Veterans Bond: Blake & Robert | Navy Federal Credit Union

Military influence on my young life was very strong My grandfather was Army my dad was marine not Navy Everybody’s joined a different military branch Choosing the Armed Forces is one of those super complex decisions at least it was for me I chose the Navy because it fit my personality Hey what’s up man! Hey Blake? Yeah Blake I’m Rob yeah nice to meet ya man super nice day military bond I feel like is the strongest that you hold you always need a friend in the military you never meet a stranger one of the interesting things about the services get men and women who’ve maybe never gotten a paycheck before I think Navy Federal does a great job with giving them just precision guidance tell them plan out a valid and successful financial future Navy Federal actually employs veterans I think that is a big value add to their customer service the military and navy federal go together very well based on their loan rates based on their business model it just seems to be the smartest choice possible maybe federal they’re trying to help you get stuff done they understand what you’re going through you

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