize on it, like, $1000! I ordered it! GUY: Here’s a picture of what it looks like. It looks absolutely crazy, even crazier when I saw it in real life. But, basically inside of it– PEWDS: Jesus Christ, just get on with it. Alright, so basically this guy bought a package from the dark web. You’ve probably seen these videos in your recommended tab, if not, don’t click on them. They’re never anything interesting. I saw one where it said I bought a hard drive from the dark web and guess what? It was just a hard drive! *Laughs* Buying a hard drive from the dark web, ooh. Oh, wow, it was an actual hard drive. Oh, spooky…. It’s a cursed hard drive because it’s from the dark web, ooh, spooky…. GUY: Basically the dark web guys is this website that can only be accessible from a special type of browser guys. If you want to know more about it, then just go search it up on Google. It literally tells you how to do it all but I definitely– I like how this guy tells me how to Google things. *Laughs* If you guys want to know how this work, there’s this website called Google and you can just look it up yourself. So if you want to know about that, just Google it. *Laughs* WHAT!! GUY: The dark web is not to be played around with. This is where all the negative evil s*** happens, guys. It’s basically run– All the negative, evil stuff is from the dark web. I can’t believe the dark web is coming over… ah! Look, ENERGY! Did you see the chair move?! GUY: –run by this evil cult, and it’s where all illegal–
PEWDS: *Laughs* It’s run by an evil—
GUY: –things happen. GUY: But on the–
PEWDS: It’s where all evil things happen! GUY: Prices range from anywhere from ten dollars to like, ten thousand dollars, guys. Three weeks ago I ordered one that was worth like a thousand dollars, so I’m not gonna be able to afford to do that again for this video. I know you guys– PEWDS: So in this video, he did the budget version of the dark web box. I can’t wait to see what’s inside. What could the dark web send us. Just a bunch of cursed items. It says it in the title, it’s cursed! GUY: Check it out it literally, like, “DW”, I don’t even know–
PEWDS: Oh my God…. GUY: Ohh, you know what? That stands for the dark web. PEWDS: This guy literally took a moving box, it’s not even a shipping box, it’s one of those uh… moving boxes, and he wrote dark web on it so he could go on camera. Ooh, I think, you know what? I think that means dark web. I’m running through this a bunch of people and we all come up with the idea that it probably stands for dark web. GUY: It’s so freaking crazy. Check it out, guys. Can you even, can you see anything in there? I don’t think you can. I am so nervous to get this open guys. You know what happened the last time I opened one of these things, it did not end good. Just before we get into actually unboxing this dark web mystery box, make sure you go down below and drop a like on this– PEWDS: Of course, of course, you can’t watch a video without it. GUY: –and I say it every video but go down below and hit that subscribe button for– PEWDS: Oh my God, okay, alright, okay. Just, open the box, please. GUY: –you turn on the post notifications.
PEWDS: Oh, we gotta turn on the post notifications. *Laughs* I’m trying to skip past it and it just gets more. GUY: Holy crap guys, we’re gonna actually do this right now. This is pretty freaking crazy. I got my knife, ready to cut the tape open. PEWDS: Wait, is that knife from the dark web? GUY: There’s definitely something in there, like– PEWDS: I’m glad he bought a package online and it had something in it, that’s always nice. That would have been an epic troll if it was just a box. GUY: Oh, my, God. Alright guys, I just managed to get the dark web box open, and I forgot to mention in the intro that when I ordered this on the Deep Web it said something in the description about it being like from Egypt, or it was like some Egyptian, ancient– PEWDS: I like that he, he had to throw some extra lore in there. GUY: Okay, guys, I’m just gonna have the camera set up like this while we actually unbox this video, uhh, holy crap, guys. Based on the first look inside this, the stuff in here is looking like it’s worth a lot of money guys, like– PEWDS: Okay, so he’s– he’s peeked in the box and he’s had a quick evaluation, and he’s come up with the consensus that it’s worth a lot of money in there. Okay, I’m curious to see what he got, maybe like a bunch of gold or something. GUY: –crap, there is a lot–
PEWDS: *Laughs* WOW!! That looks like it’s worth a lot of money! He was not kidding, huh? What have we got. Damn. You know what? I- I don’t wanna spoil it. GUY: We got a lot of stuff to go through, guys.
PEWDS: Yes, let’s go through it. GUY: Okay, we’re just gonna jump into this guys, I’m just gonna reach my hand in there,
PEWDS: Let’s just jump into it! GUY: and we’re gonna grab the first thing we feel. PEWDS: I like that he saw, that it was a knife in there, and then he decides, “You know what? I’m not even gonna look!” *Laughs* GUY: Kay, what the hell is this, guys? Holy crap, it looks like–
PEWDS: What the frick, woah…. holy moly shmoly…. PEWDS: That looks like something you could just buy from CVS in the Halloween section. And it’s October right now. My God, the Egypts, the Ancient Egypts must have copied us. What are the odds? GUY: –some sort of like, it looks like one of those cups like where you freaking pour– PEWDS: It looks like one of those cups, where he… is he trolling? He has to be trolling! I know he’s pandering to children, but the words he use are just so moronic that I can’t tell if he’s deliberately putting them in there, as a joke, or if he just doesn’t know how to ar- articulate himself. GUY: –this, guys. Holy crap. It looks like some sort of like, it looks like one of those cups like where you freaking pour the blood in and the people like, a evil cult drinks out of it guys. It’s got like a creepy freaking skull face on the front. Oh my God, I wonder who has touched that. PEWDS: You have. You touched it. GUY: More importantly, I wonder what it’s worth. I’m trying to get my money back from buying this, guys. Ho– PEWDS: I wonder what it’s worth. Well, this is a crazy coincidence, but you can also buy them for three pounds. Guys, this is frickin crazy. They’re also selling them in China, but he said they got them from Egypt. This is very scary. GUY: Oh my god. I wonder who has touched that.
PEWDS: Some Chinese worker, that’s who’s touched it. *Laughs* GUY: Guys, I feel like there’s secretly like a freaking old rat living in this box and it’s gonna like bite my finger off Okay. Whoa, what the hell is this? PEWDS: It’s a Gucci…cat.
GUY: Oh my God…. Guys, this looks like, ohhh! ‘Cause the, you guys, remember I was saying the box had some like sort of Egyptian thing in the description? I don’t know about you guys, but this looks like some sort of Egyptian thing, guys, look– PEWDS: This guy, he needs to be a detective, I mean. *Laughs* First of all he uncovered the secret of the text, where “DV” stands for dark web, and then he connected that the Egypt object had something to do with the fact that he ordered it from an Egyptian curse thing. Oh my god if anyone’s Egyptian in the comments and can tell me what this says, that would be greatly appreciated. That is freaking— PEWDS: Even Stromedy himself recognize that that’s beyond his level, you know. Hey guys. If you’re an Egyptian, leave a comment down below what you think these hieroglyphics mean? Hey guys, if you’re Swedish, just let me know what these Nordic runes means. I would greatly appreciate it. As you all know ancient languages. One of my favorite objects is of course the knife that he just added in there for extra effective spookiness. I guess he looked at the box that he– with all the stuff that he bought from a Halloween store and thought, “well, not spooky enough. We need to add a knife in there.” But the best part about it is his comment about that there’s a knife in there. GUY: Oh my god. There’s something sharp. I think I just cut myself What the hell…. Guys the freaking knife. Guys, I literally have a knife exactly like this. That’s so weird. PEWDS: WHAT ARE THE ODDS?!! *Laughs* I like how he does this just in case some cynical ten-year-old is watching this be like, “Wait a minute! He has that knife, I’ve seen it in the background of one of his videos!” He can just go, “whoa, it looks just like it, whoa, it looks just like the kitchen knife I have.” “I just got THE CHILLS!!” This is another genius observation coming up by the way. GUY: What is this… PEWDS: What is this.
GUY: Oh– PEWDS: Guess in the comments what he’s going to guess what that is.
GUY: –my gosh, guys. It looks like a freaking rope. PEWDS: This guy’s, this guy’s the next Sherlock Holmes. It looks like a frickin rope guys. GUY: Okay, I don’t even want to say what I think this might have been used for guys. But that’s pretty weird a frickin rope and it’s like one of those old ropes guys, like, holy crap. PEWDS: Ever heard of those old ropes? *Laughs* This goes on for ten more minutes?! PEWDS: Whoa, is that a real skull guys?
GUY: Oh, my, God, guys. Okay, for those of you that are freaked out, this– PEWDS: Oh! Okay. What is it?
GUY: –does not look like a real skull. PEWDS: AH! Oh, thank God! Ah, thank God!! Oof! GUY: –but I wonder what the hell this was used for guys and why it’s in the box. This is pretty frickin creepy guys. PEWDS: Yeah, I wonder what that was used for, but most importantly, I wonder how much it’s worth. I want to make sure he makes his money back on this. GUY: Look at that, look at that. That is so creepy. PEWDS: He’s got a ball. GUY: What is this? GUY: We found some, like, weird looking… ball?
PEWDS: It’s a ball… it’s a ball… ball, you found a ball. PEWDS: *Laughs* This is too good, what else do we got? GUY: What is this? Oh my God, okay. I don’t even want to touch that. I think you guys can already assume what the hell that was. PEWDS: Your mom’s tampon? *WUBWUB WEEEEEEW WUWUWUB WUWUWUB* GUY: What is this? Oh my god it goes forever.
PEWDS: It goes forever. *Laughs* GUY: Holy crap. All right, guys, we found some like weird dark chain? PEWDS: Wait a minute. That’s the chain from the other
GUY: –and if you guys are thinking “oh that’s the chain from the other mystery box” it’s literally not, guys, like, you can go compare the colors. This one is like a dark–
PEWDS: Oh, damn it. He got me. You’re right. That one is darker. That chain is darker from the other one. He also has some letter.
GUY: –dark web box, and the paper looks pretty new guys, like it’s not an old paper. It looks like it was literally just printed. Right as it was being shipped. PEWDS: You mean right as you just put it in the box. It also has the exact same font as he used in another stupid video. I don’t know why I’m even trying to prove him or whatever! Okay? I don’t need to do this. But the most important part of this is: I ordered a box from the darkest web. I paid not just a thousand. I paid ten thousand. So I hope I get my monies back. We’re gonna unbox it right now. So I got this. This is the box that I got from– So this is the box that I got from the Deep Web guys. It arrived just this morning and it says, …wait a minute…. It says… Death Pantry. What the frick guys. What does that stand for? What does that even mean? That must mean something death, like… dying? Guys, am I gonna die from opening this? Okay, guys, we’re gonna have to freakin unbox this right now, but if I die, you have to smash like on this video right now. Whoa. Holy crap, guys, it’s got this… Whoa. Oh, my God it goes forever. It’s got this wrapping plastic in it. It must be some cursed wrapping plastic, filled with demons or something, maybe there’s like a ghost *Pop* Whoa. Oh my gosh, guys. Oh… oh…. It’s got a doll in it. This must be some kind of cursed frog. Oh my gosh, no way. No way! A kitchen… whisker… machine… thing. GUYS! This is just like the one I have in my house. This must be some… ancient demon trapped in a box. Oh my god guys. It’s trying– the demon is trying to kill me. It’s time for random shout-out time! Random shout-out time! This time, it’s actually not so random. I found this video, thanks to Critikal, he does great videos, I really enjoy his channel. He’s always finding new interesting things for me to steal from. I was also part of one of his podcasts that he does, it’s really great as well, so if you want to check that out, I’ll leave that in the description. but overall just a nice, great dude that I don’t really know, I’m just assuming. *Laughs* And also to… Stromedy, if you’re watching, I hope you enjoyed this little video. I’m sure you did. Just a fun little meme! I can’t wait to see what happens with the doll. So, good luck with that. Bai!!!

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