Welcome everybody to an h3h3 special announcement What started earlier this year as an April Fool’s prank has now turned into a full-blown gaming goof That’s right me and Hila have been put into one of the most prolific games of all time Payday 2, and guess what we are slammin, jammin, Caring, and killing *yelling* Honestly since we’ve been doing the voice-over; Hila’s been scaring the shit out of me you can see how she’s dressed here I’m like I’m always walking on eggshells. Listen to this. Fuck you They better fear Hila kill these assholes die assholes. Just kill the fucks I’ll pop their asses. I care, and I kill I care, and I kill Sniper is down. Fuck you I feel like you don’t mean it somehow even when you’re screaming fuck you it’s still adorable It kinda came out like a question, like fuck you or not? let me get a look at you. oof, man, what’d i tell ya? they weren’t too kind on that, i gotta be honest Hey, has ethan asked you for a pizza already? Please don’t feed ethan Why you gotta fat shame me EVEN in the game. Like I get enough shit at home. Why you gotta fat shame me in the safe house? It’s called a safe house for a reason. It’s a safe place. I actually got the script from overkill, it wasn’t even me. Great, overkill. I was just reading the lines There, everyone’s fat shaming me. We flew up to Sweden. We made the whole DLC with the team. We figured out the character, the weapon, the deck. We planned it all together. They even put together that huge crazy fan meetup that you guys saw on Ethan & Hila. Our first and only fan meetup in Sweden that was insane. When we were planning the characters together, at first I wasn’t I wasn’t even planned to be a character, like a full character I was just gonna be in a little cameo, yeah, and then we said well, it seems like I should also be a character. It’s weird you need Hila. She cares and she kills. And they were down, but once we started actually getting into the work of it and doing voice-overs I started to get worried; that maybe I’m not gonna be able to do it. We did one voiceover session and Hila was like I can’t I can’t do it. I can’t do it. This is, you’re gonna have to do without me. Down. Get down. Get down! Is that better? The next time she does a little voiceover training. The next time she’s behind the mic and I’m sitting on the other side, and she’s going “let’s kill ’em all!” and I’m like Holy shit, dude. You care, and you kill. I’m just gonna be over here, man. She scared the shit out of me. KILL ‘EM ALL I like how tight they made your jacket. But, the fact that they decided to put us both in the game because it was way more work for them You get two characters for the price of one. And when you play both of us in the game together, you get a special synergy. It’s based on team play, just like us. I mean we’re basically auditioning now, if anyone’s out there. I’m looking, Pixar, Umm, Lucas film’s, whoever. If you need professional voice work, we’re both looking for work, and I think our resume speaks for itself. We may be in Washington, but England will always be my city. I feel like Shrek and you’re in my swamp! Watch out bitch, it’s evil Ethan! Don’t get Bradburied! Don’t forget to subscribe, Bitch! You can’t take me out, I’ll dab on the devil! I feel like Shrek and you’re in my swamp. But there’s hundreds and hundreds of voices lines in here to discover. The game is so much fun. You guys it’s on sale right now. The base game is 75% off, right now the DLC is $4.99. If you guys want to play, the link is in the description. This game is so much fun. In fact, what am I doing wasting my time here? I’m gonna go play right now. Maybe I’ll see you guys on and remember, fear Hila. Fuck you! They better fear Hila! Kill these assholes! I care and I kill. I’ve got the new weapon, the crossbro. And the new, it’s a ruler that you can use as a sword. So you need me. It’s only $4.99, the new dlc h3h3 pack. You sound like you’re an advertisement for this shit. Alright, kick ’em dude Don’t you dare don’t you dare kick me. Dad, come talk to these guys – they’re being really rude to me Hey, you guys cut the shit out have some respect for my son, will you please? Please do not ban him and once I find out what a DLC is I’m sure I’ll be interested in getting it also. Hahahahaha It’s pretty funny, but either join or fucking leave bro fuck. Oh my god. What a dick. Who was that? Thanks dad for having my back. Hey my – my mom wants to say something – yeah. I think you’re a really sweet guy and thanks for supporting my son. Thank you. Oh, you’re welcome. It’s only $4.99 to get two characters for the price of one. Is that not crazy? Shut the fuck up and ready up. Thank you to all the payday 2 team – star breeze, overkill, all the guys out there for putting in so much work and believing in us and giving us a chance and especially for supporting Hila who’s now turned into terror of my life. I’m absolutely petrified of my own wife now. Thank you guys so much for that. Thank you Stay tuned guys. We’ve got some spicy SPICY hot memes coming up, that you are not gonna want to miss. It’s so spicy man I’m gonna be shitting diarrhea for months to come. That’s gonna hurt. It’s gonna bleed. You’re not going to want to miss that This video is so spicy I’ve got an ulcer, in my anus man, I’m telling you don’t miss it because it’s so hot. Anyway guys. Now you’re over hyping. Yeah, it’s not that hot, it’s a little spic- It’s hot it’s hot. What can I say it’s spicy. It’s normal, it’s like mild salsa. It, you are gonna bleed from your asshole and that is my guarantee to you my friends. So, looking forward to seeing you guys then. Thank you for watching. Thank you, everyone. Appreciate you. Papa bless, talk to you soon. Bye.

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    I bought it!!!11!

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    Hila does a REALLY good job with that

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    So .. Not gonna buy this ..like at all

  6. Jm 205 says:

    You need a medic bag?

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    Ethan looks like Summit1g

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    The thumbnail look like ethan and hila boutta shoot up the paul brothers

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    oh shit

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    Bad…very bad DLC

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    Now let it be known that I love Hila, but she looks like Nick Cage in the game haha.

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    I feel like Shrek, and you're in my S W A M P

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    Hilas shirt
    モメ匕尺丹 匕卄工匚匚

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    next dlc is ethans mum and dad

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    Ooh unstuck so BAAD ETHSN


    Killin me man wth

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    Well dam see ya in the afterlife

  23. igar i guess says:

    the most hated dlc

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    I wouldnt be so proud if i were them
    Pd2 Ethan looks like a boomer
    Pd2 hila looks like very strange…

  25. mr wolfy says:

    You guys are the best dlc in payday 2 beside from jacket but he's a old good one and hilarious and Ethan I have one question for both of you who's your favorite character besides you and hila and everyone tell who's there favorite character

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    what a bunch a brad berrys

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    How did I only discover this now?

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    Hila was just following orders

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    I feel like Shrek and get out of my swamp 10/10 best voice line

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    A I R B O W

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    乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚 匚

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    I fucking love the interaction at 4:25 pretty much sums up the payday 2 community

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    "You can't take me out I'll dab on the devil!"

  42. Ridley369 says:

    This is probably one of the dopest things I've ever fucking seen. Awesome dlc. I love how their tie design is the same as the hat from the 2016 summer look XD

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    Stfu and ready up 😂

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    They failed to capture the amazingness of her blue eyes!

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    It's funny how Hila actually served in a military so she might have actually killed a sniper

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    If only Ethan and Hilla were in Star Wars.

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    Tell your mom to send nudes.

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    The DLC still sucks.

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    I’ll pop their ASSES

  53. Felix Garcia says:

    I came from the podcast

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    He should make more voice acting

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    Hila is cute when she swears

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    Image being a cop in payday2 and here hila in the distance say “I care and I kill”

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    Only here because I found them in the safe house and wanted to see if they made a video on it.

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    Hey. They got beanies!


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    And its too cringey

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    This did not age well lol. What was Starbreeze thinking.

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    Wish this was on PS4

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    They had to limit Ethan's thiccness the Console and PC editions couldn't run him

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    "It's like mild salsa."

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    Damn now I learned how voice overs work

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    I didn’t even know payday 2 came out and I didn’t know they were In the game I’m buying it

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    Hila:Wooow its a real Alesso
    Bain:Wolf is downed!

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    Ethan looks fatter than Bonnie with that suit for some reason.

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