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[Translation by Google Translate] [Tsiyon Truth Point TSIYON.ORG] [Tsiyon] [Presents] War War on Cash [By] [Eliyahu ben David] [Voice of Eliyahu ben David] In our last message
we began to talk about the war on cash and the mark of the beast. We are going to do
more about this tonight. We have quite a bit more to talk about on this subject. We took
a good look at Revelation chapter 13 verse 16 where it tells us about the mark of the
beast and we looked up the Greek words that this is translated from, for instance, the
word ‘mark’, the word ‘compute’, the ‘number of a man’. We found quite a few terms that
really relate to the use of computers. As strange as this is from something that is
two-thousand years old. What we saw is we looked at the text, is that, the thought that
some people have had, that the mark of the beast could be some form of technology is
not only reasonable but it even accords with the text itself. Here are a few things that
we covered in our program last week. We saw that electronically documenting every person
on earth using biometrics is part of the UN agenda 2030. Now imagine that within 15 years,
having every person in the world identified using biometrics. We saw that the World Bank
is very much behind this, they see this as part of agenda 2030 and they see this as very
much involved in the banking system. This effort has been accompanied by a war on cash,
by MasterCard, and other global banking concerns and we looked into that quite closely. We
are seeing also a cashless society is being touted by major economist and celebrities
to create acceptance. Tonight we are going to look into this some more to see where this
war on cash is actually coming from. We noted that the envisioned electronic money system
only works if cash is totally eliminated and every person on earth is enrolled in a cashless
system. We saw that smart cards are one step in furthering acceptance toward a cashless
electronic money system. Phone payments have been another step forward towards that and
biometric payments are another step even beyond that. Tonight we have a video that is talking
about some of these things so we want to take a look at that next. [News Anchor] A parking in New York City may
soon be as easy as a few taps on your cell phone. Now there is an app for that ‘pay by
phone’ here on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, Ronaldo Quadrados Parking knows dealing with
receipts and coins and sometimes broken meters, are now made simpler using his cellphone to
pay for a spot. Once you sign up for an account you provide your license plate number and
your credit card information. Your license plate number and your credit card information. [Male News Anchor] It was not too long ago
when food trucks could only take cash. [Shari Washburn] It is a game changer for us because
we can now accept all forms of payment, it takes every credit card and people do not
carry a lot of cash. [Male News Anchor] Now Square has made it
even easier for people to pay. Just by telling the cashier your name, users need to download
the pay with Square app and go through the setup, from there, a cashier knows you are
a legitimate paying customer because your name and photo pop up on the other end. Name
and photo pop up on the other end. Starbucks announced that it will be using Square in
7,000 of it’s U.S. stores, will accelerate the movement toward a walletless society.
A walletless society. [Man] Going forward at some point we may be
able to leave your wallet at home because we are going to have all of the information
in the wallet. All of the information in the wallet on our smartphone. [Male News Anchor] With a new generation of
smartphones we will soon be paying for goods and services with our cellphones. [Female Reporter] Smartphones
are gradually becoming able to do everything, including functioning like a digital wallet.
You can even use a smartphone to pay for a train ticket. It is fast and it is easy. [Foreign Girl] Until now I only used my cellphone
for text messages and I am amazed at how efficiently this works, but I worry about having all my
private information on the cellphone and I wonder where it would all end up if I lost
it. [Male News Anchor] Forget about cash or numbers
or student ID cards, three New Mexico schools were about to start using something in their
cafeterias that you would associate more with the department of homeland security. Palm
scanners. [Woman Speaker] At a lot of schools across
the country, this is how kids are now paying for lunches. A quick swipe of their hands
called ‘palm vein scanning’. [Male Speaker] A new technology called ‘Pulse
Wallet’ syncs your credit card to the palm of your hand. Using a biometric palm reader,
this payment service allows you to pay by simply scanning your veins. [Male Spokesman] When you are going to pay
in a super market you are going to enter your four last digits and your phone number and
then you hold your hand above the sensor and the transaction takes less than five seconds
so it is a very quick payment solution. [Female Student] I think it is really good,
it is easy when I do not have my wallet with me. I can use my hand so it is really fast
and easy. [Female News Anchor] Forgotten your wallet?
Do not carry cash? Not a problem. A super market chain in the north of France has gotten
over all these things by introducing biometric payments. All you need is your finger. [Male Foreigner] We do not need to get our
card out, we do not need to fear it being stolen either, given that this system is personalized. [Male News Anchor] To let customers pay without
using debit cards, credit cards or even cash. NBC action news reporter Amy Hawley takes
an in depth look at this controversial technology. [Amy Hawley] Have you ever gone shopping or
loaded up your cart with food or clothing and then get to the checkout line and find
out you have left your wallet in the car? Well tonight we will show you the technology
that makes it simple to just touch and go. You will be able to buy anything from bread
to beer if you agree to give the store your ultimate identity. Once you have your groceries
scanned, now what do you do? You punch in your pin number, touch your index finger to
the image reader and you have paid in about three seconds, all with the touch of your
finger tip. [Customer] And you put your finger in there
and my name comes up and she has got all my information. [Interviewer] And it is that quick? [Customer] It is very quick. [Interviewer] Love it? [Customer] Love it. [Dr. Latanya Sweeney] There is a desire by
several forces coming together, who do want to add a biometric identifier to government
identification. So the leading push in the United States is most likely a biometric added
to your drivers license, that biometric is most likely going to be a finger print. Under
that model, the fingerprint becomes your new Social Security Number. So what does that
mean? I am touching the chair, I am touching the table, I am leaving my fingerprint behind.
You come along with a piece of tape and some dust, you pick up my print, you stick it on
a fake ID and now you are me, right? As proved by this phony fingerprint that you have just
lifted up right? [Jack Kinsella] I am always forgetting my
wallet. I cannot find it, I do not know where it is, and the idea that maybe someone could
put an RFID chip somewhere where I would just have to wave my arm, it is a very attractive
proposition. [Dr. Katherine Albrecht] There are plenty
of reasons to be worried about a cashless society where we have micro-chips implanted
in our hands and simply make our payments in that way. For one thing, you would be unable
to ever make a payment or make a purchase that someone was not watching or recording
in a database. Marketers would love to get a hold of that, hackers can hack into that,
the government could use it to investigate you or control your behavior… [Voice of Eliyahu ben David] With all of these
biometric solutions, cellphone and so on, you are able to make payments without cash.
So this is a real step forward towards a cashless society. However, you can still go and get
cash out of your bank. The people that you pay using these solutions, they can go and
get the cash out of their bank. So it is not quite there to the place where it is a cashless
society, but it is getting people very much used to the idea. So when we look at all of
this and we see this big push towards a cashless system, we wonder, why now? Why is this happening
now? And why is the war on cash heating up? Well I am going to introduce you to someone
who is going to help us understand the reasons for that. His name is Martin Armstrong and
he is the lead figure in the movie ‘The Forecaster’. Now if you live in America you might not know
about this movie because the movie is banned here. In other countries such as in Europe
you can go and see it and you can make special arrangements to be able to see it in America.
Recently I have viewed the movie and I thought really it was quite amazing. Martin Armstrong
is a U.S. based trillion-dollar financial adviser and he is actually a mathematical
wiz you might say. As a teenager he became a millionaire. He invented a computer model
based on the number pi to forecast cyclical economic events. Economic turning points.
This is not just theoretical, as a matter of fact, he and a lot of people that work
with him in his company, made a lot of money by accurately predicting what would happen
on the basis of this computer program and this theory. As soon as the financial world
found out about this, of course, his advice became in great demand and people all over
the world were looking to him and people all over the world were making a lot of money
who listened to what he had to say. This is all documented. Well, what happened with Martin
is that some prominent New York Bankers invited Armstrong to join their club. No who are these
bankers? Well in the movie you see these bankers actually manipulating the downfall of Yeltsin
in Russia. Actually being able to force him to essentially abdicate and they were making
a way for Putin to come in. These people who control the money of the world, control even
the political powers of the world, making this a really interesting movie to watch.
But anyway, these people wanted Martin to join up with them because if they had knowledge
of this cycle, that his computer program showed, then of course they would be able to make
even more money and control the economy even more so. But Martin did not really like these
people very much and he refused to give them his computer program. Shortly after that refusal,
his offices were stormed by the FBI and they confiscated his computer model and they accused
him of a 3-billion dollar ponzi scheme even though there was not one single person who
claimed they had lost any money from him. So this is a so called 3-billion dollar ponzi
scheme with no victims. Very strange. Well I will leave it to the movie to tell you exactly
what happened with Martin. At this point in time, Martin is still making predictions and
he predicts that a sovereign debt crisis will start to unfold, unravel really, on a global
level starting sometime after October 1st, 2015 through sometime in 2017 and his computer
program marks this as a major turning point in his computer model. This is what he says,
he says “the war on cash and the push toward a cashless society at this juncture is a desperate
effort of the elite to stave off the coming financial crisis.” The sovereign debt crisis.
That is what he says. Now he has also published this. He said “The conference to tax physical
money, that is cash, was held on May 18, 2015, in London at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park
in Knightsbridge. Yes in London there was a meeting of some of the worlds most elite
economist and bankers, to discuss how they could go about bringing in a cashless society.
You did not hear about the meeting probably because Martin says the lack of press coverage
was deliberate and intended to avoid sending panic to the people which would lead to a
massive bank run. You know if you thought you were about to lose all your cash in the
bank, you would want to go get it would you not? So of course they did not publicize this.
Well we have the two leading economist who were at that meeting and who subsequently
have been pushing a cashless system and this is quoting Mr. Armstrong. “This idea of eliminating
cash first floated as the normal trial balloon to see how the people would take it. Kenneth
Rogoff of Harvard University, and Willem Buiter, the chief economist of Citigroup, first launched
the concept. Their claims have been widely hailed and their papers are now the foundation
for the new age of Economic Totalitarianism that confronts us.” So these are the faces
of the New World Order that were really tasked with launching this idea, this project of
a cashless society. Let us take a little closer look at these men to see who they are. Willem
Buiter, the London-based chief economist of Citigroup. You see behind him the logos of
organizations that he speaks for, including the World Bank group. We talked about them last week. The council for foreign relations as well as other globalist organizations, he is very much a front man for these globalist organizations. Mr. Buiter has had some problems,
personal problems, The Telegraph reported about him. First it tells us what an eminent
economist he truly is, a former member of the Bank of Englands monetary comittee, actually
setting interest rates and things like that for the bank. He is Cambridge educated, a
columnist for the financial times, truly a darling of the elite. However, somehow his
mistress has caused him a lot of troubles. Apparently he dumped her and she has been
trying to get even in the press. Plus she sent him emails, lewd photographs, and in
other ways harassed him and as you read the article and you think about Buiter pushing
this cashless society idea where the bankers have control over all the money, it sort of
makes you think “Well if he had that control, would it not be easy for him to make problems
like this go away?” The bankers would basically be king would they not? In that situation.
These kinds of problems would be very easy for them to deal with and they would not have
to deal with this kind of embarrassment. Well here is the other main person pushing the
cashless society, Kenneth Rogoff, Professor of Economics at Harvard University. What I
am showing you here is a page from the Bilderberg Meetings official website. Now you have probably
heard of the Bilderbergs, they have a meeting every year, basically the elite of the world
get together and talk about the direction of the world and where they think it should
go and perhaps what they are doing about it. The meetings are secret so there is a lot
we do not know but we do know that Kenneth Rogoff is one of them. You see also in his
picture, you see the logo of the group he is talking at their, the World Economic Forum.
This is another globalist group. This is from their website, they have a timeline there
on their website The World Economic Forum. This is directly from their website, they
say they are building an international organization for public-private cooperation. Now if you
happened to hear our Daniel Seminar, we talked about agenda 21 and agenda 2030 and these
are catchphrases. A public-private cooperation, this is part of world governance, where governance
actually work along with the banks, and with businesses, and with NGO’s (non-governmental
organization) to govern the population. The World Economic Forum is a part of that. They
are based in Geneva and here is a picture from 1992, that was the year, of course, for
agenda 21 and we have Prince Charles there along with the head of the WEF (World Economic
Forum) and they said that they were committed to improving the state of the world by engaging
business, political, academic, and other leaders of society to shape global, regional, and
industry agendas. In other words, they are saying “We are going to use our money to change
the world to make it what we want.” Apparently Prince Charles wants to help them do that.
They are funded by a thousand member companies. Their members typically have more than 5-billion
dollars in turnover per year. That is the poor ones. These enterprises rank among the
top companies within their industries, within their country, and they want to be a part
of this, playing a shaping role to shape the world according to their image. Here is a
more updated picture. Instead of Prince Charles, we have Prince Andrew and he continues that
legacy of working closely with the World Economic Forum even to this date. Not everybody likes
the World Economic Forum, here in 2006 this is a demonstration against them, this is something
that happens to them quite frequently because a lot of people consider them very totalitarian
and consider their agenda as being very totalitarian. So that is who they are. All of them and especially
the central banks are very concerned about the economy, where it is headed. This is because
there is such a huge amount of debt in the world that they know that eventually the economic
system is going to completely tank. What they have done so far to deal with that is, they
have reduced interest rates. This is their typical way of dealing with it. This is what
they have done other times in the past, however, this particular economic crisis has been so
great that they have effectively reduced the interest rate to zero for quite a long time.
While it has kept the economy artificially from totally crashing, it is not enough to
turn things around. So there problem is that with the cash system that we currently have
in the world, there is no way for the interest rates to go below zero. This barrier of zero
is called the zero lower boundary. This has been what has prevented them from being able
to try to turn the economy around using their artificial methods. Now really, there is a
question if that would even work, but you know they might be able to keep things going
a little bit longer if they did that. So this is what they are wanting to do. Well Buiter
and Rogoff put their heads together a long with other leading economist and bankers in
order to try and overcome this zero lower boundary. The problem is when interest rates
fall to zero, what is the advantage of having your money in bank? You know, some people
might keep their money in the bank for convenience, but really if it is in the bank, you are actually
losing it because of inflation, and if they go lower than zero which means to, in effect,
actually charge you an interest rate to hold your money, what are going to do with it?
You are going to take it out right? So that makes it impossible for them to actually go
below zero on their interest rates. So what Willem Buiter and Rogoff are saying is that
if all currency were eliminated, then of course people could not take out their cash because
there would not be any cash. Then nations could retain a zero inflation rate, they say,
and still get all the monetary stimulus the nation needs by adjusting the amount of the
interest rate below zero. So of course what this would mean is that, you would then be
a hostage to the banking system, your money would be a hostage because it is just digital
money. You cannot take it out. It is part of the system and they would decide, these
bankers would decide, if they were going to take money away from you by bringing the interest
rate below zero or in other financial circumstances, to pay you interest on your digital money
being in their bank. They would decide that, not you. That is how this would work and by
doing these manipulations, they think they could then maintain the economy without inflation.
Of course nobody has ever done this, so this is just a theory right? This is their theory,
it has not been tested. So imagine changing the monetary system, that has existed for
a very long time, of actual physical money, to electronic money on the basis of this theory.
Well Armstrong says that “Physical paper money provides the check against negative interest
rates,” this is what keeps the bank from stealing your money, is the fact that you can take
your money out. Therefore if they start lowering the interest below zero, you are going to
withdraw your funds. This of course from the standpoint of the bank is a bad thing because
this means there can be runs on the bank and an economic crash. “Eliminate paper currency
and what you end up with is the elimination of the ability to demand to withdraw funds
from the bank.” So this is taking away the only leverage you have over the bank and the
economic system. This is why negative interest rates are evil, because it is forcing you
to be a part of this system that is totally built on debt. The Scriptures say the borrower
is servant to the lender and now you are essentially a permanent slave to the banking system through
this system. Armstrong sums it up like this, he says “Rogoff and Buiter have laid the groundwork
for the end of much of our freedom, and one day will be considered the new Marx with hindsight.
They sit in their lofty offices but do not have real world practical experience beyond
theory. Considerations of their argument have shown how governments can seize all economic
power and destroy cash in the process of eliminating all rights.” So this is why we are seeing
this big push towards a cashless society. This is why this is coming in so quickly,
paying with the cellphones, even paying with your fingerprint, you palm print, your iris,
whatever it might be, because they are really pushing this program of a cashless society.
They think that this is what is going to save their butts from a total meltdown of the global economy. Look at this. [Female Reporter] A team of scientist led
by University of Illinois professor John Rogers has created a new less intrusive way of gathering
data from the human body. Unlike conventional equipment that hard wires patients to a stationary
machine. The epidermal electronics, as they are called, attach to the skin in the same
way that you would attach a temporary tattoo. [John Rogers] Our thought was that if you
could convert the electronics from the rigid boxy form that exists today into a format
that looks like the skin in terms of mechanical properties, shape, stretchability, toughness,
then you could almost make like a second skin that would laminate on the surface of the
biological skin in a completely seamless integrated fashion that would be essentially invisible
to the user but able to deliver all of this kind of new functionality through the skin.
So the trick is, how do you go from a rigid silicone wafer based type of electronics,
which is the dominant form of electronics today, into an electronics that offers those
same kind of performance or operating characteristics but in the format of a tissue-like or skin-like
form? [Female Reporter] Researchers developed S
shaped circuits that can move with the skin, expanding, contracting, and twisting without
affecting performance. Through this technology, the team has been able to demonstrate a variety
of devices on the electronic platform, including EMG sensors, LED, and solar cells. Other demonstrations have shown the wearers controlling video games. [John Rogers] The kind of functioning systems
that we demonstrated in this paper involve devices that can monitor brain function so
they laminate on the forehead and they can monitor brain waves and determine what certain
aspects of brain activity. [Dae-Hyeong Kim] So since the characteristic
of our device is very similar acting to epidermis. If it covered with conventional temporary
tattoo, first of all other people cannot see it. It is very easy to wear and since we are
using YLS system the patient, or people, can move and do normal life without any restriction. [John Rogers] We can recover high quality
signals in this kind of skin-like epidermal system that are comparable to state-of-the-art
conventional electrodes that involve bulky pads, strapped to the skin. So the fidelity
of the measurement is equal to the best existing technology that is out there today but in
this very unique skin-like form. [Voice of Eliyahu ben David] Well that is
an example of the kind of technology that could be used for a cashless system. You can
see that this technology can do a lot more than simply function as cashless money. As
they were talking about, this can actually monitor your brain waves. There is research
underway right now to actually read peoples minds with brainwaves. It is kind of an amazing
thing to think about. There is technology today that actually monitors your voice. You
know sometimes when you think, as a matter of fact, we all think in words, particularly
when we think of concepts and we do not even know this but our body is mouthing these words.
There is technology today that can actually sense these movements within your body and
can hear these words that you think you are just thinking. So that itself is kind of like
reading your mind, even though it is not exactly reading your mind. This kind of technology
could be used for this sort of thing, for example. We could see that this totally interfaces
with a computer, this can totally connect to the internet, to keep you connected to
the internet at all times, to monitor you, to monitor what is going on in your body,
it can maintain all of your records- everything. All hidden under a tattoo that affixes to
your body where it blends right in with your own skin, can easily be in a convenient place
like your hand or even on your forehead. When else in history has this prophecy, the mark
of the beast, been even technically possible? Now we are living in this time, when this
indeed is technically possible and we see that the elite of the world are actually pushing
towards a cashless society. Here is some conclusions about that. The first thing that we have to
acknowledge is that a cashless system is being promoted. People are being taken down the
garden path from one technology to another to finally get us there. The UN agenda 2030
shows us that this is planned to be implemented by 2030. However, concern for the sovereign
debt crisis and the economic meltdown could bring a cashless society much sooner than
that. Our third point, while this system may be introduced in as nonthreatening a manner
as possible, it will undoubtedly provide the framework for the Mark of the Beast to eventually
arise. This is how government works, this is how the banking system works, they introduce
something, when they introduce it they might even pay you. You know, when Paypal was a
brand new thing, back in the 90’s I think it was around 1995, I signed up for Paypal
and they gave me five dollars and since then how much have they charged me for all of the
transactions that I have done through Paypal? Yet it has been convenient, it has worked
on the internet, it has met a need. But it has brought us a step closer to the cashless
society. It keeps moving further forward. These different innovations are not in themselves
wrong, after all there is not a lot of difference between being signed up with Paypal, for example,
and having a credit card from your bank. It is really the same thing, they both have all
your information right? But it has to do with the way of thinking to get you used to the
idea of no cash. When finally they take the cash away from us, I am sure they will give
us certain incentives to come on the system. They are going to have to invite back a lot
of cash that is out there and so they are going to have to figure out a way to entice
people to turn all that cash into digital currency. They are going to have to deal with
that somehow. So at first they are going to use the carrot instead of the stick. But once
everybody is on the system, then you have a different story because they are totally
in control then, acceptance is not an issue anymore when there is no cash, and then they
pretty much are going to be able to do what they want. There is a lot of pressure towards
this because the whole world banking community wants this and I think we can see that governments
want this. Can you imagine the kind of control that governments will have through this system?
You know a lot of people thought that Obamacare was very intrusive. Imagine how intrusive
this is if they could just decide to take whatever payments they wanted right out of
your account. So all of this is on the horizon and when the cashless system comes, it may
not be the mark of the beast when it happens but it will be the infrastructure that, when
the anti-christ comes, he can then adopt for that use in order to cause everyone in the
world to worship him and his system. So I think we would agree when we understand this
that avoidance of this system, even before it is utilized by the beast, is probably advised.
For us to start working ween ourselves from this system is advisable, but since it is
going to be a global system, we wonder is that even going to be possible? The big question
then is how do we get out of that system? Well, there is a lot to say about that, we
started talking about that in our last message. We saw the Lion of Judah holds the key. It
has to do with the Remnant Exodus. It has to do with getting out before the beast gets
control of that system, before he arises to power. This leaves a lot of questions, we
are going to go into this part of it, how we can actually avoid this before it ever
even happens, even though this can be scary thinking about these kinds of things we want
to always remember that Messiah is on the throne, and He can make a way when there is
no way and if we trust Him, He is going to be there for us. What He said is “Seek first
the Kingdom, and His righteousness, and all these other things we need will be added to
us.” This is His promise and He will make good on this promise if we put first His kingdom
and His righteousness. He has a plan, we want to know about that plan. [To learn more about the place of safety,
see the entire Escape the Mark of the Beast seminar at: remnantexodus.org] [War on Cash by: Eliyahu ben David] [This video has been produced by: The Tsiyon
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