Weekly round-up, Sept 16th-22nd: iPhone 8 arrives, KBC’s new mortgage rates and more

Hey guys, you’re very welcome to your weekly
bonkers.ie round-up for September 22nd. This week we’re looking at the iPhone 8’s arrival
in Ireland; how you can save up to €667 by ditching all of those TV channels that
you never watch; KBC’s reaction to AIB’s rate cuts; which is more cost effective when it
comes to energy, dual fuel or single suppliers; and also the CER’s announcement that smart
meters on are their way to Ireland. Let’s get to it. So this week we heard that the
CER has revealed its plans to equip 2.3 million homes and businesses in Ireland with smart
electricity meters by 2024. The rollout will start in 2019 with a quarter of a million
premises slated to be fitted with a smart meter. So smart meters will allow you to monitor
your consumption in real time in money terms via an in-home display or an app on your phone
or on your tablet and theoretically, they should save you money. As we get closer and
closer to winter, everyone is starting to think about their energy bills once again.
It can be confusing trying to figure out which is going to offer you the best value for money;
dual fuel or single suppliers. Generally, with dual fuel you have the convenience of
only having to pay for one bill whereas if you go for single suppliers for gas an electricity
you’ll save a little bit of money. When we actually did the calculations, it turns out
that there is only about €20 of difference so if you want to save that little bit extra,
definitely go for a single supplier and if you want that handy factor of just getting
the one bill, go for dual fuel. This week KBC responded to AIB’s fixed and variable
mortgage rate cuts from last week by introducing a few new competitive mortgage offers of its
own. On October 2nd, KBC will introduce a ten year fixed rate of 2.95% available to
new and existing customers with an LTV of less than 60%. It will also introduce a ten
year fixed rate of 3.5% for people with an LTV of between 80 and 90%, so basically first-time
buyers. It will be a market leading rate as things stand and it’s certainly good news
as competition re-enters into the Irish mortgage market. These days many of us are switching
our TV watching habits from on the TV to online, so with that in mind, we decided to investigate
just how much money you can save by ditching your TV package. Turns out you can save up
to around €667 euro by ditching your TV package, getting a great broadband only deal
and then signing up to your favourite online players or the likes of Netflix, NOW TV, Amazon
Prime Video and watching all of your show favourites shows and movies online that way.
If you’re worried that you’re going to have to watch all of your TV now on your phone
or your laptop, that’s not the case. If you get a device like a Chromecast or an Apple
TV, you can mirror your device’s screen onto your TV so it will be just like watching regular
TV. Exciting news today for Apple fans and early adopters out there. Virgin Mobile has
made the iPhone 8 available to customers in Ireland from today, Friday, September 22nd.
It will cost €229 up front, and then come with €45 a month contract for 6 months and
then €55 a month for the remainder of the 24-month contract. If you’d like to find out
any more info on any of these stories you can check them all out on our blog at bonkers.ie/blog
or you can follow us on social media or check us out on YouTube. Have a great weekend.

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