Welcome to Robins Financial Credit Union’s YouTube Channel

welcome to the YouTube channel for
Robins financial credit union at robins financial we’re on a mission to
deliver better banking to everyone on YouTube that means providing information
to help you make the best financial decisions possible take a look around
for useful videos on how to use our newest online banking tools preparing
for a mortgage love tips on how to buy your first car and so much more
subscribe to our channel and check back regularly for more tips and tricks on
getting the most out of your banking relationship also let us know what
you’re thinking just like we love seeing you
face-to-face in our branches we love getting your feedback on what you’re
finding useful here on our channel to that’s my favorite of course. thank you for making Robins financial
credit union your financial partner of choice we appreciate your business and look
forward to serving you and your family for years to come enjoy the videos

2 comments on “Welcome to Robins Financial Credit Union’s YouTube Channel”

  1. Ben M says:

    First view and like 😉

  2. Ben M says:

    Okay so here is one idea I think you guys could really benefit from. Simple.com is an online bank company too, but what they promote and boast about is their feature called "Goals"
    Plus they have an awesome App and Dashboard web UI.

    If you guys could look at how they have the "Goals" feature, with budgets and stuff, I think you'd make a better app learning from them.

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