Wedding Dress | Navy Federal Credit Union Commercial

Being detected was not an option if I
was recognized the whole operation was blown The element of surprise was
imperative Wow! He won’t even recognize you Seriously I don’t even recognize myself and Thanks to my cash rewards credit card from Navy
Federal with never expiring rewards it’s going to be a killer honeymoon [Male Soldier] “Whoa! Maui!” [laughing] BOOM! Navy Federal Credit Union Our Members Are The Mission

12 comments on “Wedding Dress | Navy Federal Credit Union Commercial”

  1. jstdun says:

    She purtyyy

  2. Kevin Geaslin says:

    someone bouta get pregnant !

  3. Lost says:

    I'd be pile driving that endlessly.

  4. Msflamingo2008 says:

    Hey that's Peach from 2 Broke Girls! (Brooke Lyons) 😀 Cute!

  5. Edward Fights says:

    She is about intimidating as a chihuahua lol

  6. virgil crawford says:

    She looks like NFL QB Brock Osweiler. She's cute anyway. LOL.

  7. James Gagme says:

    O M G, you’re so fuckin cool when you say boom

  8. 20103million says:

    What a pretty, sexy ass smile

  9. TheMasterChief117 says:

    Who is she??

  10. TheMasterChief117 says:

    She’s so hot!!!!!

  11. Guy Six says:

    Eden from The Affair brought me here "BOOM"

  12. Dogger1230 says:

    She’s so incredibly cute

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