Want to skip drinking milk? Watch this first (Marketplace)

[♪♪] It might not look like it, but
this family is in the middle of a food war. Not very fond of milk just
because I hear so many things about what’s added in milk. I love milk. I’ve been drinking
it my whole life. I have it with
every single meal. [Asha] Individually Jimmy
and Gina can set aside their differences. You want to practice boxing? [Asha] But the debate really
heats up when it comes to their kids, 5-year-old Eden
and 2 year old Aria. They had a glass of
milk yesterday too. Yeah, but that’s
yesterday, what about today? We’ll give them milk
later if they ask for it, they’re not asking
for it right now. They’re always asking for it. But they didn’t ask for it now,
so we can give it to them later. I don’t see the big deal of it. I feel like they
should have milk any time, if they want it,
they can have it. Some days when
he’s had a long day, it just gets kind of heated. I think that’s actually a
pretty nice version of the conversation. How about you show me a pull up? [Asha] The Kims are not alone. Seems many Canadians are
avoiding milk for lots of different reasons. For Gina it’s because she’s
seen headlines like these. But they add all
these stuff in there, right, so that’s why
I’m concerned about it, like antibiotics,
growth hormones, that’s not good for the kids. [Asha] And the new food guide
doesn’t help to clear up the debate. Where’s the dairy? -The dairy?
-Would this be it? -Yeah.
-This is like yogurt. -But no milk!
-No milk. Yeah, there’s no milk on there. [Asha] It’s a stark
change from the previous one. [Jimmy] Like if you look at
this one over here right? This little
rainbow looking thing, milk actually has
its own rainbow. [Asha] Jimmy and a lot of us
grew up seeing lots of milk ads brought to us by the
multi-billion dollar dairy industry. So, who’s right? To drink milk or
not to drink milk? That’s the ultimate question. I think that’s the first time
I’ve seen you eat the yellow. [Asha] To get the answer we need
to break into the Kims’ food diaries! Did you fill in that
food diary this morning? Not yet. [Asha] We’re asking them to
track everything they eat for 3 days. I didn’t snack at night,
did you snack at night? Did I have like a granola bar? Granola bar. Or chocolate bar. Chocolate bar, that
sounds about right. [Asha] For anyone
thinking about avoiding milk, you gotta ask yourself can you
meet all your nutritional needs without it? And can the Kims? This is gonna be fun. It is gonna be fun. We’re gonna meet this family and
they’ve been doing these food diaries. To find out, we’re bringing
in dietician Andrea Miller. She’s reviewed their food
diaries and she’s going to end this family’s food war. – [Everyone] Hi.
-Welcome, welcome. [Asha] Everybody’s here! Thank you. Based on their food diaries,
this is what they eat in a day. There’s the milk. So, a glass a day, that
sounds about right for you? Yeah.
For sure, for sure. At least a glass a day. [Asha] And Gina, no
milk on your plate. No milk. [Asha] But both their
kids drink milk daily. They ask for it, so I
can’t always say no, I try to direct them
to something else. [Asha] Taking a look at
what they would eat in a day, how do you think this
family did nutrient wise? So, there are some really
wonderful things about these plates you’re making
food from scratch, you’re eating
together, that’s all amazing. [Asha] Gina and Jimmy are
looking pretty confident. But what’s the truth? So, let’s talk about that
biggest concern with the way they’re eating, calcium. [Asha] Health Canada’s current
guidelines say adults and kids need 1000mg of calcium a day
while toddlers need 700 for proper bone development. So how do the Kims stack up? So, the kids are getting about
half and you two are getting about a third of
what you need daily. [Asha] What do you
guys think about that? That’s a pretty low percentage. That’s pretty low and it’s
concerning because my family has history of osteoporosis. I just assumed I’ll
drink a glass of milk a day, I’m fine, but to
hear that I’m only 30%, I’m consuming 30%’s
worth, it’s shocking. [Asha] Remember, mom and dad
need 1000 milligrams of calcium. About 3 cups of milk. That’s equal to about
three bunches of broccoli, 20 cups of chopped kale or two
and a half cans of sardines with bones. So, to increase their
calcium without adding dairy, how much more food does
this family need to eat? This is Gina’s plate. [Asha] Gina would need to
eat this much extra food. This is Aria’s. Aria needs this much. Jimmy’s. Jimmy, this much more. And Eden’s. And Eden, he needs
to eat this much. Oh my. This is all in
addition to what we’re– -In addition to.
-Wow. [Asha] Do you
think that’s doable? It’s gonna be a huge adjustment. Just because the portion
is so much bigger now. I’ll be honest I don’t know if
I could eat this and on top of this, it almost looks
like another daily meal. [Asha] You’d be eating all day. Yeah. But it is possible to do this
without including dairy, it just means some really
deliberate choices about what foods you choose [Asha] Seems like Jimmy is
winning this family food war. But Gina’s not sold yet. Remember she’s worried about all
those extras she thinks are in our milk. The things that I
hear about milk, the growth
hormones and antibiotics, things like that. So that makes me a
little bit concerned. So those are
really valid points. But in Canada we do not allow
hormones in our milk supply at all. And if a cow does become sick
on a dairy farm and does need antibiotics, that cow is pulled
from the milk chain supply. Canada has very rigorous
standards around dairy products so that’s something we
don’t need to worry about. [Asha] What do you
think about that? That’s a relief. Makes my life a little easier. [Asha] Well, did we settle
the food war at this house? I don’t want to admit it
but the glass of milk. And adding some yogurt
would definitely be easier. And gives me the
nutrients that I need as well. Absolutely. [Asha] I think Aria’s
already getting a head start. [Laughter] [Asha] The battle
is over at the Kims, but some of you might still be
wondering about all those other milks. To check out how they
rank next to cow’s milk, visit our website
cbc.ca/Marketplace. And are you in the
middle of a family food war? Join the
conversation on Twitter, Facebook, or email us.

56 comments on “Want to skip drinking milk? Watch this first (Marketplace)”

  1. Argento Nomad says:

    I get an average of 200% of my RDA of calcium a day without any dairy and under 2200 calories. No, you don't have to be eating all day to get proper amounts, you just have to do research and stop believing propaganda like this one here. Cow's milk is the ideal food for baby cows, not humans.

  2. Figaho St-Jean says:

    What a nice ad !

  3. Jay Ar says:

    CBC is a joke

  4. Andrew_koala says:

    38% of milk samples in 10 cities were contaminated with Sulphur drugs and other antibiotics.
    (This from the Centre for Science in the Public Interest and The Wall Street Journal, Dec. 29, 1989).
    A similar study in Washington, DC found a 20 percent contamination rate
    (Nutrition Action Health letter, April 1990).

    What's going on here?
    When the FDA tested milk, they found few problems.
    However, they used very lax standards.
    When they used the same criteria as did the Centre for Science in the Public Interest, the FDA data showed 51 percent of the milk samples indicated drug traces.
    Let's focus in on this because it's critical to our understanding of the apparent discrepancies.
    The FDA uses a disk-assay method that can detect only two of the thirty or so drugs found in milk.
    Also, the test detects only at the relatively high level.
    A more powerful test called the 'Charm II test' can detect drugs down to five parts per billion.

  5. monica reynolds says:

    I have never watched such a load of absolute DRIVEL!!! are you PAID to do this by the Dairy Farmers of Canada – Ontario ? dairy was removed from the Canada Food Guide for a very good reason ! cows milk is for her CALF! have you not researched the health issues related to dairy? have you not seen the calves on trucks going to slaughter with their umbilical cords still attached ? have you not seen the calves in the white huts – lonely, sad, scared, dying – as they are fattened up for VEAL! ? have you not researched to learn about CASEIN?? honestly we cannot watch your ridiculous programme again …………we were fuming the whole way through ………….coconut oil is fantastic when used properly – you only have to read the bottle or jar to see that you do not use it in huge amounts …………omg! what a waste of half an hour ! you should be ashamed for airing this bullcrap ! I hope the Mother in this segment is taking notice and understands that she is CORRECT!

  6. Anne shaughnessy says:

    This is shocking to see. Marketplace, you are doing a huge disservice to Canadians by showing this. That dietitian is sadly misguided. There may not be ADDED hormones in milk, but milk is produced to feed calves, and there's plenty of cow hormones in it! So, unless you're a calf, or you want to gain a huge amount of weight really fast, cow's milk is horrible for your health. I'm actually thi king of taking courses to become a dietitian so I can see how much the dairy industry is actually involved in their education. Just disgusting.

  7. Don says:

    Milk these days not good !

  8. Alain Cliche says:

    this is TRUE disinformation… shame on you CBC…

  9. Stephanie robinson says:

    This is all so very wrong.

  10. MQNguyen says:

    I used to drink milk without any issues, but i am now lactose intolerant since i stopped being a teenager. Adult me isn't liking dairy milk at all, so i've been having Soy "milk" instead, not for health reason but i just like the taste.

  11. tubelz says:

    Red meat is back on the menu too. See the recent studies.

  12. Sustainably Savvy says:

    So Canada does rigorous testing on our milk, what about imported milk? Especially now with the trade deal from US farmers. Will that be hormone free, too?

  13. Debbie Partir says:

    How is it dairy cows have so much calcium? Do they drink milk? No? They eat grass? Hmmm, interesting.

  14. MrGeno1951 says:

    I learned a lot about milk from this video- by reading the comments.

  15. Jsav91 says:

    This is brutal. Cow milk is a mixture of hormones for a baby cow. There’s much more to nutrition than calcium. The addition of all those vegetables shown would be extremely beneficial to their lives, much less the calcium in them.

    The dairy industry has invested in this video, no doubt.

  16. Benjamin Frost says:

    Where's the paid sponsor disclosure with this video? This video follows the milk industry's classic pattern of fear mongering about calcium, mentioning bone health, but being careful not to directly connect milk and bone health because they don't want to get slammed for false advertising. The CBC should have higher goals than being a industry shill or just a peg above Facebook articles.

  17. Salma Mohamed says:

    Lol I don't eat anything like that

  18. onetwo11221 says:

    the way she said here in Canada it feels line she’s talking to foreigners… oh lady

  19. Ryan Pallett says:

    Don’t need milk, lots of other sources of calcium.

  20. Alexandre Amirizian says:

    Natural hormones… Cows are pregnant during most of their milking phase. Gone are the days of small scale farming.

  21. Maria P. says:

    What about the treatment towards cows in the dairy industry?!!!! It's pathetic that you don't even mention the wellbeing of the animal.

  22. CDOSRUN says:


  23. Jay 6.7 Powerstroke says:

    SNAKE DIET 🐍 Stop eating fatties!

  24. Monster Bowfishing says:

    Buy a damn cow problem solved lol!

  25. Barry Boppins says:

    I've drank somewhere around 7300 gallons of milk over the last 2 decades. And all it's done is made me muscular and kept my appearance youthful. Oh and allows me to make strength gains every single week. And I'm old now. Drink milk. If you can.

  26. Barry Boppins says:

    Quick quiz for vegans. How many of you can bench press 500 pounds? 405 pounds? 315 pounds? 225 pounds? Answer below.

  27. Trung Nguyen says:

    France consumes the most dairy of any nation but have the highest osteoporosis rates. Go figure that out lol

  28. lgmnow kondo says:

    100%…this cbc host does not drink milk!! No way no how!

  29. lgmnow kondo says:

    ohhh…I see what this is. It's a good Canadian milk commercial…and makes sure that we all fear the US milk.

  30. queenblurblab says:

    I'm lactose intolerant so I'm just sol? 😑 OR I'll just drink fortified milks and eat fortified foods 🙄

  31. shri mugoos says:

    Very funny canadian 3.25% milk is the worst kids getting all kind of trouble in their teeth after they consume homomilk. Eat fish you will be fine

  32. Loki Kuro says:

    Honestly I believe there is a lot of growth hormones in milk or some other products that the average Canadian consume. Look at how many boy/guy has gynecomastia in western countries and see the correlation with them and their habits of drinking milk. And compare that to other countries that don’t consume milk or very little.

  33. gg says:

    Milk has its own rainbow. It’s settled then

  34. Faheeem Still at it says:

    After water milk is definitely one of the best drinks

  35. Lystra Lalbeharry says:

    I drink milk all my life haven’t end up in the hospital. If you look at the ingredients in the alternative milk it have way more additives in it, and it taste like crap. I will always choose something with one ingredient instead of many.

  36. Canadian slednecks says:

    Plot twist: that's sperm not milk

  37. Underthought says:

    Fun fact – cow's milk has a "tolerable" amount of pus in it. As a farmer I know .
    Enjoy your pus milk.

  38. JAMRAM says:

    Yeah. …… I dunno. …. lol there are other options aren't there? Like even taking a calcium supplement? I'm not saying milk is bad, I drink it. This video does seem fishy to me

  39. CBC News says:

    The dietician in our report isn't suggesting that you should or shouldn't drink milk. If you choose to skip milk, make the right food choices to get enough calcium. And if you choose plant-based milks, check out our article about how cow's milk stacks up next to the alternatives: https://www.cbc.ca/marketplace/m/blog/information-about-alternative-milks ^ph

  40. Sijimon Ramachandran says:

    One of the best sources for Calcium, prefer Yogurt as it easy to digest + have probiotic.

  41. Dangic23 says:

    Marketplace going downhill recently.
    Anti coconut….now pro baby cow milk.

    Too bad the USA allows all types of poisons in all of out foods.

    Whats Next.?….Facebook is saving lives.

  42. To Register says:

    Shame on you, CBC! I had just read your report on coconut oil and was impressed to see the truth finally come out in mainstream news, but then I read your recent report on dairy. Obviously it must be a paid commercial from the dairy industry of Canada. I won't even bother stating the obvious truth that was left out of this story, since the truth is already out there for anyone intelligent enough to open their eyes. Maybe Market Place should do a story on themselves. Something smells fishy about their investigative journalism.

  43. Raphael Arias says:

    She doesn’t like milk, but Nutella is okay. Hehe

    PS: it may not be everyday, but in the video, they have a spoon full of Nutella.

  44. R G says:

    Even if the CBC is living in the past and continues to produce such pathetic pieces like this, it’s encouraging to read the comments below and know people aren’t believing this garbage anymore. No other animal on the planet will continue to consume mammary gland lactation after infancy never mind drinking that of another species. Can it be done?…sure, should it be done? Not according to Mother Nature, but what does she know. Listen to the dairy industry instead

  45. NutLover360 says:

    Milk is good for ya kids. Wana grow tall? Drink milk and don’t end up like a midget

  46. sheldrake1111 says:

    It makes me laugh that she says she’s worried about the health of her kids with a jumbo size jar of Nutella beside her 🤣

  47. smu72 says:

    I actually really like milk and drink organic milk daily, about 0.5 to 1 cup (much less than the glass shown in this video). I did some research on alternative milk solutions and am trying out oat milk as it is the least impacting on the environment. However, I discovered today that I need A LOT more oat milk than the usual dash of milk to get the dilution I want in my coffee and am still getting used to the sharp taste.

    I am not here to say drinking milk is good or bad. But if you do drink alternative milk products, remember: 1) a lot of people are talking about milk having naturally occurring hormones. The same is true for soy (estrogen). From what I can tell, the jury is still out on the effects but certainly if you're from a country where soy is a staple, your genetics are more adapted to it. If you are not, do your research before choosing soy. 2) Soy in an environmental disaster if it's coming from the Amazon. Clearcutting, corruption, human rights violations. If you're vegan because you don't like the idea of killing animals, just think about how many animals (and people) Amazon soy has affected. 3) Almonds can also be destructive. Last time I picked up an almond milk carton, the origin was California. California has no business growing something that needs as much water as almonds. Water-related issues like sinkholes have occurred due to irrigation for agriculture, including almonds.

    Again, this is not a promotion for milk. But whenever there is a shift and something starts to trend, it never ends well. Look no further than the avocado or even banana industries to see what happens when demand goes wild. Plant based agriculture is just as terrible, and animals still get hurt as collateral damage. It's not what we put in our mouths that is intrinsically bad, it's how we raise and grow food that's a huge problem.

  48. Trisha D says:

    Dont we now import some milk from the US? Do those milk providers adhere to our regularizations?

  49. elisabethmatusz says:

    Shame on you for spreading lies. You are playing with the lives of the people. Criminal!

  50. Misha Minute says:

    So tell me this: Where do dairy cows receive their dietary intake of calcium? By drinking milk? Of course not. Dairy cows receive their dietary intake, get ready, from foliage often known as green grass found in pastures or alfalfa . So the real question is how rich is our overworked soil of important minerals such as calcium?

  51. omnimacrox says:

    Milk good or bad is a subjective thing. It depends on the body's ability to digest and process milk. And this depends on both your phenotype and genotype. So for your ultimate question, the answer is "Perform genetic analysis on the individual"

    The dietitian is shooting in the dark without looking at the dna blueprint. Her advice could be bad for some and good for others.

    What is wrong with you people. Brush up on science.

  52. Daniel Drozak says:

    How much did the dairy industry pay for this?

  53. Kasper Stevn Nielsen says:


  54. Jon's Conscious Life says:

    Wow… out of the folks who put these videos together, whose uncle has the dairy farm? Cuz this is ridiculous.

  55. Sean O'Gorman says:

    How ridiculous. Dairy industry getting really desperate

  56. Fiona Roossien says:

    CBC, you are a shill for the dairy industry.

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