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– Hi, guys welcome back to, – That Youtube3 Family! – Today we’re going to be mailing ourselves to a secret location. I don’t know where we are going, all I know is that our parent said, that we are going on a trip
and I don’t know where it is. – Surprise! – But we’re going to get there in a box, because we like to travel differently – We weird. – We are going to try to
travel in a box today. – So, let’s show you our five items that we’re bringing with us. – Let’s go get them. – Okay, the first item I am bringing, is my stuffed animal, it actually smells like strawberries and is really soft and cuddly. So, if I get scared while being shipped to some place it don’t know, I can just hug my stuff animal. So, bye. The second item
I’m bringing is some soap, in case I get really smelly,
I need to wash my body. So, this one smells like white peach, orange blossom, and silk essence. The third item, I am
bringing is for dance party, because I love to have
random dance parties. And it like just blare lights and I can just jam out in my box with some disco lights, cause it fun. The fourth item I am bringing is a small little rubies cube key chain, and I have never actually being
able to solve a rubies cube, maybe while I am in my box, I’ll have the time to actually solve one. And the last item I’m bringing, is my poop emoji slippers! Because they’re so funny
and they’re very soft. So, just wear some slippers in my box. Alright, I’m ready close me up. – Done! Done! Good bye Audrey. Its my turn next. Let me get into my box, the first item I have is some water, because you gotta stay
hydrated on those long trips. And also this serves as a
container for the bathroom once I have drinking
it all, because gross. I also brought my phone, because
I want to be entertained. And also that I can call
everybody else and talk to them. In case I get lonely, I got my phone. And if you know me, I brought some slime!. Yeah! So, I can play with my
slime, while I’m in my box. I also have a snack, I got some chips. And my last item is a blanket, because then I can be cozy
and its warm, so you know. Good bye guys. See ya! – First item I brought, is the poop emoji. Because its soft and warm. Second item, is water. Same thing as Jo. You need to stay hydrated! I got chips and there cheddar chips. I got my blanket it can
keep my warm and cozy. And the last item, I got my pillow. Let’s go. – The first item, I got is Fanta soda. The second item, is some Tic Tac’s. My third item, is a blanket. And my fourth, pillow. And my fifth, this little constration, so I can store some stuff in it. – Alright, so dad got the
kids boxed up and shipped off. But we’re going to catch our flight and is a secret we didn’t
want to tell the kids. So shush. We’re going to Alaska! To cabin is going to
be super awesome week. So, we’re super excited, the kids I think will be very
excited when they get there. Its going to be so much fun. – Yes, it will. They never been there before. – Yeah. And we are so excited to see
the wildlife, so lets go! – Alright! – [Audrey] Alright, so I’m in my box. And is really dark in here. I just remember I brought
my phone in my back pocket, I didn’t even show you guys. Okay, maybe I can use this as lighting. Yes. Okay, well, I’m in my box. Is really squished in here,
I feel like, oh we’re moving. I’m really squished in here
there’s no room at all. Okay, I’m been moved. We’re going out. Ouch! No! No! [Noise] – Okay guys, I’m in my box. Is supper squishy. Let me give you a room tour. That’s about all for the room tour. Hope you enjoyed it. – Okay, so I brought my phone. I have my phone. Who should I call? So, I’m calling Arch. Right now. I must be at phone range. – I might as well eat some Tic Tac’s. Yeah. I wonder how the girls are doing. [Screams] – No! [Screams] Okay, well, this is the time I need for my little stuffed animal. I’m tilted on my side, guys like look, look at me right now. I’m just completely on
the side of the box. Let’s call Jordan and
see how’s she is doing. Okay, I’m put her on speaker
phone so you can hear. Jordan! – Hello! – [Audrey] It’s Jordan. – I’m squished in my box! – [Audrey] I’m squished too, it feels like my box is breaking. [Moving Noise] – I have my light on so
you can see me right now. – [Audrey] I’m moving right now. [Screams] [Screams] [Screams] [Screams] [Screams] – That’s okay. – I’m upside down! I’m upside down! I’m completely– [Laughs] Okay, I’ll call you back, I’m
have a little dance party. [Laughs] – Okay, I’ll join you. Just like. Except for I’ll just
have my own dance party without the music. – Okay, bye. – Bye! – I’m really being tossed and turned. [Laughs] [Laughs] [Laughs] okay, dance party. Wow! I have a dance party! Look at my box, is so cool. Look guys. This is really cool! I actually am glad. Is someone sitting on my box? That’s someones butt. Guys! Guys, I’m so squished, right now. What the heck, I think one of the workers
just sat on my box. I wonder if dad put fragile on the box before he packaged me. Okay, I don’t think I can put on my poop slipper on right now. But dance party! Here lets turn the color. Yeah! Dance party! I like this ocean blue. [Screams] – They’re being so rough. [Screams] [Laughs] they tried to move me on my side and I landed back on the front. I just hit something. – I’m in a vacuum chamber. Laundry basket. [Noise] I’m going to take a nap, so I will tell you guys
when I’m there, bye. I’m kind of hungry, so I’m
going to eat this snack. Wait, I’m I out. Still got a lot. – [Audrey] I’m stuck guys. I can’t see. – Look at that. Is like foam beads, you see that. This is the slime that I
made, its a foam slime. This one is really sticky, I think cause of the mailing is super hot. And so after a while, if your slime is like super duper hot, it likes starts to melt. So I think that’s what’s
happening right now. So, I’m not sure if we have arrived yet, because it hasn’t been three days. We haven’t moved in a very long time. So, I’m just going to wait
it out and see what happens. – Guys, I don’t think
we moved for a while. I think I actually fell asleep. Okay, I’m really squished, so I’m just going to open the box and hopefully see if we’re there. Yes, some fresh air. Oh my God it is so hot in this box. And is morning time so, lets
go and see where we are. Is this where we’re suppose to end up at? What? We’re like in the middle
of a jungle in a barn. Is this mom and dad’s surprise? – [Audrey] Jake, look where we are at. – What the? – [Audrey] Did you know we
were suppose to go here? – [Jake] No. – Okay, so I have Jake now. Let’s go see if Ty is over here. This looks like a Ty box. You must be really hot and
sweaty in there with a blanket. – [Jake] Look. – [Audrey] Oh my God, what is that? Ty, Ty look. There’s a skeleton head! My gosh! My gosh! This is so creepy! Guys. Look over here, do you see
that is a giant spider. Okay, I don’t know if
you can see on camera. I’m going to make my
way though these leafs, I’m so– – [Ty] There’s another
spider web by the leafs. – [Audrey] What, there’s
another spider web. – [Ty] Yes. – [Audrey] Okay, now I’m really scared. Guys this is the spider that we’re seen. I know dad is super scared of spiders, so hopefully he’s not
like next to the spider. I don’t, where’s mom and dad? What? Okay, so I have the boys. We need to find Jordan before one of us gets bit by a spider. Okay, let’s go boys. Lets just touch anything
in this barn, I’m scared. – [Jake] Is that a cat? – [Audrey] What? – [Ty] Dead cat. – [Jake] Dead cat. – [Audrey] What? Oh my gosh, no! Is a puppy! Okay, let’s just get out
of here as fast ask we can. – Audrey! – [Audrey] Jordan, we’re in a hunted. We’re in a hunted barn. – We’re are we? What? [Screams] [Screams] – Is a dead rat. [Screams] – Is a dead… Can we just go. Can we just go. – [Audrey] Alright, where’s mom and dad? – Is this there surprise? Is this what they were taking us to. – [Audrey] I don’t know, but. – [Jordan] I don’t see it. – [Audrey] I feel like, the roof is going to fall at any moment. – We should probably get out of here. – Can we get out. – [Audrey] Let’s just go out. – Okay let’s go. – [Audrey] What was that?
Did you guys here that? – [Ty] This way. – [Audrey] Okay, let’s go the
other way, that was the door. – [Ty] Other way! Other way! – Alright, so we made it to
Alaska and we’re at our cabin. And so this is super fun. So the kids should be
showing up any minute but I haven’t seen them, I
thought they would be here. – Yeah what the heck. I don’t know. So we need a– hopefully they’ll come soon. – And it’s late, its like 11:30 at night and look how bright it is out here. – Is way bright here. – It is so cool here, this is awesome. – So, if they don’t come soon, we might have to go without them. – Well the boat leaves
with or without them and I hate to loose all
of our deposit on that. I don’t know, I think
if maybe they do get– they were suppose to get dropped off her. – They should. – So, maybe if they do show up here they can alt east go in the cabin. – Well, lets leave a note for them. And then maybe they
can call us on the boat and we can come get them. – Okay, that will work. – So, if they don’t show
up in the next hour, were going to go and will
just leave a note for them and hopefully will see them on the boat. Will pick them up from the
boat if they give us a call. I hope they’re okay. We did have them take
everything that they needed. So, they should be fine. It was just a three day trip. So, it should be okay. – Guys, let me call mom and dad. – [Ty] Yeah, what about the skeletons? – [Audrey] Did you see that
giant spider over there. – Oh that is creepy. – [Audrey] It has like a
black marking on its back. – Like, let me call mom and dad. Let me call mom and dad. I don’t have service! – [Audrey] You don’t have service? – I don’t have service here! We can’t call them. – [Audrey] Well, okay. How are we going to get out of this barn? It looks like there is no other exit. – Here’s a door. – [Audrey] And by the way my
phone is almost out of battery. – So that’s fun. – I’m taking my water with me. – [Audrey] Water. I didn’t
bring any food or water. – [Ty] I got some food. – I already eaten my food. – I haven’t eaten my food yet. – [Audrey] Guys, is this
what to the last person. Than what’s going to happen to us. – [Jake] I got my soda! – How are we going to get out? Cause we can’t use that– there’s a door. – [Audrey] I don’t dare tough that door. – [Jordan] I’m afraid to touch that door, cause the spider is close by it. – [Audrey] Plus, what if it breaks and this whole thing falls on us? This is a very old barn. Is so many dead animals here. – A dead cat. – [Audrey] Wait, do you hear
that? What’s that noise? – The scratching stopped! – [Jake] No, we did not
opened up that door. – I have a blanket, but. – [Audrey] Guys don’t get
scratched by the rusty nails. – [Jake] Guys, lets go this way. Lets go this way. – Lets go back this way. – [Ty] Wait. I don’t like this little area. – But I don’t really have all items. Audrey, what items do you have? – [Audrey] I only have
like a disco party thing, – We know your stuff is useful. – [Audrey] Hey! – We can use the soap. – Take the soap. – [Audrey] Yeah I got soap. – [Jake] Oh yeah, bring that. – Scratching stopped from that door. – [Jordan] Guys, lets see if we can try and open up that door. – [Jake] No! – [Audrey] Should we? – [Jake] This way! This way! – The scratch door. – [Audrey] I feel like we’re
in the middle of a jungle. – I don’t know where to go. – [Audrey] I don’t know either. And I don’t want to sleep here tonight. – [Jake] Guys, lets go this way. – I don’t want to either. I just want to get out. – [Jake] Guys. – [Audrey] Okay, lets follow jake. – Can you get that there. – [Jordan] Yeah. – Oh my! – [Ty] Okay. – I can’t find the fence. – [Jordan] Lets just try
to go through that door. – The scratched door. – Fine I guess. – No the scratched door. – Okay, I’m going to open
up the scratched door. – [Audrey] This little
window are kind of cool that you can see in the other room, but. – No, over here. – No, you have fun with that. – [Ty] I’m going over here. – Guys, that door is creepy. – [Audrey] Look. – [Ty] No, is next to that door. – I think we should go straight
through that door. Ready? – I don’t like this. – No there’s a spider over there. – [Jordan] One, two, – Where’s mom? – three come on. – Were going. – Come on. [Screams] – [Audrey] Guys, what if there’s spiders through this bushes? – It doesn’t open. – I think its locked. – It doesn’t open. – See look, there’s the
wood right there, locked. – I feel like I’m gonna break
it if I touch it even more. We have to go back. – We have to use that metal– – We have to use the scratched door. – [Audrey] The creepiest scratched door. – Yup. – Hopefully. – [Audrey] But no one is here, why would they be a creaky noise. – That’s the thing that’s creepy, that’s why I didn’t want to go next to it. – [Audrey] Look, its an old Lego. – [Ty] I know I saw that. – [Audrey] Its an old Lego. – [Ty] I told Jake, except. – Are you guys really
going to try to open it. – [Ty] Yes. – [Jake] Yes. – You go first Jake. – It stops right there. – [Audrey] Guys. – It stops. – What? – Come here. – [Audrey] What. – We are in the middle of nowhere. – And it stops we can’t get out. – [Audrey] What? – Alright, so we made it to the boat. We’re going on a charter boat, we’re going deep sea fish fishing. The kids however did not show up, they never made it, so we just left a note at the cabin, explaining where we at
they can join us if not I’m really scared and will have to call the
police because I don’t know. – Maybe it wasn’t a good
idea to send them in boxes. – I don’t know, maybe
it wasn’t a good idea. But we have to go. Lets go we have to catch the boat. – Alright, yeah lets go. [Whistling] [Whistling] – [Audrey] Guys, is that poop? – [Jake] Ill. – [Ty] Its spider web on it. – [Audrey] Ill. – That’s just a– – [Audrey] We’re roasting in poop. – Let’s try different trail. – Let’s try. – Its like we don’t have
options to get out guys. – [Audrey] I don’t think mom
and dad would’ve sent us here. This is not a fun surprise. – Guys, there’s another door. We can try to get out this way. I don’t know how to open this. – Is not locked. – Is locked. – No it isn’t. Is it that thing. We can pull that. – [Audrey] Guys, this is
why we get tetanus shots. [Laughs] – I can’t open it. – I guess we going to
have to climb that fence. – Can we just like find
a way home somehow. – Do these leads us somewhere? – [Jake] Don’t pull that. Don’t pull that! – Okay, I’m not going to pull that. – [Jordan] Lets just go! – How do we get out. – [Jordan] Push it hard. – How do I go across. – [Jordan] Just walk. – Walk over the poop. – [Jordan] Do it. Jump over it. – I’m goin to jump over
there because that’s– – [Audrey] Hey guys let’s go. I think I see some cows. – Me and Jake saw them earlier. – Is a big pile right there. – I almost stepped in poop. – That’s the barn that we just escaped. Lets get home. – I don’t know where– – [Jordan] Do you know where we’re? – No. – [Jordan] Me neither. – Can we escape these fences. – What should we do? – [Jordan] Just keep walking,
hopefully we just get there. – [Jordan] What just happen? – I just stepped in poop! Come on! – Alright, so we made it
back from our Alaska trip, it was super fun, really
awesome, amazing experience. But it was pretty cool, but we having heard from the kids yet. We did filled a report in Alaska. We’re hoping that we find out
where their boxes ended up. I hope that’s them. I’m so freaked out. – [Mom] Oh my gosh, you guys are here. – You don’t know what we’re been through. – [Dad] Oh my Gosh! – I lost my shoes. – Me too. – [Dad] Guys. – I have mines. – [Dad] Jordan, what’s on your face? – [Mom] What happen guys? I’m
so glad you guys are here. You missed it. – You dropped us off at a scary barn. – Did you mean to do that? – [Mom] No, we went to Alaska. – [Dad] We were in Alaska. – Are you kidding me. – [Mom] We were going on
a deep sea fishing trip. – Not us! – [Mom] We had a cabin a gorgeous cabin. – We have poop on our arms. – [Mom] You guys had your own bed. – My shoes got poop on them
and so I just threw them. Because they were so gross
and they started to smell. So, yeah and I’m barefoot. – [Dad] Look at Ty’s face. – [Mom] Oh my gosh, What happen? We called the police. – We been walking for so many days, it was so far away and we tried calling you
and you guys didn’t answer. – [Mom] We tried calling you. – We didn’t have like any cell service. – [Dad] I got a busy signal. – And you guys wouldn’t answer. – [Mom] That’s what we go. Well, we were on the boat so
we might of got busy than. But we tried calling
you before we even left. – Well. – [Mom] We left you a note at the cabin so you would meet us. – We didn’t even know
where we was suppose to go. – [Dad] You didn’t even go to the cabin? – No, you didn’t tell us. – You didn’t drop off at Alaska. – [Jake] Dropped off at a scary. – You dropped us off at a sketchy barn in the middle of nowhere. – And there was a dead cat, and a dead dog, and a dead bird, and a dead– – Crow. There’s lots of skeletons. Okay, the creepiest
things was that when were walking back home a random
stranger started following us so we dove into the bushes
and then we hid in like an open like little shed thing and there was a cellar and we went down to hide
because of the creepy person was still like around that block and we hid down the cellar and it got so creepy so we just ran away. – Yeah. – [Mom] Oh my gosh. – [Dad] Oh my goodness. – [Mom] I’m glad you guys stayed together, cause that probably kept
y’all safe. Oh my gosh. – It was scary. – Never going to be shipped again. I’m done with mail service. – Yeah, no mail. At the farm we were
walking around in the field and there was like these
weird block and it was like– – Yeah it was like yellowy. – Yeah, and it like infested with spiders and this little hole. – We saw really big white spider with like a black thing on its back. – Yeah, and it just– – Is just like spiders
spuing out and we ran. Its so scary. – Yeah. – [Dad] I’m glad you guys made it back. – [Mom] I’m glad you guys made it back. – Yeah, me too. – That’s like scary. – [Mom] Are you guys tired or hungry? – Yes, good night. – Oh yes! – Alright, is good to have
the kids back home safe. So anyways, Thanks for watching,
will see you next time. – Bye. – Bye. – Bye. – Its just a skit. – Comment down below if you got fooled.

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