Vymo for Lending Enterprises

For most financial institutions, offering
a varied range of lending products to customers can quickly turn into an
arduous affair. As the business scales the problem is made even more complex
with the unavailability of adequate systems to provide managers visibility
into their field forces productivity. So, how can you identify the right
prospects and effectively target them? How can you reduce the time taken to
disperse the funds and accelerate the approval process? And how can you ensure regular payments and improved collection efficiency across the lending cycle? With
Vymo’s mobile first solution for lending you can gain complete visibility and
control in your lending work flows across sales and collections. Vymo can
aggregate leads from various sources then allocate these leads to the most
appropriate salespeople, and nudge the salespeople with contextual
recommendations to ensure timely closure. Vymo integrates with loan origination
and underwriting systems to trigger approval workflows in real time.
Vymo even boosts the productivity of collection agents by automatically
calendaring and detecting engagement activities. With Vymo, you get
increased sales productivity and lead conversions, reduced turnaround time
for approvals and disbursement, and increased revenue collected from
defaulting customers. Get Vymo today!

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