What DLC Should I Get? [PAYDAY 2]

“What DLC should I get?” This is a question
that gets thrown around all the time on the various Payday 2 forums, and it’s completely
fair to ask. Payday 2 is jam-packed with paid DLC, and
it’s undeniable that some packs are better than others. Now, don’t get me wrong, if you love the
game and want to get all the DLC, go for it. I’ve done the same. However, for the majority of players you’ll
likely want to stick to selectively picking the best DLC for your play style and tastes. There are plenty of reviews for DLC packs
out there, including my own, but generally speaking it seems most players gravitate towards
similar DLC. The ones that add more and/or better content
than others. In this video I’ve done my best to go through
every DLC and find the ones that stand out in this fashion the most, the DLC that adds
the most to your game for the least amount of money and gives players fun and viable
options for every difficulty. I’ve narrowed it down to five DLCs. Well, six technically, but we’ll get to
that. I’ll only speak briefly on why each DLC
is worth a purchase in my eyes, however if you want longer and more detailed information
before making your decision, there are links in the description to my reviews of each and
every DLC I’ll talk about. Right then, let’s get started. Coming in at number five is the Butcher’s
BBQ Pack. Released with the promise of deliciously deadly
fire based weaponry, this DLC did not disappoint. Boasting the Stakeout, more commonly known
as the AA-12, a powerful auto shotgun with a deep magazine capacity. If shotguns aren’t to your taste, the Piglet
grenade launcher could be more to your liking, with six powerful blasts to send the SWAT
packing. However, this weapon is held back by the painfully
slow reload time, clocking in at just shy of 14 seconds from empty. And for the main course we have the flamethrower. From a practicality point of view this weapon
falls flat due to it’s poor ammo efficiency and range, but it’s unquestionably an entertaining
weapon to use for casual play. As a side, this pack also sports the Motherforker,
a surprisingly effective melee weapon relative to the state melee in Payday 2. Molotov cocktails make for a refreshing throwable,
providing effective area denial in tight corridors. The same effect can be accomplished with the
incendiary rounds for grenade launchers at the cost of a nice bit of damage. And for dessert we have the Dragon’s Breath
rounds for shotguns. Enemies struck with these rounds will ignite
at nearly any range, stopping their actions and very likely their life. These rounds prove to be effective on each
and every difficulty, One Down included. Considering the amount of content in this
pack, the majority of which being effective for higher difficulties, the BBQ pack is absolutely
worth the bill. Fourth on this list will be the Gage Historical
Pack. Once upon a time this pack was at the rear
end of jokes from many heisters, me being one of them. This was due to none of the weapons offering
much of anything over similar weapons from other DLC, as well as the Broomstick pistol. The weapon formerly known as shit has since
taken it’s place as one of the best guns available for One Down, offering massive damage
and good ammo efficiency. If you’re just looking to play on Death
Wish or below, the Buzzsaw 42 LMG is a fantastic choice for spewing lead at intense speeds,
shredding anything in your path. While the other two guns have since been arguably
outclassed by other DLC, they aren’t completely useless either. The Nagant is a reasonably viable sniper for
dodge builds, being concealed enough to work with the aced Low Blow and Sneaky Bastard
skills. While there have since been snipers that can
accomplish the same thing with the basic versions of these skills, the Nagant still holds a place
in many players hearts as the OG dodge sniper. The Patchett SMG has very low damage and accuracy,
but surprisingly good ammo efficiency, which could complement less ammo efficient primaries
quite well. Lastly, the trench knife and spear of freedom
melee are, again relative to melee in this game, surprisingly good options for dodge
and armor builds respectively. The amount of weapons that could be considered
viable in this pack already make it a good choice in my eyes, however the Broomstick
being such a potent One Down option puts this DLC just above the BBQ pack in my opinion. Consider checking it out. Winning third place is the Scarface Character
Pack. This may seem like a strange choice to some
of you, considering a major component of character packs, being the character, can be good or
bad entirely based on your opinion. However, not only do I feel that Scarface
is is an excellent heister, but there are two major items of interest in this DLC that
offer great options for high difficulties. The Little Friend rifle has the killing power
of the M308 in addition to an underbarrel grenade launcher. This means you effectively get three weapons
slots weapon slots while using this weapon, being your rifle, grenade launcher, and secondary
weapon of choice. On top of this the ammo pickup rate of the
underbarrel grenade launcher massive, granting back all your grenades within a handful of
ammo pickups. Finally this pack adds the Kingpin perk deck. In exchange for your throwable weapon you
gain an adrenaline injector that provides six seconds of invincibility, not to mention
a passive 80% health boost. This perk is extraordinarily potent for every
difficulty if used correctly. While the injector does have a 24 second cooldown,
kills scored during that cool down will speed the process up. Overall aside from subjective content, which
I do feel is excellent, this pack does only add a single weapon and perk deck. However, both these additions are so powerful
I feel it wouldn’t hurt to spend a little coke money on this DLC. Number two is the Gage Spec Ops Pack. Instead of adding a lot of weapons, this pack
elects to add modifications for base game weapons. This includes guns such as the Compact-5,
JP36 and Izhma. It’s worth mentioning the Izhma mods allow
it to become a potent auto shotty for dodge builds. Additionally there are magazine expansions
for some pistols, a barrel extension for shotguns that tightens the spread making for easy multi
kills, sights for CQC and extreme range respectively, and most notably the speed pull mag for many
assault rifles and SMGs. This mod cuts these weapon reload speeds in
half, at the cost of removing any extended mags you may have previously had equipped. On top of all of this, after completing a
series of side jobs, this pack grants you the Arbiter grenade launcher. A mag fed secondary weapon with a large ammo
pool and relatively swift reload. This is personally my grenade launcher of
choice and I feel it is a very potent weapon for every difficulty. While other DLC tends to grant either a slew
of weapon modifications, or just new weapons themselves, the Spec Ops pack elects to do
both. When paired with remaining DLC I have yet
to discuss, this pack makes several previously lackluster base game weapons shine bright. A worthwhile purchase for sure. Before checking out the top DLC on my list,
I’d like to give an honorable mention to the Butcher’s AK/CAR Mod Pack. Similar to the Spec Ops pack, this DLC adds
mods for several weapons, in this case any guns that are a part of the AK or CAR type
families. These mods increase accuracy, damage, mag
capacity, so on and so forth. Most notably this DLC includes DMR kits for
multiple assault rifles, increasing their damage dramatically at the cost of ammo capacity. This would all be well and good if not for
one major drawback. In order to unlock these modifications you’ll
find yourself trying to get a crew of four together to complete some obnoxious achievements. Without three friends willing to grind for
achievements with you this DLC is as good as useless. So if you have a crew ready and are willing
to play through Firestarter with unmodded AKs and Paras, alongside a slew of other similar
challenges, then this DLC is a great choice. However, if you’re like most players who
can’t get a crew willing to cooperate together then this DLC a wide berth. Finally the number one DLC I would recommend
you buy for Payday 2 is the Gage Mod Courier Pack. I’m sure most of you saw this coming, but
for new players I’ll go over my reasoning. The default system of unlocking weapon mods
in Payday 2 is a bit lacking to put it lightly. Card drops are complete RNG, and while continental
coins do help by allowing direct purchases of modifications, it is a bit pricy considering
the sheer volume of mods required for effective weapon customization. Enter the mod courier job. Basically, in every heist there are these
colorful packages hidden about. When collected every player will receive one
of the packages. Of course, unless the player owns the DLC,
they won’t actually receive anything from the packages, aside from a small experience
bonus. The amount of of packages required to unlock
it’s contents varies depending on the package type. For instance, one will need to find 5 green
mantis packages to receive its rewards, but 25 purple snakes for those rewards. Once a sufficient amount of packages have
been acquired, one of each of the mods inside it will be added to your inventory. And you can do this an indefinite amount of
times, meaning so long as you keep playing heists and any players in your lobby pick
up packages, you’ll passively earn the weapon mods without much effort. And the mods themselves are the backbone of
weapon modification in Payday in general. Barrel extensions for most guns to increase
accuracy, stability and damage, grips and stocks to increase accuracy or concealment,
laser gadgets, a wide variety of sights, scope mounts for the Bronco and Deagle, and to top
it all off; quad stacked magazines for AK and CAR type rifles, adding 30 bullets to
each of their mag capacities. These mods don’t just improve the viability
of most of Payday’s vanilla weapons, they do for almost every weapon in the game. Practically every gun with any sort of semblance
of modifications will be able to take one or more of the mods from this DLC. Considering how easy these mods are to unlock,
how extraordinarily powerful they are, and how cheap this DLC is, especially during sales,
I’d say the Gage Mod Courier Pack is unquestionably a must buy. If you don’t own it already grab it as soon
as possible. And that’s about it. Of course your opinions may vary from mine,
however, I do believe with certainty that the Mod Courier pack is the best DLC in the game. There’s other DLC packs that just barely
didn’t make it on this list, namely the Gage Shotgun Pack and the Wolf Pack. Those are good DLC for sure, but I wouldn’t
go as far as to put them in my personal top five. You may disagree with me, and that is completely
fine. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. On the other end of the spectrum, you shouldn’t
just blindly buy any DLC that someone on the internet tells you to. Do some research and make sure you won’t
regret the purchase. I’ll restate that there are links in the description
to my reviews of all the DLC on this list. Lastly, I’d like to remind you to join the
Payday 2 Steam group if you haven’t already. You get about as much content as all of this
DLC combined for doing so, and it’s completely free. That’ll be everything.
Thanks for watching, and take it easy.

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