Veterans Bond: Jason & Andy | Navy Federal Credit Union

I joined the Marines because I knew they’re the branch with the toughest training I felt I could meet those physical challenges and I never wanted to ask what would have happened if I come from a military family on both sides I remember always hearing stories about the military but I do remember distinctly when I first heard about the SEAL Teams from that moment on it became a magnetizing force in my life it seemed like it was just an absolute fit Jason? Yeah Andy yeah what’s up my man yeah nice to meet you yeah man welcome to San Diego Yeah good to be here! So at some point today we’ll get you up in the aircraft assuming you don’t refuse out of it … nah man its not in my genes (laughter) right the military is a different world we dress differently we talk different languages and for those that have had that shared experience you’re always gonna have a shared bond there’s a brotherhood when you’re over there no matter how much time passes when you have to get your things in order before we go get deployed Navy Federal does a great job it makes you feel protected never had an issue with alone whether it be a vehicle loan or a home equity loan navy federal is very transparent they don’t try to pitch you things that’s how you build trust they have an understanding of who I am and where I come from and I have that same understanding of that that’s how I feel okay so we’re all same team you

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