Weingartz Joins St. Vincent de Paul To Help Detroit Community

St. Vincent de Paul, besides helping
people in immediate need they really help in addressing you know people’s
real issues and help him get it back on the right track. Well we’ve been involved a st. Vincent
de Paul as long as I can remember. My grandfather, my father were all involved and
just been a great organization because they help the need and they also help
the spiritual needs of their guests as well. We’re doing a matching grant of $25,000 matching
grant so we’re looking for people to step up and support and you know we’ve
been very blessed and anything people can do is very appreciated. Sometimes we take
a lot of things for granted and it’s great that there’s organizations like
this can really help people in need. A lot of times we would just need hope they they
need somebody to that kind of steer them in right direction. When you’re kind of down and down and out they need somebody
to kinda helped get him back on the right track and St. Vincent de Paul
does a great job with their many programs to help with that.

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