What Do You Value About Credit Union 1?

Hmm? Whenever I’m ready? Oh, oh okay, cool. Uh huh, I do. [laughs] Read it? Read It? Okay. Man! I knew you were going to give me a hard question! Alright [sigh] “What do I value most about Credit Union 1?” What do I value most about Credit Union 1? It’s the culture! We have the most amazing culture here. We do a lot of stuff with the Children’s Lunchbox here in Anchorage. The Performing Arts Center events… …the kids over the Junior Theatre… …the Boys & Girls Club. That’s just to name a few. It’s pretty – pretty great to know that stuff’s going out to feed a hungry kid or you know, make sure somebody’s warm for the winter. As a team, we all came together and we all made sure that they were going to be happy and healthy for the holidays. Oh my gosh! Giving Tuesday! Handing out gift cards, buying people’s gas… it was – it was a pretty awesome day. It’s a good feeling inside to know that we’re part of something a lot bigger. That’s our purpose and that’s our goal. That’s what we come to work every day to do is make a difference in people’s lives. What I value most about Credit Union 1 is what we do for our members. We value our members to the point where we know that every single member has their story. We are here for their financial goals, so… uhhh… there’s nothing more better than that. I’ve had members that were literally on their last leg, but we were able to assist them financially to where now they’re successful. One of the best ways you can help somebody is to help them help themselves. And… a lot of what we do… enables people to rebuild their lives, or take the next step. And now I see them all the time! They still say “HI!” and they hug me, and I get to see their baby. And it’s…it’s a beautiful thing. Everybody is responsible for making their own path in life, but everybody can use a hand every now-and-then and that’s kind of the role we have in our community, you know, give people a hand when taking the next step might be too hard on their own. I value the challenge that every day brings. I love the fact that over 3/4 of our branch managers started off as entry level employees at the credit union. I’ve always had the opportunity to learn a lot of different things. We really value promoting from within, and giving everybody an opportunity to really prove their merit and their worth. I’ve been able to grow in the position that I have had for years and just gain more responsibility and then give that back to the credit union and others because I have that experience. I have had eight promotions since I’ve been here and… that’s crazy! [laughs] What I value most about the credit union is the family atmosphere. It’s like your branch is your primary family, and then you have all these cousins. I bring my daughter to the Little 1’s Learning Center here and I absolutely love the idea that I can come down and visit her during her lunch break, read her a story before she needs to go down for her nap. I really wanted to work somewhere there was a… a lot of people who… shared like interests. And I have to say that all of my best friends I’ve met through the credit union. I’ve worked at several different credit unions, and I’ve never really felt… as much of a family environment as I do here. I feel like all my supervisors appreciate me, I have fun with all my coworkers. We party together, we fundraise together, we work together. You know, if I don’t have to be home – if I can’t be home with my family I’d rather be here hanging out with everybody else. It’s kinda heartwarming in a way, to see the way that this credit union can come together the way I’ve never seen another company come together before. If one of our employees happens to have something happen in their lives we all get together and really help them out. That is a huge experience for me, I’ve never worked for a place that does that for their employees. I’d never really felt like… that way when I worked for any other company. It’s like, really great to see things like that happen. I mean… honestly… I… I love it here… and I… I don’t even know the word for it. I just felt loved. And I felt like my son was loved before he was even born. And that’s a really good feeling. We’re all very close. I started working here right after I graduated from high school and… that was probably the best decision I could have made. It’s a great company to work for – it’s the best decision I ever made. I love Credit Union 1! [laughs] That’s like perfect outtake footage. Okay! Ah! Get to shoot a video? That’s awesome! I never thought I’d be doing that. So is this! C-R-E-D-I-T Credit Union 1 rocks! I’m gunna need you to edit a lot of that out!

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