West Hills High School Sports Medicine Pathway 2019

If students don’t think that their
learning is relevant they check out. That’s why CTE programs exist. Not every single student is set up for
your regular four-year university they all have their different routes some
might be going to trade school, some might be going some military, but to be able to
give them that option and be able to give them those skills that they need to
prepare them for options post-secondary high school, I think is what’s important
and I think CTE does that. At our district we have about forty four
pathways, 13 industry sectors that are represented.
So my pathway is called the Sports Medicine Pathway and it’s part of the
health science and medical technology industry.
California has actually identified that pathway specifically to be one of the
growing careers. The Physiology class is part of our health pathway program which
also includes Biology and Community Health. So the Physiology class is all
about the human body and learning about the parts and how they work. There’s many
reasons students take this class one is that they know they’re interested in the
medical field. A lot of them are just trying to find out what they want to do,
so it’s a great place to take a high school class before they, you know, kind
of commit to something in college where they’re not really sure of. Whether they
decide this is something they want to do in the long run or not, that I’ve done my
job because then I least save them time and then also save them money, right,
deciding whether or not this is something they really want to pursue.
Because the students do get introduced to a lot of skill set that they would be
learning in college and also in some technical schools and so this really
opens them up to those different opportunities. They have lots of
opportunities for things like internships, volunteer work, job shadowing – those
things that can really give them a head start. One of our big ones in San
Diego Mesa College. They’re able to take in my students and do some job shadowing
experience on the sidelines, work in their football games, volleyball games
etc and they’re able to really get an idea of what it’s like to be in that
environment. On Fridays we do lab days for the sports medicine students and
that’s where they’re able to practice their skills if they do decide to do
this later on in college or later on in life these skills are still transferable
to those classes that they’ll be taking future. When students are done with this
program they will have some background information already so that when they do
go on to maybe health occupations or Community College or a four-year college
they will have had some information because sometimes the first anatomy
class or the first medical terminology class can be overwhelming so hopefully
this will give them some a head start so they won’t be so stressed out and
overwhelmed. Through the CTE programs offered at the Grossmont Union High
School District, students are able to find the path that’s right for them.

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