Watch Out For Tim Geithner And His Predatory Lending Scams

Tim Geithner is in charge of a company called
Mariner. They are predatory, ugly, predatory lenders. Tim Geithner, you might remember, was in charge
of our money under the, under the Obama Administration. The predatory lending story has been outrageous. Fortunately, I’m here with Farron cousins
who has followed this story more than anybody I know. It’s an outrageous story. Uh, tell. Tell us how predatory lending works first
of all, and then tell us how this dnc sweet heart. Okay. DNC Sweetheart. Tim Geithner Pals with Larry Summers who is
also kind of DNC sweetheart. How is he now? One of the predatory, a jackals I’ll call
him is really, really what he is. He’s not only as Geithner become one of the
jackals, he is revolutionized these predatory payday lending scams because rather than set
up these, you know, run down offices in the poorest parts of neighborhoods, like the cash
advance, you know, things like that, that we’ve seen in the past with predatory lenders. He has tried to make it into more of an upscale
a venture. He gives out larger loans, higher interest
rates, but larger loans for more money. And now what he and Mariner are doing, which
they now have 450 branches in 22 different states, they’re just, and I wish there was
a more sophisticated way to say this, but there’s not. They’re just mailing checks to poor people
hoping that the poor people cashed the check so that they can catch them and now they’ve
got them in this loan that this person may not have known. That sounds so incredible, but it’s the truth
again, the poor person doesn’t ask for the check. They do background checks. They see sometimes that the person may have
equity in their home. They’ll actually, they do all their homework,
but the person is living subsistence existence, barely making payments, barely staying alive
in the Tim Geithner crew, Tim Geithner, Obama’s financial guy now says, well, I got to get
idea. We’re gonna. We’re gonna. Mail them a check and if they catch it, we
got em. Isn’t that it? And here’s what they do as well. This is part of the scheme they go through,
they look through hospital billing databases, they look through, you know, any kind of car
repaired database anywhere where you’ve given your name and phone number, things like that. They can see who gets popped with a big bill. Say you just, you know, had a surgery, your
insurance covered most of it, but now you have a hospital bill for $5,000 couple of
days later a $5,000 check shows up and you say, okay, well I could really use this right
now to pay this and be done with it before. That goes to collections. They also work with collection agencies to
find out who owes what. So it is very targeted. It is very sophisticated and these checks
do not come with very much explanation, a little bit of fine print that nobody reads. They think, oh well, you know, this is a good
thing. I’m probably five percent interest better
than a credit card reality. Almost 40 percent interest on these things
and they lock them in. And then as a matter of fact, let me, let
me just tell you something. Finally, the king of predatory lending went
to prison. One of the Kings. Now there’s so many out there right now. Now the new king is Tim Geithner. Okay, this is. This is the DNC, golden boy who is now running
this pathetic, ugly scam. Let, let me back up just a second. Before they send the check, they have abilities
to find out everything they want to about you. They can find out where do you shop, what
do you buy? Who Do you owe money to? Are you behind on your, on your, on your rent,
are you behind on your house payment? They do all of that. And they target. They have a matrix that targets. This is the right person, he hits this person,
hits all of the matrix just right. It’s like throwing a dart and hitting bullseye. So you’re a bullseye. You, you owe the hospital $5,000, you can’t
pay it, you get a $5,000 check and they’ve got you for the rest of your life. Right? And these are people who would not ordinarily
even consider doing one of these payday loan scams. But when you’re sitting there and you’ve got
that check in your hand and you know, all you have to do is sign the back of it and
it’s in the bank and in the other hand you’re looking at that bill and you’re getting the
phone calls from the debt collectors. This check is a lot more likely to get cashed. Then if you had to get in your car, go find
one of those lending places, handover your car title or whatever it is. This Tim Geithner should be in prison. Tim Geithner should be in prison. That’s the bottom line. I saw a great article that basically said
that, that what’s happened to the Democratic Party is the new face is Wall Street contrasted
with a face of Maxine Waters. Crazy woman. I mean that’s how they described. It was really well done. It was well thought out. It was well presented. And, and, and, and that’s really what it is. I mean, you’ve got these Wall Street Tim Geithner’s
now in charge of the Democratic Party. And on the other side you’ve got, I don’t
even know how to describe it. It’s gotten so crazy.

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  1. De'Narde English says:

    It's time for a New Progressive Revolution. My name is De'Narde English, founder and leader of the United States National Unity Party. I am trying to push America into a 21st century Progressive Era. The government has become corrupted by the rich, corporates, and lobbyist that is still using the government, both the Democracts and Republicans, to benefit themselves and only themselves. The rich has become even richer due to these massive tax cuts for the wealthy class, conservative trying to push America back a hundred years, and our democracy is starting to be diminish. My party is trying to help many Americans, help push America to a brighter future, restore civil rights and civil liberty to everyone, and finally end the endless bickering between to groups with different ideologies. Together we will change America for the Greater Good! It's time to fight back and reclaim our democracy! It's time for everyone to declare war on the rich, and old timer politicians that has held us back for many years! It's time that we retake our Progressive Era. It's time that we take our future! Who's with me?!

  2. Primordial Eudaimonic says:

    Profit is theft.

  3. Greuzi2017 says:

    I had these kind of checks sent to me regularly since the 90s . It is best to shred them immediately.

  4. ali j says:

    So glad I'm in Colorado where voters just passed an initiative to outlaw predatory lending like payday loans.

  5. Patricia Peterson says:

    This so sad these f**** got money and still scamming the poor people out of money smh got 2b more careful ( God don't like ugly)

  6. juan gomez says:

    He's one of the guys who 'fixed' the economy in 2008. Good fixer, like Cohen.

  7. Michael Jimenez says:

    Democrat Golden Boy or Republican Golden Boy….they both eat from the same troughs….It is truly sad.

  8. snappytoetapper6 says:

    I can't ever forgive Obama for him. Geithner was and is so evil and rotten it's hard to wrap your head around it. He was up to his armpits with that little problem with the banks when Bush was just exciting the white House. So what do you do? Put him in the white house with Obama! Good Job!

  9. Justsharp 63 says:

    Sending unwanted checks out isn't new.

  10. jubey97 says:

    I have a good resolution for this. Just kill the guy.

  11. sailormanariel says:

    Collection agencies rely on intimidation. I have a credit card of 20 thousand dollars. i defaulted. They huffed and puffed. I wasn't scared. I didn't talk to them. The debt was aged out. They got nothing and I now owe them nothing.

  12. Mark Chippendale says:

    It's so Mafia-esque, it's barely believable! Worse than ambulance chasing lawyers…

  13. Plant Maven says:

    Loan sharks.๐Ÿฆˆ

  14. helpful merman. says:

    Predatory lending is evil.

  15. Sli Minski says:

    Hang him.

  16. Pamela B says:

    The person who cashed the check has a majority of the ownership on this one.

  17. Timothy McCaskey says:

    Unfortunately the Tim Geithner's of the world are a dime a dozen. Lending Institutions such as these are nothing but Ponzi Schemes that target the poor, naive and marginalized.

  18. William Olsen says:

    I knew Geithner was a scum bag when he bailed out the banks with no strings attached, and regular working people lost their homes.

  19. clockwork914 says:

    ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ BERNIE 2020 ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

  20. Mike Harrington says:

    A surge of complaints & orders to compensate victims of payday loan scams has caused the collapse of the UK's poster child loanshark company. However unlike present day USA, the UK laws protect the consumer far more against the unequal powers of lending institutions & corporate muscle.

    In the USA, Republican policies are intent upon destroying the achievements of Ralph Nader's consumer protection crusade of the 1960s by surrendering all of the retail bargaining power from the customers back to the corporate giants who assiduously fund and influence the GOP so that they can maintain a disproportionate control upon retail trading.

    The DNC must dissociate itself from the republican ethics of Geithner or suffer at the ballot box.

  21. KING TRUMP says:

    Another Ovomit failure. What a surprise.

  22. Just My Opinion says:

    Isn't 40% interest against the law? That sounds like loan shark rates.

  23. Carl Malone says:

    Asshole's house mysteriously burns down !!!!

  24. Stephen Schmunk says:

    So many bottom feeders so few laws to stop them

  25. Joe Sarr says:

    not even have mercy for your own.

  26. Duncan Bleak says:

    Pure evil.

  27. georgebushwack says:

    These psychopaths or Trump and the GOP agenda Can't wait to vote !!

  28. Rondough Howell says:

    another Billionaire crook just like Trump

  29. Farmgirl says:

    Omg I get something from these payday lenders every day!!!!! I have seen the interest on these loans up to 500 % itโ€™s crazy!

  30. Daniel Normand says:

    They are the new loan sharks.

  31. Bozo1360 says:

    He's a typical Vichy Democrat. Either we rid the party of these criminals or live under Republican "rule" forever.

  32. grodhagen says:

    We have to replace DNCers with Progressives. Period.

  33. Anonymous Hippopotamus says:

    Proof that Hobbesian-Ayn Rand scoundrels aren't limited to the GOP.

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