Veterans Bond: Karen & Ben | Navy Federal Credit Union

I knew that a Korea and their Armed Forces would be for me it requires you to be present at all times I take that very seriously I wanted to get to a good four-year college that was away from home get out star senatorial and navy opportunity seemed like the best way for the whole package Karen hey hey hey sweetie good together this nice boat baby when you meet someone else who’s been in the service there’s an underlying bond of understanding you know what it’s like to pack up and move every two or three years you know what it’s like to say goodbye to your family and be gone for six or seven months at a time my first dive at sea I was experiencing this crazy amount of leaves and boat and everything but unless you had a good time once you have your buoyancy so that you’re floating you’re not fighting to stay up and you’re not fighting to stay down you can really get to almost a meditative stage maybe federal helped me navigate through a lot of things that life put in front of me from an early age Navy federal has really helped me be smart with my money from being able to save my first bicycle to being able to refinance the present home that I live in I just feel like there’s something so powerful about being a part of that financial community you

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