We Are All Professionals Solo + Alert Range [Payday 2]

Today I’ll be covering more about Alert Range, a less known gameplay mechanic, and how it applies to “We Are All Professionals”
solo. If we were to check online, we’ll see almost all such gameplays use Stockholm
Syndrome. But without any in-depth explanation, it will be hard to replicate with complete
success. And that’s why we’re here today. Of course, some of us will know that there’s
a one percent chance of the vault being open right at the beginning. We could keep restarting for that rare chance
to occur, but that would be really tedious, so the normal
way it is. There’s actually a fair bit of information on how civilians work which I won’t repeat here, so do check out my Hostage Achievements video
when you have the time. Let’s start with the Alert Range. Players who have successfully stealthed Jewelry
Store or Trustee Bank using Stockholm Syndrome would usually (I imagine), get confused or receive a rude shock, when
trying to do the same on GO Bank. Sometimes civilians will seemingly ignore
the loud shots, even when they are not in panic, and continue to phone the cops. Why does this happen? Why isn’t Stockholm Syndrome working? The answer, as the topic implies, is related to a weapon’s alert range. Most weapons, when unsilenced, will either have a 45 or 40m range, and when silenced, 1 and 0m respectively. So the truth is that, while GO Bank looks deceptively just like
Trustee Bank or the other smaller maps in terms of size,
it simply is not. Thus weapons may have insufficient alert range, especially when we’re kind of in the centre, while civilians constantly spawn from both
ends. Take for example, a loud saw with a 35m alert range, when revved
from the spawn, can only reach the gas station and not the
bank. Likewise, when we’re standing in the bank, it will most likely not be enough to cover
from end to end. So what do we do? Have a bigger alert range, of course! The loud saw, when cutting something, has a wide 75m alert range, which is what we see in some gameplays. Or, hilariously, the flamethrower, with a
300m range! Way more than needed. By the way, before anyone asks, the silenced saw has a 2m alert range when
revving, and 8m when cutting. Other than that, the only other weapon not
yet mentioned, is the Thanatos; 35m when loud and 0m when
silenced. So in summary, why Stockholm Syndrome doesn’t seem to work
reliably on GO Bank, is due to the insufficient alert range. And to remedy that, we use weapons with a
bigger range, like cutting with the loud saw, or using the
flame- Well, maybe not the flamethrower. And now, some tips for “We Are All Professionals”
solo. When using Stockholm Syndrome, it’s hard to
tell whether or not it has taken effect, especially when playing vanilla, without a
HUD mod. The best way, would be to see the alerted civilian getting down onto the ground. Similarly, for the civilians far away and
out of sight, typically at the ends of the map, we’ll watch for the exclamation mark to get
down. If we’re unsure, just cut with the saw a few
more times. For a solo player to handle two pagers, they
will have to answer it one after another, something I call pager chaining. This requires practice and possibly deliberate
use of non-pager blocking ECMs. I won’t cover it here as it’s rather detailed. The other way, is to restart until we get a camera on the
outside that we can safely break, to lure one guard out for an easy pager. Then next is the keycard, which can spawn
on bank staff. So don’t waste your cable ties on the regular
civilians. We’ll be keeping them down with Stockholm
Syndrome anyway. And speaking of Stockholm Syndrome, after
the ECM rush, we want to fire at least every once a minute
to keep civilians down. We must also, watch closely for spawning civilians
during the timelock countdown, and fire within 5 seconds of them being alerted. Next, for the phone’s RNG, there isn’t any
trick for it. If we get GenSec reinforcements, we’ll have
to chain pagers again, so don’t spend them all (ECMs) at the start. But to ensure that we have as much time as
possible before the next phone call, we’ll first answer it, then immediately head
into the vault. Again, we don’t want to be stuck in the vault, so don’t be greedy and just get out with one
bag. They can be safely thrown out without triggering
the lasers. There is also, an advanced trick we can perform
with the lasers. Most players would usually crouch and enter
when the bottom two lasers are off. This is the safest pattern to work with. But here is one other pattern that we can
safely pass through; when there is a slanted laser connecting from
the second height to the third height, with the bottom lasers off. We can safely crouch through as long as we
stick to the side with more space. Again, crouch and keep to the side. It is also possible to jump over lasers at
the third height, but it’s better not to take the risk. I did it in my gameplay though, so we can
check that out later. Then secure the minimum one bag and escape before the inevitable Captain Rogers calls
in. And that’s how to use Stockholm Syndrome properly
on GO Bank, to get “We Are All Professionals” solo. Stay tuned for some clips and one gameplay, using the flamethrower! *Laughter* *Sigh* See you next time.

4 comments on “We Are All Professionals Solo + Alert Range [Payday 2]”

  1. conK says:

    is it just me, or do bank mangers run away more than normal civs?

  2. Yukemi Gazette says:

    A doubt that I always had in go bank, the phone has a timing or the time between calls is random?

  3. spongygames says:

    If only I could forget everything Payday and just come here, I'd be just as interested, only more wanting to do this.

    Good times.

  4. FazHound says:

    Just to be sure, the 300m alert range applies to both flamethrowers, correct?

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