what is up everybody I’m Josh today we
are doing another weird item bowling challenge but we’re switching it up to
be a little different than the other ones in the past but first our new
friend Joey came by to see us he is a super fan and so we decided that we
would do so Thank You Joey for coming by but let’s get into today’s video we’ve
done weird item bowling in the past where we’ve had weird items that you
bowl with you spin the wheel we’re still gonna do that but today we have weird
pins too so we’re going to be knocking over weird items as well six different
rounds let’s do it a classic Kassie spin dance you’ve seen it before folks
spinners of choice are you serious I want to save some of the like big stuff
I’m gonna have a baseball Wow because I want to save the big stuff for the
bigger objects okay I would have gone to something a little bit bigger but hey
you do what you want weird strategy but I like it because I’m gonna beat you
okay go let’s get behind that line lady you regretting your decision yet okay why did you had finished choice you
could have chosen the big ball I I was just feeling really confident and it I
do myself a disservice yeah well you did a service to your country today no
opponents choice an exciting start to the game it to be a zero zero it will be
funny to to zero next up dolls next time round we are
rolling over dolls what are you going to be hitting the dolls with ooh
interesting Cassie might be getting another zero
maybe how are you gonna use this juggling ring I can’t decide if I should
like that would not be very smart I would probably go frisbee
yeah could it work number two strike six
points oh yeah it is a spare not bad Jeff thank you good job way to knock
down those dolls throw a football I’m going to destroy those dolls sounds real
confident ready that’s not about you destroying them
bounce it was like here’s the dolls the ball was like super good just like that
with the noise the sound effect in their wider area oh no you got opponent’s
choice I like it I’m going to go with baseball because it clearly was not your
friend last time that’s me okay I don’t want to confuse anyone with this because
I’ve kind of spent my whole life trying to tell people that juggling clubs are
not bowling pins and then now we are using juggling clubs as bowling pins
which is reinforcing the stereotype which is wrong but just they’re not the
same that’s why all right it’s my baseball comeback time let’s do a quick
flashback of last time uses of baseball bro and procede I’m gonna pitch it yeah
it’s gonna throw it just like a girl you know what I take that as a compliment
I’m a girl yeah you are a girl so thoughts questions concerns it is six to
three but it’s comeback time we’ve got three
more rounds after this – yeah oh yeah the comeback is coming opponents choice
again blaster to the blaster yeah I don’t
it’s pretty strong I don’t know if it’ll hit over juggling clubs or not we will
see No but that counts my first one
yeah oh my gosh they worked are you kidding me I’m still losing again with
the like impossible target would it no cheater it’s kind of satisfying No
so now it is four to six I’m still winning are you having fun cleaning up see Frank didn’t Joe the five of them if
I try you know next up is the soda bottles which are
super heavy so you need something with some weight to it
Oh barely got it oh my gosh all right let’s pry what you needed the
giant beach ball oh my gosh that ball is huge but those three liter
soda bottles are really heavy if this video a thumbs up if you think the ball
will knock over the soda bottles are you ready kasi okay ready set go oh you only got three but better than
nothing yeah go for it not enough mustard but
the first one worked what’s the score now not bad Cassie come on something heavier
bigger boat spinners choice I’ll take this ball I think this is a superior
ball to the one you had we had a little a little smaller more manageable but
still big enough to hit the target and a little bit more weight I think I didn’t get a three is seven you have
nine I’m down by two its comeback time still scope Abbot’s I’ve been saying
that for a little bit now but it’s your turn next up is trash cans only two
rounds left what do you got throw a football well you’re on the wrong
channel you do have a world record for throwing things high five
okay you ready let’s see it zero points oh wow
those just kind of topple over pretty easily three points okay number two you
oh my gosh oh whoa and that one did not get knocked over
oh why don’t you want my high five 14:57 folks now looking good not looking good juggling ring you can
do that though no plungers are next what you hoping for yeah yeah we haven’t easy
those get spinners choice what do you want soccer ball you want to kick a
soccer ball hey Cassie is making another interesting decision I didn’t know you
had any soccer skill I don’t but I can do this let’s see it you got one this is the last round this
is your last Bowl will she put some serious points on the board to secure
her victory oh not bad I’m actually really impressed that two times in a row
you kicked a soccer ball accurately 17 to 13 last round
I’m gonna spend one more time I’ve been down the whole game will this be my
chance to redeem myself and take the lead I think so head-to-head with the last round being
kick a soccer ball soccer ball I need how many points to beat you
five holy go I don’t know that there’s a way that you can get three knocked down
the best you can hope for is a tie they’re just so thin that they didn’t
knock each other over and now I have a split seventh right down the middle you’ve got nothing guess who in this one thanks for
watching everybody we do Instagram shots every single video you want to hold them
up how deep all judea got videos every monday wednesday every saturday make
sure you subscribe it yeah yet comment early for a chance with some juggling
balls we’ve got new videos coming soon we’ll see you later let’s go to the
beach LarryBoy

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